2 Millionth BMW 1 Series Produced—Popularity is Good

BMW 1 Series

A decade ago, the BMW 1 Series rolled onto the scene. Since that time the mega-brand has produced two million units of the 1 Series, a true testament to the popularity of the more affordable option. It would certainly seem that everyone wants to drive a BMW.

(Photo from BMW official blog)

BMW will be touting the next version of the 1 Series at dealerships all over, and has much to celebrate in terms of success. To commemorate the long-term love of the model, car number two million is a BMW 120i M Sport Package. It was created for a client in Japan and boasts five doors and a special Estoril blue coat. The 1 Series has long served as the little sportster of the brand, providing an ideal balance of power and fuel efficiency while remaining a touch gentler on the bank account. Equipped with the brand’s EfficientDynamics technology, new versions will be available in both three and five door formats with diesel and standard fuel options. Buyers can also choose from three or four cylinder TwinPower engines or a robust in-line six TwinPower Turbo with M Performance feature.The BMW 1 Series began its journey as but a small offering and has since split into two distinct lines. The much-loved three and five door hatch cars will remain a part of the 1 Series family, while coupe and convertible options have become members of the 2 Series pack. The updates over the years have kept the design and powertrains current and continued to provide more striking cabin features and technology. Aside from attractive full LED lighting, the new generation will offer some pretty enticing perks in the way of technology, including the following options: BMW ConnectedDrive, radar-based Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Parking Assistant with camera and also Driving Assistant. read more

Video Teaser: BMW Self-Driving Car Vs. Drift Champion

BMW intends to have the first-ever autonomous drift car. They released the teaser below of the BMW self-driving car taking on a champion drifting driver. While it is not Ken Block, the drift driver is familiar with the procedure and the autonomous BMW seems perfectly capable of maneuvering. Check it out:
The short clip above was released to generate excitement over the BMW self-driving car’s drifting capacity.

There are quite a few BMW offerings that make decent drift machines and they are certainly no stranger to special events like Driftmob. The video of the autonomous BMW drifting above is a hint at feats and accomplishments to come from the brand that loves to shock! The video playfully provides the fun challenge of pitting an experienced drift driver against the machine. It is an enticing stunt that leaves more questions than answers, which is completely normal seeing as how the whole ‘driverless vehicle’ movement is still very much in the infancy stage. It could even be said that autonomous vehicles are still in a sort of embryo stage, with much to come in the development process. While there may be legal permits allowing some brands to test their wares on public roads, it will likely be a long time before it becomes a normal event to look over at a car on the road next to you and see no driver! read more

Rivalry: BMW Charging Stations With Shocking Twist

BMW Charging Stations

It seems that relations have become electric between BMW and rivals like Tesla in the electric vehicle charging station arena. Word is circulating that BMW is developing EV charging stations that it intends to circulate throughout the United States. The BMW charging stations will provide a charge for all electric vehicles except those made by Tesla and Nissan—now that is a below the belt jolt!

This chatter creates many questions in the way of what the future will hold with electric vehicles and hybrids. Should the decisions be made by the carmakers themselves? This strategy certainly lends much competitive drive into the equation, which ultimately makes things more challenging for the consumer. Unlike standard fueling stations that are open to all vehicles, will people be willing to even purchase a hybrid or electric car if they have to worry about which stations they can stop in to recharge? It seems that would create quite a bit of buyer anxiety and potentially deflect from sales. Like with all things new, someone will have to step in and make a stand on legalities and operations for EV charging stations. read more

Park and Summon BMW with a Smartwatch? How James Bond!

BMW smartwatch

BMW is testing a car that can be controlled via a smartwatch. Imagine, having the ability to park and summon your BMW using a touchscreen watch. With the new James Bond film coming out next year, this technology seems to be right on time. With technology moving so fast, we must wonder how long even a BMW smartwatch will remain the next big thing.

Park your BMW with a smartwatch. The future is pretty much here!

James Bond could control his BMW with a Nokia phone back in 1997, so why not a smartwatch? The BMW i3 research vehicle is still very much in the concepting and development phase–but here are some of the potential perks the brainiacs behind the scenes are working out: read more

More Details Emerge for the BMW i8S Centenary Supercar


The BMW centenary supercar will celebrate 100 years of future-focused German engineering. To ring in the enormous milestone, BMW is touting a special-edition centenary supercar. Rather than label it an i9 model, word is that it will be dubbed the BMW i8S and share that platform with added perks.

The BMW i8S is coming to celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday. While the festivities likely will not be quite as lavish as those of Maserati or Aston Martin, a new supercar offering is always a plus. read more

The BMW M6 Gears Up for GT Racing Awesomeness


Renderings of a potential BMW M6 GT3 car are out there and they are looking good. Should the BMW Z4 GT3 be left in the dust for an M6 racing future? Some say not so fast, others could not be more pleased at the possibility.

Not only is the newcomer easy on the eyes, it is on the fast track to becoming a finished product. Testing for the BMW M6 GT3 is to commence as early as 2015 and deliveries could be as early as 2016. What will this model contribute to motorsports? Let’s check out the challenge: read more

Bulletproof BMW Offering Can Withstand AK-47 Fire

bulletproof BMW

BMW is a luxury brand that addresses the needs of its clients, even the most extreme ones like personal security. The latest bulletproof BMW offering has been unveiled recently in Moscow–where certain crimes are on the decline yet still require vigilance. The star of the show was undoubtedly the AK-47 proof version of the BMW X5 SUV. More options for BMW armored and bulletproof vehicles emerge. They are nondescript and can resist fire from an AK-47!

The cool part of the bulletproof BMW options are that they appear no different from the standard versions, therefore they will not end up attracting unwanted attention while trying to deflect it. They are smooth, unassuming and luxurious transportation options for those who require them. read more

Finally: BMW i8 Plug-in Official Details Released

BMW i8

After many years of concepts and teasing, BMW has officially released the final details for its i8 luxury hybrid car. Eager buyers can now account for actual cost, added options costs and special trim packages. All details aside, it will be an exhilarating first for BMW i8 hybrid buyers!

The BMW i8 should perhaps be shown in green? For the money I would personally rather have an Audi R8, but this is great for BMW addicts.

The BMW i8 base model will begin at $135,700 plus that pesky standard $950 destination charge. BMW shared in their blog that the first i8 models to arrive will be the “Pure Impulse World” cars, and that they will cost an extra $10,800. Not to worry, these models feature some extras like BMW i blue seatbelts, leather seating and leather rimmed mats, leather engine cover, special brake calipers with BMW i blue accent, ceramic coating on the gear handle and a special i8 badge on the headrests. They also come with the bragging rights of owning one of the first plug-in BMW cars on the planet…which seems legit. read more

Unhappy BMW Customer Smashes M6…Again!

Who could forget the jaw-dropping display at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show when a disgruntled BMW customer used the publicity of the show to smash up his E63 BMW M6? The extreme display was to draw attention to an incident regarding BMW customer service. The clincher: The man made the promise that he would do it again if the issue remained unresolved…and he has! This is one passionate BMW protest.

Crazy or crafty? Man takes another go at protesting BMW by destroying the same car…twice. Watch the short clip above of the men smashing up the BMW. They should have went with Rammstein for the music, but aside from that the point is made clear.  read more

The Innovatively Seductive 2014 BMW i8 Visits Geneva

2014 BMW i8

The BMW i8 has served as the brand’s attention-grabber since it first emerged in concept form. The stunning supercar is on stage this week at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, looking particularly seductive in a charcoal gray coat with brilliant pops of blue.

The 2014 BMW i8 emerged back at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.  Since that time, the futuristic exotic has only gotten better.

The BMW i8 has taken many powertrains, from a fuel-efficient diesel to a petrol sipper to a plug-in petrol hybrid. While the powertrain remains quite versatile, the look has stayed close to its concept form, which is rare. The latest BMW i8 boasts the brand’s LifeDrive architecture, with a life module passenger cell crafted from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. read more