Top 5 Exotic Luxury Cars to Rent

Luxury is reserved for the rich but everybody deserves to indulge once in awhile. While owning a luxury car is a universal dream, driving one doesn't have to remain fantasy.  You can rent the car of your dreams for the day and indulge. That feeling of stepping up in the world is priceless, even if only for 24 hours.

While it may seem that people own what they drive, looks can be deceiving. Down in Miami renting luxury is in and owning luxury is getting harder to do, in this economic climate.  Your average joe up to your average millionaire is renting his luxury, especially when it comes to exotic luxury cars. Whether it be for business or pleasure, renting is the way to go. Here are the top 5 most rented luxury cars.

1. Aston Martin Vantage convertible: $1,100 a day
The Aston Martin Vantage affords the most bang for the buck! The two-seater has a 4.7-liter V8 engine and tight handling. Go ahead and channel your inner James Bond.
2. Bentley GT-C convertible: $1,799 a day
The Bentley GT-C is not popular so much for speed as for space. The convertible seats four with a trunk big enough for golf bags or luggage. The Bentley convertible is the perfect vacation rental to make a statement with. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are just two celebrities that drive the $200,000 Bentley.

3. Ferrari F430 Spider: $2,299
The F430 Spider has a 4.3-liter V8 engine and does zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The $220,000 Ferrari makes use of F1 paddle shift technology, changing gear takes just 150 milliseconds.

4. Lamborghini Murcielago Coupe: $3,000 a day
The Murcielago is currently Lamborghini's flagship supercar. Featuring a 6.5-liter V12 engine and the famous scissor doors. Lamborghini's most expensive coupe starts at $350,000 if you were to buy your own.

5. Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe $3,999 a day
The Rolls-Royce Phantom convertible has a 6.75-liter V12 engine and rear-hinged suicide doors. The three tons of weight sits on air suspensions that can be raised up, an inch, at the touch of a button and returns to its normal ride height past about 37 mph. The Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead is the most sophisticated and most expensive on the road at nearly half a million dollars.  Plus, if you don't like driving then a chauffeur can be sent with the rental. Go big or go home!

Prices are very subject to change, dependent upon several factors. Many companies like Imagine Lifestyles have a huge luxury fleet. These five just happen to be highly popular rentals, that make for many repeat customers. If you are interested in renting a luxury car, contact Imagine at 305.432.3205.

Vogue, Imagine & Naomi Cambell

A month ago, at Imagine Lifestyles, were called upon by Vogue for a Bentley Flying Spur. Vogue needed the luxury vehicle for a photo shoot Friday, starring Naomi Cambell. We, of course delivered and so at 8 am on Friday found ourselves at Opa Locka's private airport. The shoot was full scale for Cambell, caterers, two trailers, back up nail technicians and all the essentials.  Naomi Cambell's Escalade drove up and the atmosphere became somewhat somber. She got out of the car, walked to the tent and browsed over the food selection, to our surprise she was smiling. Cambell wore ripped blue jeans, a white t-shirt and little black vest with her signature long hair flowing. Cambell took a small plate and disappeared into the trailers for two hours.


She re-emerged in a beautiful white dress, wig and nails done, thus indicating that it was time to begin. The actual photo shoot went for just about an hour. Naomi pretending to get off a private jet, our Bentley in the background and a troop of servants in the foreground with her. Fake assistant, body guards, pilots, driver all dressed in black without make-up to offset rather than outdo Cambell in her white designer dress.

The shoot wrapped, we took our Bentley home to our luxury car garage, and Cambell & co moved to the next location at the Mondrian Hotel on South Beach. Vogue's spread with Naomi Cambell will be in May's issue and we will be hoping the next shoot we are called upon features Marissa Miller or Kate Moss.

Bentley Does Biofuel As Exotic Luxury Cars Go Green.

Bentley is trying to go fully green, promising that all of its luxury cars will be flex-fuel capable by 2012.  To that end, Bentley is launching its first flex-fuel or biofuel vehicle at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. Biofuel is a loose term but Bentley is talking about ethanol fuel running through its engines from now on.   

Although we don't know the name yet, Bentley promises the new biofuel vehicle will be the marque's fastest, most powerful production car yet. Probable to look close to the 12-cylinder Continental Range we adore. The biofuel Bentley concept is slated to feature blackout treated grilles, sizable vertical intakes, and a pair of vents on the hood to help reduce engine heat. After Geneva, the greener Bentley will make its debut in New York. Bentley still bringing luxury, just not at the expense of our planet.

Beckham Basically Giving his Bentley Away!

David Beckham the uber famous UK footballer has put his customized 2002 Bentley Arnage T up for sale. The kicker is that Becks pimped out his ride first so you don't have to. He added $120,000 worth of options and extras to his Betley Arnage, making the car worth an estimated $410,000. Stocked with refrigerator, rear television screens, "Le Mans" style wing vents, custom cream leather interior with matching embroidered leather baby seat for his son. The V12 only has 25,000 miles on it and the asking price is only $170,000. The original MSRP for an Arnage T is $290,000, what gives?

Then this car has history too This particular Bentley Arnage T was the car Becks drove into Buckingham Palace when the Queen of England decorated him with an OBE. Plus, the only two Bentleys pictured in the Bentley head office are Beckhams and the Queens. David Beckham doesn't need money, we figure he just has an awful big heart since he is practically giving his Bentley away.  Brilliant Becks, could you actually be any more perfect? We don't think so

Good With No Hood: The Bentley Continental Convertible

Bentley GTCWe are straight shooters and when it comes to the Bentley Continental GTC, it's just not for everyone. Put it to you this way, not everyone is cut out to be a fine art collector. The majority of people can't afford it and the rest wouldn't know fine art if it ran them over. The point is, if you know about art and have money then it's easy to see that the 2008 Bentley Continental GTC is art in motion.

The fresh air kid is third to join the Bentley Continental clan. All joking aside, there is nothing kiddish, small or prepubescent about the new convertible but it 's still catching a lot of crap from the critics. We feel the critics are a tasteless bunch of have-nots and race-junkies who are secretly longing for their own Bentley. Any semi-intelligent life form knows that Bentleys are made for a noble statement not race-track record breaking.  We like to enjoy the finer things in life and on Bentley's behalf, the Bentley engine pushes the 5,478 pound giantess (think Chevrolet Suburban) from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. Now that's beauty in a beast and incredible engineering, the Suburban could never get close to that pickup and wouldn't even look half as good trying.

The new Bentley Continental GTC exotic car is an elegant and sumptuous vehicle that may feel a bit heavy from behind the wheel but let us assure you that's no accident. Bentley takes pride in old school British luxury and meticulously handcrafted touches, that's nothing to criticize. The fact of the matter is that the wealthy are buying envious stares, mass attention and status with their Bentley. We aren't pro-Paris Hilton or anything but even the ditzy blonde realized that a Bentley convertible would grab her some extra (much needed) attention.  If you can't afford the Bentley GTC for $218,235, then don't knock it! 

If you can't afford your own Bentley Continental GTC do not worry, how about renting one for the day to get the full Bentley experience.  The Continental GTC is the convertible version of the GT four-seater coupe for those that didn't know. The richly textured three layered, sound-retardent roof with heated rear window isn't your traditional folding roof. The long rear deck blends in with the retracted roof, and the leather cover conceals the roof in an elegant way without taking over the trunk, as opposed to other contemporary convertibles.   Dare we say it but we like the finished look of the GTC more than the coupe, the proportions just appear less forced.  Backlash to some degree is inevitable when turning a car into a convertible but we assure you, the GTC makes perfect sense.

The Bentley GTC is one of the few lavish touring convertibles on the market, the ride is richly smooth and driving fast just isn't the priority.  Take the family for an open road, scenic cruise of Malibu or    Miami Beach. The GTC convertible is a model unto itself and sophisticated to say the least. Let the top down and revel in convertible touring at its best. Take in the open air and enjoy the road rather than race it for once.