Video: Maserati Owner in China Destroys Car in Protest!

A disgruntled Maserati owner in China took his customer service frustrations out on his own supercar! Mr. Wang was clearly displeased with the quality of customer service at his dealership, so he hired four men to smash the car with sledgehammers in order to make a bold statement. This is not the first time a supercar has been destroyed in China to protest consumer rights. Watch the pain unfold in the video below!

Poor customer service is not exactly tolerated in China. This man hired help to publicly smash the Maserati during a crowded auto show to affectively communicate his opinion of the customer service he had received. read more

Drive It Like You Stole It: Couple Crashes Lamborghini Just After Purchase

Lamborghini crash

A California couple likely experienced a monumental high when they purchased a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago in La Jolla. The pair also hit rock bottom, when they crashed the Lamborghini into a wall just hours after the purchase! The strange twist to this Lamborghini crash is that the couple fled the crash scene, leaving police to piece together to puzzle.

Couple buys and crashes Lamborghini within hours–abandon the supercar at the scene!

It is quite bizarre to simply abandon a $220,000 supercar on the street following a crash. Is a police report not handy during an insurance claim? Baffled police were forced to impound the vehicle while they searched for the owners. Documents inside the car revealed that it was purchased mere hours before the crash. According to reports, there is no indication the vehicle had been stolen, and no persons reported it as such. read more

Enhanced Ferrari 458 Italia Crashes on Airstrip

Ferrari 458 Italia

The Amelia Island classic car show in Florida inspired a speed festival at a nearby airport, where supercars and high-performance cars accomplished a bit of showing off. The awesome displays, both parked and racing, paled in comparison to the unfortunate Ferrari 458 Italia crash that ensued! The clincher: the owner’s buddy, who was not injured in the runoff, crashed The Ferrari. The friendship on the other hand, may have suffered some injuries!

The 700 horsepower tuned Ferrari 458 crashed into swamp during a high-speed run. As the above photo shows, it is a total loss. read more

Auto Journalist Blows Porsche Engine—Owes Damages!

Journalist Blows Porsche Engine

While being a motoring journalist certainly has its perks, it can also have its pits! Auto journalist Mark Hales, 62, has been ordered to shell out damages and costs totaling $175,000 after burning up the motor in a rare Porsche! Our Porsche rentals are not a challenge to operate like the classics often are. The drivability difference is often a shock for even experienced drivers when they get their hands on a classic car.

Journalist blows Porsche engine, is found responsible for repairs. 

Hales borrowed the Porsche 917 replica owned by former F1 driver David Piper. Hales intended to pit the Porsche against a classic Ferrari owned by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. Instead of an awesome glossy magazine feature, Hales has ended up in financial chaos. Judge Simon Brown agreed with Piper that the Porsche had been over-revved, hitting 8,200 rpms when it should not exceed 7,000, causing the engine damage. read more

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Upside Down in Water!

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG crash

The Mercedes SLS AMG packs a power punch…one that can be a challenge to control! Check out the aftermath of a power check in China. A driver in Liupanshui lost control of the Gullwing, nailed a curb and catapulted into a pond, upside down. China boasts a vast population…therefore, this little number was online within seconds.

While the photos look gruesome, no one was seriously injured. The Mercedes Gullwing has an incredible safety feature that many are unaware of: A mechanism simply blows the hinges off the doors in situations like this, allowing the driver and occupants to exit to safety. How James Bond! Does Aston Martin know about this? read more

Mystery: Ferrari F430 Spyder Crashes Into Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG!

Ferrari f430 crash

It is a tragedy when one supercar is crashed, but when two crash into one another, the word required is ‘epic’! Recently in France, A Ferrari F430 Spyder crashed into a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG! As of yet, no one seems to know any more details to quench our thirst for answers. It is more frustrating than a speed limit sign when you are gripping the wheel of something capable of destroying the number 200.

A Ferrari F430 Spyder supercar has been recently crashed in France into a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. read more

Crash Photo: Ferrari 360 Flips Over

Ferrari 360 crash

Here is yet another unfortunate Ferrari crash aftermath photo! This insanity occurred in the UK, when a driver was not able to brake in time, leading to an epic Ferrari 360 crash! I have said it before, and I will say it again: Driving a supercar like a Ferrari requires a more extensive skill set. While even the pro drivers do crash on occasion, a comprehensive driving course prior to purchase of a sports car should be a prerequisite. I am looking at you, Mr. Bean!

A Ferrari 360 Spider has been recently flipped over in the United Kingdom because its driver failed to brake in time. Supercars can reach high speeds in seconds, making it crucial to have enough experience behind the wheel to control and properly stop them.
read more

WTH Video: Porsche Stuck in Wet Cement!

Porsche stuck in wet cement

Watch as an impatient Porsche driver immerses his $100,000 exotic sports car in wet cement…in broad daylight! This is how one becomes an instant online fail joke. It is also a shining example of what NOT to do in a Porsche rental from Imagine Lifestyles.

The Porsche was enduring heavy traffic in San Francisco’s Marina district when the driver decided to take a shortcut through a construction zone.

According to bystanders, the rushed commuter disregarded a construction sight that had been clearly marked off with cones, opting to slide in on a side street. The situation escalated quickly, leaving the man much later for his appointments than he would have been had he followed the legal flow of traffic.
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Italian Supercar Crashes in Brazil!

Italian Supercar crashes in Brazil

A gorgeous LP570-4 Superlegerra has been crashed in Brazil…those pesky roundabouts! The driver was reportedly going a bit too fast to manage the roundabout, sending the supercar spinning into the center. Luckily, no one was injured, however….how embarrassing. It is never any fun to end up making headlines after attempts to enjoy and show-off a supercar.

Italian supercar crashes in Brazil! Take it easy or take it to the track ladies and gents! This is the only leaked photo of the crash, and the quality is poor, but you can see the front and side damage is extensive.
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Another Lamborghini Aventador Crashes–Tally?

Lamborghini Aventador crashes

Another of the planet’s most powerful raging bulls has met with disaster—a man crashed the Aventador in the Czech Republic. This news comes on the heels of the Ferrari F40 crash in Canada, making it a disparaging week for supercar fans. I am not exactly sure how many Lamborghini Aventador crashes there have been so far, but with 700 horses lurching to escape, there are bound to be more!

Lamborghini Aventador crash

Pro-tip: Unless you are a professional driver, take it easy in an exotic sports car. You will crash and look like a fool. Every time. read more