The Arrival of our Black Bentley GTC Mulliner rental car in Chicago

This video is when our Bentley GTC Mulliner arrived at our Chicago Office.  It is now offical, Imagine Lifestyles Chicago, has a Bentley GTC Mulliner edition ready to be rented.   Hope you enjoy this car as much as we did as you can see by our first nice ride after the Bentley was taken off of the truck.  Got to love the Bentley GTC!!!!

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Big Shock: Reports Indicate Owning an Expensive Car Attracts Women

Women Are Attracted to Luxury Cars and SuccessOh yes people, recently the British Journal of Psychology actually wasted time and manpower to study what every living breathing male has always known:  that owning an exotic or luxury car makes men more attractive to women.  This is as shocking as being told the world is in fact round, Santa Claus does not exits, South Beach has the hottest eyecandy or any other universal truth.

In this shocking study (note sarcasm), both female and male models were placed in either a luxury “high status” car such as a Bentley Continental GT, or a “neutral status” car like a Ford Fiesta (everyone’s dream car).  The control of the experiment was that the same target male and female models were shown in both the luxury and regular cars.

A Bentley Day Is A Happy Day

The long awaited arrival day for our Bentley Continental GTC luxury rental car is finally here.  The newest member of the Imagine Lifestlyes luxury rental fleet required a lengthy acquisition process.  We thoroughly scoured all Bentley dealerships across the U.S. to find the perfect one.  We absolutely had to have a black on black convertible Mulliner series Bentley Continental, and our match just happened to be at a dealership in New Jersey.  We purchased the car via mail, and had it promptly shipped to Chicago. 

Millionaire Tires of his Exotic Car Collection, Leaves Them in Barn for Decades

Mark III Jensen InterceptorA millionaire Suffolk businessman has passed away, leaving a surprise in his barn.  Apparently, the man grew bored with his fleet of exotic cars, and simply left them in a barn for about 20 years collecting dust.  Well, what failed to pique his interest has certainly grabbed ours!

Yes, the seven luxury cars were discovered after the deceased man’s family suggested the auctioneer might want to examine “the old cars in the barn”.  By old cars, they meant:

Super Bowl 44 Miami Options-Chauffeured Supercars

Bentley Arnage RentalsIf you are joining us here in sunny Miami for Super Bowl 44 in 3 weeks, you may still be scrambling for transportation options.  We have mentioned our fleet of exotic rental cars for Super Bowl week before, but now want to highlight the fact that some of them can be chauffeured, freeing you up to take in the city without ever having to sober up long enough to ask for directions.

The following are great supercars that can be chauffeured:

•    Bentley Arnage Collection
•    Cadillac Escalade
•    Rolls-Royce Phantom

What You Must Do While in Miami-Best Comment Wins $400 Gift Certificate

Everyone has heard the old saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, and we at Imagine Lifestyles say the same sentiment rings true for Miami. 

Before you protest, let us begin by saying WE LOVE VEGAS…maybe more than we should, but there is an equally magnetic force at work in Miami.  So here is our challenge to our fans:
 Blog Contest-$400 Off Luxury Car Rental
Describe this energetic Miami/South Beach force in a creative way that depicts Miami in the same light as Vegas.  Remember that we do not mean it is necessarily better than Vegas, but certainly equal.  Be sure to include what you “must do” while in Miami (in Vegas of course you must gamble). 

Top 5 Best Exotic Sports Cars For Your Money From the Experts

We at Imagine Lifestyles have an advantage on our competitors (if you care to grace them with that title)…while most place their automotive existence on the fact that they specialize specifically on one brand; we have the distinct advantage of owning them all.

Yes.  We literally own and drive most exotic car brands.  Every new model that manages to burst from “concept” to “manufacture” status, we experience and judge first-hand.  And while most never make it to a slot in our exclusive exotic rental car fleet, they often make an impression on us, and many of our fans.

Top 5 Types of Exotic Car Rentals for a Miami Christmas Escape

Bentley Arnage Rental MiamiHeading to Miami for the holidays this year?  You are going to need a set of wheels, and in South Beach, that translates to an exotic rental car.  Let Imagine Lifestyles showcase the top 5 types of exotic car rentals for the area, our favorite exotic rentals for this time of year are:

1. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
2. Cadillac Escalade
3. Porsche 911 Convertible
4. Bentley Arnage
5. Ferrari F430 Spider

Top 5 Luxury Sports Cars in Our Fleet-Just in Time for Super Bowl 44

2010 Ferrari California2010 Super Bowl 44 MiamiSuper Bowl 44 is fast approaching, with fans and celebrities scrambling to reserve ideal accommodations and luxury rental cars Miami style for the big game.  We at Imagine Lifestyles prefer stylish and sporty rental cars for upscale sporting events like the Super Bowl, where being seen is an event in itself.  With the flash of the cameras and the saturation of stars, it is imperative to make the right selection when it comes to your wheels that week, and our top 5 luxury sports car rentals are always a hit:

Top Ten Exotic Cars to Get Erotic In-Letterman Style

David LettermanIf you are going to get naughty, you may as well take a tip from David Letterman and lock lips in a luxury car.  If anything, the expensive car will distract from whom you are kissing, just in case it isn’t your significant other.  So without further ado, our top ten exotic cars that we deem acceptable to get caught kissing in are as follows: