Rare Collection of Maseratis Invade Goodwood Revival Sale!

Bonhams has announced the upcoming sale of a special collection of Maserati cars for the Goodwood Revival Sale. There are four cars in total, of which some have not seen the market in maybe 6 decades! The collection currently belongs to the Hartley family and is expected to fetch a handsome price during the September 15th auto auction.

Hartley Maserati collection

Rare cars fetch a high price at auction

Exploring Lamborghini’s Manila Showroom

Tucked neatly in the W building in Bonifacio Global City (Philippines) is a Lamborghini showroom that you should see! Lamborghini is not the only major brand represented in the building--you can also find Audi and Porsche.

Lamborghini Showrooms

The Lamborghini Manila showroom is brimming with the best from the brand. Can't afford to bring one home from the dealership? You can still bring one home when you opt to rent a Lamborghini!

WTH: Entire French Village Up For Auction

We see some strange and unusual items hitting luxury auction blocks around the globe, but an entire French village for sale? The abandoned village of Courbefy features rustic structures, inviting fireplaces, exposed beams, tennis courts, horse stables, swimming pools and a price tag of around $400,000. That is right---for the price of a new luxury car, you can own an entire village in France!

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French Village for Sale

Courbefy village aerial shot

NYC Apartment Fetches $88 Million

A property on Central Park West in Manhattan can now claim to be the most expensive property in New York, selling for the astonishing sum of $88 million USD! No, it was not sold to Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker...this luxury property was purchased by the family of a Russian billionaire and boasts a wrap-around terrace, among other rare New York amenities!

Luxury Property NY

Property in New York is among the most expensive

Luxury Spotlight: The W Hotel South Beach

There are many exquisite luxury hotels in South Florida, but none of them are the unique and chic W Hotel in South Beach! Upscale hotels are as unique as their clientele; offering perks that pull in the masses and a completely customized stay.

W Hotel South Beach

The W

Aston Martin Furniture Looks Fast

Aston Martin’s branch into furniture design seems to be a success so far, with unique designs and exotic materials. The brand is showing that it is much more than just a luxury auto maker with its collection of contemporary furnishings launched in Milan, called “The Aston Martin Interiors”.

Aston Martin sofa

Uncertain if this is from Aston Interiors, but it is fantastic!

A Safe Room, Loaded Gun and Arsenal of Exotic Cars—WTH Mr. Dotcom?

When police raided the New Zealand home of 37-year old Kim Schmitz, a founder of megaupload.com and big spender, the scene was not what they expected! According to reports, Kim was arrested on his $23 million dollar property while wielding a loaded firearm in his safe room…WTH? You can't make this stuff up.

Kim Megaupload


Rent “The Bachelor” Pad for $35,255 a Month

If you are one of the many out there seduced by the hit TV series “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”, and you have a healthy bank account, you may be interested to know that you can rent the actual bachelor pad used in the series for just $35,255 per month, which is high, even for Los Angeles. Personally, I would prefer to rent the Dude’s pad from The Big Lebowski...that rug really tied the room together.

The Bachelor house

The ultimate Bachelor pad