Mercedes Benz Aria Concept—Breath of Electric Air!

Mercedes Benz Aria Concept

Mercedes Benz Aria Concept

The goal was to create an electric luxury hybrid car with a timeless design and futuristic technology.  Macedonian design student Slavche Tanevski nailed both with the Mercedes Benz Aria concept, a luxury hybrid for the year 2030.

Rumors Explode About Hydrogen Fueled Mercedes Models in 2014

Could it be?  Word is that luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz is plotting the launch of a hydrogen-fueled luxury car as early as 2014! This is not a luxury car concept tall tale, but an actual production model ready to launch.

The Mercedes cars that run on hydrogen fuel cells could invade the market in just less than 3 years, taking the luxury hybrid race to the next level, yet adding an air of danger. Believed to be the most environmentally sound fuels so far, hydrogen fuels leave only water as residue.