Would You Pay More For a Parking Spot than a Ferrari?

If it sounds crazy to you to drop more on a parking spot than a brand-new drop-top Ferrari…do not move to Manhattan! For the bargain price of $225,000, you can purchase a prime spot in space-starved Manhattan…where parking space is considered prime real estate! Amazingly, there are actual waiting lists for these exclusive spots. I did cover the most expensive parking spot back in March of 2011, and it retains the title along with increasing media coverage. How much will the next most expensive spot set one back?

Manhattan parking
If you couldn’t imagine spending such a huge amount on a parking spot, just imagine lugging your groceries and shopping bags for blocks in winter weather (double that if you have kiddos)!

Porsche Design Touts Techy Johnnie Walker-Themed Luxury Bar

For all the Johnnie Walker Blue Label lovers out there, things just got a whole lot smoother! Porsche Design House has created a private bar for the elite drinkers of the high-end scotch, for just $150,000. You can almost own a Porsche for that price, or you can buy the bar and a Porsche rental…though you may require a chauffeur if you spend too much time at it!

Porsche Designs Johnnie Walker Luxury Bar

Porsche Designs Johnnie Walker Luxury Bar

Video: 4 Supercars Seized in Paris

It is a rough day when a slice of your supercar collection is carted off by local authorities! It seems that some exotic automobiles belonging to the son of the President of Equatorial Guinea were confiscated, and the reasoning for it is not entirely clear.

In the video above, you can witness the supercars as they are loaded onto a trailer and taken away! The potentially ill-gotten goods are simply stunning

Luxury List Item: $8.95 Million Magnum Marine 80 by Pininfarina

The Magnum Marine 80 by Pininfarina can slice through the sea anytime you wish, for the bargain rate of $8.95 million dollars! Powered by twin 2400-horsepower MTU diesels and backed by top luxury designers, your reputation will skyrocket along with the 60 mile per hour luxury speed boat!

This would be an unforgettable speed boat rental in Miami!

Magnum Marine 80 by Pininfarina

Magnum Marine 80 by Pininfarina

Top 5 Strange Places to Stay! Just Pack Your Imagination

Luxury Travel Tips

Luxury Travel Tips

Living the true luxury lifestyle also includes travel, but if you have grown tired of the typical trips to Europe, Bora Bora or Hawaii, tune up your inner trendsetter with these 5 unique places you can visit that will leave all of your friends with a pale twinge of jealousy! Here are five luxury travel tips to share!

Photos: An Exotic Car Collection of Epic Proportions in Bahrain

Sometimes you just want to click around and stare at some of the world’s most amazing exotic sports cars…trust me, I understand!

Exotic car collection Bahrain

In Bahrain, there is an avid luxury car collector with quite an impressive inventory, including (but not limited to) the following:

W Hotel South Beach Club WALL Has an App for That

The W Hotel South Beach is among the most luxurious to line the shore, so club WALL, located inside, is a celebrity magnet. Now the WALL is unleashing a smartphone application that allows its elite to connect instantly to VIP hosts to speed up direct connection with the club.

Wall Lounge W Hotel South Beach

Wall Lounge W Hotel South Beach

Ferrari Camp—Where the Cool Kids Are

Anyone who attended summer camp as a kid likely has memories of log cabins, lakes, canoes and butterflies. Not so much in Italy, where the kids at Ferrari Camp are left with memories of exotic sports cars, encounters with famous drivers, playing relay games right on the race track driving toy Ferraris and more! Yes, Ferrari Camp is where the cool kids go.

Don’t be jealous of the kiddos, you are an adult and have the right to rent a Ferrari in Chicago or any other city you please!

Lenny Kravitz Adds Sex Appeal to SLS Hotel South Beach

The haute hotel scene is about to get a bit hotter this spring, as Lenny Kravitz has announced his intentions to design some suites for the SLS Hotel South Beach! When his magic fingers are finished, the SLS should grace the list for the top 5 luxury hotels in South Beach!

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

Dude! Big Lebowski Bungalow Hits the Market!

Attention movie buffs, the LA bungalow used in the film ‘The Big Lebowski’ is now available to own! Yes, the Dude’s house has hit the market, I assume sans rug. The Dude must have encountered some financial trouble! That or he has moved on to bigger and better things, and will roll by in his Rolls Royce rental on occaision for old times sake.

Big Lebowski house

The bungalow used in the Big Lebowski