Vintage Mercedes-Benz Gullwing Nabs $4.6 Million

While most vehicles depreciate, the opposite is true when it happens to be one of just 1,400 Mercedes-Benz 300SL coupes made between 1954 and 1957. The appreciation is even more when that car happens to be one of 29 “alloy” models, one of which just sold for a jaw-dropping $4.6 million at a Gooding & Co. luxury car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona! See our Mercedes gullwing rentals here! (the fabulous SLS AMG)!

Vintage Mercedes

Gooding & Co. auction block!

Wayne Bridge Bestows Aston Martin Birthday Gift Upon Young British Singer Squeeze

Ahh, young love! Perhaps taking a cue from Beyoncé (Think Jay Z Birthday Bugatti), Manchester City football star Wayne Bridge bedazzled his girl, Saturday’s singer Frankie Sanford, with a spanking-new Aston Martin Vantage! The leather interior is even personalized with Sanford’s initials…how sweet!

 Frankie Sanford Aston Martin

The pretty singer opted for stilettos while taking the Vantage out for a spin in London, nice choice!

Ralph Lauren’s Miniature Exotic Car Collection – Smaller than a Supermodel!

Ralph Lauren is known for his taste and sense of style, from his designer duds to his celebrity exotic car collection. Now that very car collection can be yours, scaled down considerably, of course! Yes, you can buy a miniature version of Ralph Lauren’s car collection…quite bizarre!

1938 Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic coupe

1938 Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic coupe

James Bond Superyacht by Rolls Royce to Make Waves

When it comes to who owns the biggest and best superyacht, the competition is constant and fierce! Take, for example, a prototype in the making by Rolls Royce and boat makers Palmer Johnson, complete with “James Bond style” doors! Perhaps we should add those to our private yacht charters?

The PJ World Yacht will be an 82-meter superyacht with a $150 million-dollar price tag and is currently being built in Norway. So what does one get for all that dough?

PJ World Yacht concept

PJ World Yacht concept

WTH: A Superyacht With A Functional Volcano

Someone out there really loves volcanoes…or Hawaii, as they have designed a superyacht complete with its very own functioning volcano onboard! While it is no secret that the superyacht industry is cutthroat in the competition department, a volcano is a bit far-fetched! Would you choose this floating island (appropriately named ‘Tropical Island Paradise’) for a private yacht charter? It is unclear if it will be privately owned or publicly available for chartering, but it looks all-out awesome!

Tropical Island Paradise yacht

This is certainly unlike any other yachts out there!

Video: A Very Bugatti Birthday Includes SS Edition Mereveillux!

I do not know who Simon is, but he received a very special birthday video from Bugatti to thank him for his Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Merveilleux purchase! What do you think of the carbon and chrome? This makes a fantastic gift idea, remember when Beyoncé gifted a Bugatti to Jay Z? Nothing spells love like the fastest and most expensive hypercar on the market!

Simon in China apparently treated himself to the Veyron SS Edition Merveilleux to celebrate his 40th birthday. To show their appreciation, the good people at Bugatti sent Simon the above video along with his new prized possession. Many in the video mention time spent with this Simon character, so one is left to assume he is quite an important somebody!

Birdman Adds Lamborghini Aventador to Arsenal of Exotic Cars

It is good to be Birdman—I just want to get that out there. The rapper has a virtual abyss for pockets and his taste in exotic sports cars is top-notch, which is an awesome combination! Not only does the Birdman own a Bugatti Veyron, Maybach Excelero and other mind and speed-blowing machines, he is also the proud owner of the new Lamborghini Aventador. Insert seething jealousy.

It is rumored that Birdman will receive delivery of his Aventador in December, and we are still waiting for our Lamborghini Aventador rental to arrive! I suppose it pays to be a famous music artist.

Lamborghini Aventador

A hypercar of epic and award-winning proportions

Billionaire Buys Rights to Dock Yacht in London’s Heart

British billionaire and mogul Joe Lewis is often viewed as unassuming, underplaying his wads of cash and luxury lifestyle. Recently, however, Lewis opted to purchase the right to pierce his 223-foot superyacht, Aviva, directly through the heart of London. Ahoy, Sir Lewis, way to anchor those headlines! This is a man who can easily afford the rare Bugatti L'or Blanc, or any other luxury item on I am naturally jealous.

Yacht Aviva

Yacht Aviva takes London

Video: 155 MPH Electric Lamborghini Superbus Seats 23

The word sheikh is synonymous with excess, like this 23-passenger Lamborghini-ish superbus. Unlike previous expensive endeavors, however, the intentions behind this project are far-reaching and admirable! This electric luxury bus can reduce emissions and congestion by shuttling people seamlessly around the city! And I assumed it was an extravagant personal vehicle based on previous sheikh behaviors…shame on me! (Video is at bottom of post).


The catepillar-like superbus

Attention Original 90210 Fans: Aaron Spelling Mansion Sells for $85 Million Big Ones!

For those of you who grew up watching the original “90210” series (you know how cool you are, I needn’t lavish you with praise), the late Aaron Spelling’s Los Angeles mansion has sold for an amazing $85 million dollars! If his home was that mammoth, can you imagine his celebrity luxury car collection?

Aaron Spelling Mansion

The Spelling mansion