Top 5 Disney Musts if you are Used to Luxury

Traveling to the Magic Kingdom?  Here are some travel tips if you are going to Disney!

1.  Indulge in an exotic SUV rental to travel from park to park  Nothing trumps a sweet and roomy Range Rover rental Florida or Escalade rental Florida to relax between parks.  Disney is very big and it can wear you out, know that it can take up to 20 minutes to travel between parks.  A spacious luxury SUV rental can really help you recoup between excursions! 

Luxury SUV rental Florida

Also, Hire a limo service for the nighttime.  If you would like to park hop or go to Epcot for dinner each evening, a limo or chauffeured car service is the way to go.  You will already tired from a full day of walking around the park, so why not use a car service to save your energy for the parks?

My Waiter is a Star Wars Droid

Dalu Restaurant China

When patrons enter the dimly lit restaurant in Jinan, China they are greeted by a female robot batting her eyelashes and offering an electronic “welcome”.  Lined with futuristic lights, the fun continues when guests realize their waiter is not a human being, but a robot!  This may be the most awesome restaurant in China, worthy of pulling up in an exotic car rental for the full effect!

Eat Like A King This Week in Chicago

This Week in Chicago: December 21th – December 29th

Think back to the last time you visited one of Chicago’s many steakhouses.  In a city known for some of the best steakhouses in the United States, a new kid on the block recently opened its doors and has instantly gained a lot of praise from Chicagoans who have been lucky enough to dine there.   Head over to 520 N. Dearborn this week and check out Mastro’s Steakhouse, one of Chicago’s newest and best steakhouses.

Kick-Ass Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Despises Celebrity Chefs

New York native Anthony Bourdain has certainly attainted an esteemed career, including author, TV persona and renowned celebrity chef, a series of awesomeness that began as a lowly dishwasher in New York! Yes, now a celebrity chef, Bourdain admits that he does see the irony in the fact that he has always loathed uh…celebrity chefs. 

What?  That is like driving a Lamborghini Gallardo rental NY but claiming to hate them.  Well, I suppose his unique take on the role allows him to express his true feelings.

Anthony Bourdain 'No Reservations'

Either way, I appreciate Bourdain’s complete lack of a filter and ability to marinate in every culture he encounters on his robust and intensely absorbing Travel Channel show, ‘No Reservations’.  Clever title, eh?  Well, when you ingest things like brains and blood sausage on television, I suppose you can't have too many reservations!

Top 5 Airport Foods that Are Surprisingly Awesome

As Thanksgiving looms in our path this week, note that those of us traveling may well find ourselves enduring commercial airline travel.  That translates to some of us are going to be waiting around for hours, and possibly stuck somewhere, hungry.  There is always a private aircraft charter, but for the rest, here are the top 5 best airport grub hubs in the event of your demise:

1.    The sushi at ‘One Flew South’ ATL
2.    The chili dog at ‘Pink’s’ LAX
3.    The chicken pesto at ‘Boudin Bakery’ SFO
4.    The ribs at ‘Corky’s Ribs & BBQ’ MEM
5.    The chowder at ‘Ivar’s Seafood’ SEA

Hungry? Luxury Restaurant Nobu Opens in Hungary

The delicious institution that is Nobu, among the best luxury Japanese restaurants in existence, has extended its reach to Hungary, Central Europe.  Now patrons can enjoy the sublime seafood offerings at Nobu Budapest.

The grand opening of Nobu Budapest marks the 22nd successful restaurant creation by celebrity chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, and the culinary cues show no sign of stagnation!  I can already picture the exotic and luxury car rentals lined up at the valet, but what signature dishes will be on the menu at this luxury Japanese restaurant?

Nobu Hungary is set to tantalize the taste buds with alarming attention to detail and creativity with inventive dishes like jalapeno yellowtail sashimi, blackened cod marinated in red miso, a squid pasta in light garlic sauce, and a lobster ceviche in a leaf of butter lettuce.

Nobu is known for their swanky and trendy interior design, and the Budapest location is much the same, with seating to accommodate 130 lucky guests.  Nobu will also be incorporating some of the local Hungarian flavors into its phenomenal fare, and is conceptualizing a signature dish to the new loNobu Hungary Openingcation, perhaps the regional catfish.

Fresh seafood specimens are flown in fresh from Greece, Spain, Italy, Alaska and Sri Lanka to the new Nobu location.  There will certainly be no shortage of fresh flavors according to executive chef Lloyd Roberts,

“We are experimenting with paprika, Tokaji wine, goose liver and Mangalitsa sausage.”

Nobu Budapest also features an adjoining 50-seat luxury bar where guests can sip on an extensive assortment of young sakes straight from Japan.  Overall, you can expect the Hungary spot to exceed expectations like every other location, like Nobu South Beach, which is always popping, with Lamborghini rentals, Ferrari rentals Miami style and more lining the street! 

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Luxury List: The Matsutake Mushroom Japan $2000 Per Pound

This is a sensitive subject for some, as some believe the most expensive mushroom is the white truffle.  The white truffle is a rare and expensive fungus, but it is lacking one vital quality when vying for the title:  it is NOT a mushroom.  Does that settle it?  Now, meet the new contender, Japan’s matsutake mushroom.Most Expensive Matsutake Mushrooms Japan

The matsutake mushroom of Japan, or mattake, is extremely rare.  We all know how this works-something is rare, therefore it is expensive, the old ‘supply and demand’ strategy for marketing.  Historically the matsutake mushroom is synonymous with autumn in Japan. 

So why are the matsutake shrooms so rare?  This has been bugging me.  The plight of this mushroom is literally due to a bug, an insect that eradicates the trees that shelter the sumptuous shrooms.  The decline of these trees has in turn led to a decline in the matsutake mushroom, as symbiotic relationships go.  So the price per pound of this glorified fungus is a staggering $2,000.  Yes.  For fungus.

Cactus Club Café’s Swanky Loo Wins Best Public Restroom

If you find yourself in stunningly scenic Vancouver, Canada, you may want to stop in at the Cactus Club Café and have a look at their award-winning luxury loos.  For the culinary and curious types, it would be a unique treat because the best seats in the house are reportedly in the washroom!

Yes, the Cactus Club Café hCactus Club Cafe Restroom Vancouveras earned the first-ever prize for Canada’s best public restroom.  The contest is orchestrated by Ohio-based Cintas Corporation, provider of restroom hygiene products and services.  While this competition has run for a few years in the United States, this marks the first year in Canada.  The luxury restaurant was presented with a plaque of recognition that it will likely display proudly.  These must be some thrones! 

Luxury Restaurant or Not? Taiwan’s Modern Toilet Restaurant

You did not misread the headline, I did say “Restaurant” and “Toilet” in the same sentence.  This is a luxury concept restaurant that serves up edible excrement, that is, dinner served up in a decidedly dumpy way!Modern Toilet Restaurant

Diners at the Modern Toilet are seated on acrylic toilets, with the lid down of course.  The toilet seats are stenciled with images of seashells, roses or Renaissance paintings, to add a touch of class.

Top 5 Things to do Besides Gamble in Vegas

I learned a few new things today.  It seems there are actually things to do in Las Vegas other than gamble  (can you imagine?)!  This information threw my imagination into overdrive, and I decided I must pass on these Vegas travel tips to my readers.

I won’t keep you in suspense, the top 5 things to do in Vegas other than gamble are:

Las Vegas Travel Tips1.    Shop
2.    Experience the national parks, recreation and unique spots
3.    Dine
4.    Shows
5.    Outstanding museums, galleries & exhibitions