Top 10 Unusual Rental Items

Humans are creative and resourceful by nature, (well, some of us) and this is made quite apparent by the plethora of entrepreneurship present in the rental industry!  Scratch ‘ordinary’ items like exotic rental cars Miami; these rental items are downright weird!  (Though I still feel that an exotic rental car is an unusual rental, because not all can indulge, so it will be on the list). 

1.    iPhone rentals
2.    Exotic sports car rentals
3.    Casket rentals
4.    Bridesmaid rentals
5.    Designer clothing rentals
6.    Luxury watch rentals
7.    Designer handbag rentals
8.    Car rim rentals
9.    Jewelry rentals
10.  Personal paparazzi rentals


iPhone rentals

Apple may be selling its aesthetically awesome iPhones to 15 million people every quarter, but that doesn't mean you have to be tied down.  There are iPhone rentals available from $89 per week to $240 per month, and there are SIM card plans as low as $11 per day-ideal to try out the product or take an overseas trip!

iPhone Rentals

Top 10 Most Unique Luxury Hotels

 Poseidon Resort

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
This luxury resort opened in 2008 and is located on the private Fijian island.  It is the world’s first pressurized undersea resort and features 22 lavishly appointed guestrooms.  Each guest room boasts 270-degree windows for panoramic views of the sea around you.  Perks include access to a fleet of private submarines to explore reefs and a private bungalow accessible by sub only!  Weeklong accommodations at this luxury undersea resort start at $30,000 per couple if you want to get your James Bond on…or you could just indulge in an Aston Martin rental Miami for under $2,000.

Top 10 Luxury Cars with the Longest Waiting Lists and Highest Prices!

The following supercars come with a high price tag and an extended waiting list.  Lacking the required bankroll or patience?  If you can’t wait for the following luxury car models, you can always snag a stellar deal on an exotic rental car from Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals! 

Starting at a mere $98,000, these exotic cars are sure to accelerate any pulse, when you eventually receive delivery:

1.    Tesla Roadster                                          $98,000
2.    Koenigsegg CCX                                      $550,000
3.    Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead coupe $410,000
4.    Bentley Brooklands Coupe                      $340,000
5.    Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG                      $194,000
6.    Lamborghini Murcielago LP640              $310,000
7.    Ferrari F599 GTB Fiorano                        $265,000
8.    Ferrari F430 Scuderia                               $200,000
9.    Morgan Aeromax                                      $190,000
10.  Aston Martin DBS                                     $270,000

Top 10 Places to Show Off Your Exotic Rental Car

Ok rockstar, so you have made the executive decision to splurge on that flashy exotic rental car Miami this year for your big event.  No matter what type of event it is, Imagine Lifestyles has a customized luxury rental to fit your unique style and needs.

Here are the top 10 most popular places to show off your exotic car or SUV rental:

Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World

Ok speed demons, I have compiled a hot list of the top 10 fastest luxury cars to ever tear across a track.  Let’s get it on.

1.    Bugatti Veyron 267 mph
2.    SCC Ultimate Aero 257 mph
3.    Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo 248 mph
4.    Koenigsegg CCX 245 mph
5.    McLaren F1 240 mph
6.    Ferrari Enzo 217 mph
7.    Jaguar XJ220: 217 mph
8.    Pagani Zonda F: 215 mph
9.    Lamborghini Murcielago LP640: 211 mph
10.  Porsche Carrera GT: 205 mph


On top of being a Bugatti, this mega-brand gets the added perk of being the fastest luxury car available right now.  I love the aluminum W16 Engine with the astounding 1001 horses.  Yum.  The base price of $1,700,000 is totally worth this badass sports car…I may even trade my dignity in for one.

Bugatti Veyron Supercar

The SSC Ultimate Aero shoots up to 257 mph, much like an arrow.  And it hits the 0-60 mark in 2.7 head-jerking seconds (insert dirty joke).  It boasts a hot V8 Twin-Turbo engine with 1183 horses with a base price of $654,000.  That price is a bit more palatable than the Bugatti.  This was the fastest car in the world from March of 2007 until July 2010, when the Bugatti Veyron flew by it.

Top 10 Celebrities We Are Holding a Free Luxury Rental Car For

I bet these celebs wish they could get behind the wheel of one of our cars, and now they can.  For free.  Well, almost free.  We would, of course, want a video testimonial expressing how badass it was to peel through South Beach in one of our sumptuous luxury cars. 

So, will the real celebs please stand up, and take us up on our offer?  Sit down Kayne, we will let you finish later.

1.   LeBron James
2.   Ashton Kutcher
3.   Brad Pitt
4.   Tiger Woods
5.   Megan Fox
6.   Justin Timberlake
7.    Ellen Degeneres
8.    Cameron Diaz
9.    Perez Hilton
10.  Guy Kawasaki

Video of the Top 10 Funny and Unique Rolls Royce Pictures

So you are rollin’ in a Rolls Royce luxury car, you big shot.  If you are lucky enough to slide behind the wheel of one of the world’s finest exotic cars, including a Rolls Royce or Rolls Royce rental, we hope you exercise better judgment than some of the individuals in this video!

1.    This classic Rolls Royce found its way into a swimming pool!  While this appears to be an upscale property, no one wants to see about $400,000 to $500,000 saturated with chlorine…I can only assume alcohol played a role in this disaster!

2.    I do not believe that Rolls Royce was consulted prior to this custom paint disaster.  This custom Rolls Royce paintjob could not be further from the classic look the company is known for, going instead for a loud and racy circus feel-a true eyesore!  If this were a Rolls Royce rental, I have a feeling it would eventually sport spider webs in that luxury grille and a nice coat of dust.

3.    A Rolls sporting huge Mariah Carey likenesses…enough said.  What's next, a Mary-Kay Rolls in fuchsia?

4.    This Rolls seems to have rolled its way into the house…as a decoration?  A true brand fan can be quite quirky when it comes to expressing love for their choice of luxury cars.

5.    It seems that this owner failed to realize that a luxury supercar like a Rolls Royce is exquisite enough on its own, and that an intricate paintjob like this is a complete overkill!

6.    Check out this Rolls Royce!  It doubles as a snow-sled!  Are you kidding me?  

7.    Just what every exotic and luxury rental car fanatic has been waiting for-the safari edition Rolls Royce!  Barbie would be jealous.

8.    This is what can happen if you carelessly park your $400,000 luxury car in the wrong neighborhood!  If you can afford a Rolls, you can afford to valet.

9.    This Rolls resembles a hearse, and also doubles as a U-Haul, what more can you ask for?  

10.      Again, leaving that much money perched at a parking meter is just inviting disaster…a jealous passerby could scratch it, or it could be door-dinged, costing thousands in retouching.  This is not a Honda Accord; it is a freaking Rolls Royce and should be protected like one!


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Top 10 Ugliest Cars in Recent History

Some cars are just a bit “not my style”, and then there are the ones that are just plain ugly!  Here are our top 10 contestants for ugliest cars in recent history!

1.    Pontiac Aztek (all models)
2.    Ford Tempo (all models)
3.    1975 AMC Pacer
4.    1985 Yugo GV
5.    1974 AMC Matador X coupe
6.    1980 Chevy Citation

7.    1981 AMC Eagle wagon
8.    1981 Dodge Aries
9.     Chevy Celebrity (all models)

10.   2000 Toyota Echo coupe

The Pontiac Aztek was created to appeal to the new-wave granola SUV types, and failed miserably.  This bulky box on wheels lacks a single attractive feature, and may have been spewed forth from a busted-up tanker and coated with cheap plastic.  No thanks Pontiac.
Pontiac Aztek
When Ford unleashed its ‘Tempo’ model, it was clearly confused.  This vehicle is not much more sophisticated than a child’s car, and likely costs just a bit more.  Unless it was simply to cater to a low-income market, I cannot understand how this ever made it to production.  I had to borrow my grandmother’s Ford Tempo the other week while visiting her, and once I got it up to 60 miles per hour (which took forever), the sucker broke down and left me stranded on a highway.  Suck it, Ford

Ford Tempo

The 1975 AMC Pacer is the epitome of the mini-hatchback gone oh-so-wrong.  From the ugly bumper, unattractive body design, all the way to the cheap ass rims, this is AMC-A major catastrophe.  Did it only come in mustard yellow or string-bean green?  I can see Kitty Foreman from ‘That 70s Show’ taking this little eyesore out for groceries

1975 AMC Pacer

The 1985 Yugo GV comes to mind.  The 85 Yugo resembles a washing machine with wheels, and the grill appears to be plastic.  This is the definition of a no-budget car, and may be what Geo used to inspire its Metro.  Can you picture this as a luxury car rental?  Ha.

 1985 Yugo GV

The 1974 Matador X coupe looks like a number of 70’s style automobiles.  Simple design, cheap feel, overall unimpressive.  I can picture a dude with sideburns, aviator shades and bellbottoms leaning against the side, searching for his pride as his date bolts. 

  1974 AMC Matador X coupe

Who cares if it was America’s first front wheel drive compact car; the Chevrolet Citation is one ugly machine.  It just squeals, “I have no style or sophistication, and likely no job”.   And it is too fat for its wheels.  There. I said it.

Chevy Citation

The 1981 AMC Eagle wagon looks like it belongs in a chop-shop, like it was initially an experiment gone awry, then accidentally replicated.  Joe Dirt called, he wants his wheels back.   Did Eagle every make anything attractive?

1981 AMC Eagle Wagon

1981 must have been a bad year for automakers, it seems all the designers had quit.  The 1981 Dodge Aries is another fabulous example of one ugly car.  It looks like someone drew a rectangle, added wheels and headlights and called it a day.  There are literally no defining features on this car, but if you lean in real close, you can hear its desolate whisper, “Please destroy me”.

1981 Dodge Aries

Chevrolet gets another one, with its Chevy Celebrity cars.  Chevy obviously has a well-developed sense of humor for naming it “Celebrity”, and these boxes are not too different from the Dodge Aries.  I think they gave them away, as I used to see many of them on the roadways as a child, full of rust spots.

Chevrolet Celebrity

Finally, the 2000 Toyota Echo coupe.   What is under the hood is not being debated; it is simply that you must look at the exterior.  And no one should ever have to do that.

2000 Toyota Echo Coupe

Let's compare notes, please add your favorite ugly cars in the comment section below!

If you have or had one of these cars it may be time to try out a luxury car and see the difference.  Don't worry if you cannot afford an expensive car becuase you can try one for a day with a luxury rental car.  I am sure after you day is over with a luxury car you will see the error in your ways.

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Top 10 Funniest Places to Spot a Lamborghini Luxury Sports Car

This fun video showcases a brand new white Lamborghini Gallardo seen in very unusual places.  From Walmart to The Good Will, I am sure you will find this video quite humorous.  If you love exotic cars and need a quick laugh click the play button and watch this Lamborghini Gallardo tour.  If you would like to experience a true sports car take a peek at our luxury rental cars or more specifically our Lamborghini rentals

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals