Can BMW Make Your Car a Mobile Hotspot?

BMW mobile hotspot

BMW would like to make your next ride a mobile 4G hotspot. This is all fine and good, but what happens when the 5G craze strikes? I kid. In all seriousness, the brand is all about connectivity, and the mobile hotspot is currently on the market. Is the auto industry the final frontier in connectivity?

Will the BMW mobile hotspot catch on with other automakers? Will this be the new norm?

While it is unsafe to text and drive, Facebook and drive, or paint your toenails and drive, BMW and other companies are working to keep up with technology demands. Now drivers around the world can experience a newfound peace behind the wheel. There will be less whining and protesting erupting from little ones in the backseat, as their laptops and devices will have a perfect signal while inside the vehicle! read more

The BMW M3 and M5 Fan Commercials

BMW does not skimp on advertising endeavors, and can actually be quite creative in that arena. Case in point: The BMW M3 and M5 commercials were actually created by brand fans! Check out the short commercials below and get inspired to rent a BMW this weekend!

BMW commercials can be a treat to the senses, like the M3 one above

The BMW M3 is nearing completion for its production cycle, while the M5 is just beginning. Both models are gaining market traction and can certainly use as much awesome publicity as possible to compete. While both commercials are cool, the BMW M5 slot is a bit more exhilarating and its more hyper soundtrack better reflects the mood on the track. read more

Video Clip: BMW Electrifies San Francisco

Innovative and momentum-charged BMW is revving up its hybrid luxury initiatives with electric car sharing programs across California. Recently, the green reached the shores of San Francisco, where BMW is providing car sharing, parking and more for its earthy cars. This is not the first incentive by the brand geared to reduce fuel dependence and consumption, think back to the recent Real Goods Solar arrangement.

BMW is expanding its premium car-sharing program in San Francisco.

The DriveNow program officially made tracks in the Bay Area this summer, showing off 70 premium examples of electric vehicles. On the heels of this program, ParkNow is set to begin soon. I suppose they finally figured out that drivers eventually need a spot to park… read more

Apple Inspired White Car Coats?

Throughout recent automotive history buyers have preferred to drive on the dark side, choosing black over white when selecting a new car. Enter Apple with their aesthetic expertise and irresistible gadgetry. According to Sandy McGill, chief designer for BMW DesignWorks, white is the new black in the auto industry and it is likely because of the Apple effect!

The Apple Image might be contagious

White is no longer associated with the color of a drab wall or a kitchen appliance, but with hot new iPads and smartphones. Recent studies show that buyers view white as sophisticated, modern and chic, a trend that McGill credits the late Steve Jobs for creating. read more

2013 BMW Lineup Lines the Track

BMW is holding nothing back this year, unleashing hybrid incentives along with a new lineup geared toward change: the next M5 and M6. Loaded with upscale amenities and electronics, these agile machines pass road and track tests with excruciating ease, offering up a bit more than standard luxury.

Performance perfection–what else is to be expected from BMW?

The M5 and M6 were crafted to merge luxury with performance, a sought after feat by all exotic carmakers. The two new siblings were tested at the track, and there was very little difference in performance noted between the sedan and the coupe! The M5 boasts a 4-door sedan layout, while the M6 is the traditional coupe. Performance stats typically vary between coupes, which are intended to be faster, and sedans, made for commutes and families. read more