Top 5 Cars We’re Holding For Carlos Justo

Carlos Justo was once a big time real estate mogul, who once squired his clients on real estate tours via a private helicopter charter and owns a multi-million dollar condo overlooking Biscayne Bay.  2009 White Lamborghini LP-560 4 Luxury Rental CarA victim of aggressive investing and the real estate meltdown, Justo is now just uh…broke.  Well, when he gets back on his feet, here are the top 5 cars we are holding for Carlos Justo:

Top 5 Luxury Rental Cars for a Miami Summer

Ahh it is summer in Miami…and that means it is scorching hot, and I don’t just mean the sun.  Lining the streets you can see the plethora of luxury rental cars glinting in the sun, turning things up a notch for locals and visitors.  So are you ready to melt the pavement this summer?  I thought so.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 picks for the best Miami exotic rental cars for the summer from our luxury fleet in Miami:

Video of our Lamborghini LP-560 Luxury Rental Car

Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4, arguably one of the best sports cars on the market.   This is Lamborghini’s fastest Gallardo yet to date.   This luxury sports car is a head turner for both the driver with its speed and people on the street watching it jet by.  If you are looking for a fast car that drives like a race car and turns head like you are a supermodel than this Lamborghini rental car is perfect for you.

Check out our fleet of Chicago exotic rental cars and Miami exotic rental cars.

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The 2012 Lamborghini Estoque-A Joke?

For the Lamborghini fans out there, brace yourselves for the upcoming 2012 Estoque.  After years of casting around for a third model, the luxury car brand has decided that Manfred Fitzgerald, head of branding and design, has discovered a winner.

It is being coined as “the world’s first super sedan”, and it is dramatic. In its current concept form, it maintains the sleek lines Lamborghini is known for, but adds another set of doors.  It was revealed at the Paris Auto Show, and can certainly compete with exotic cars like the Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche Panamera, or Ferrari F430 Spider

Top 5 Luxury Gifts for Father’s Day

This year we at Imagine Lifestyles have put together a list of ideas to assist our fans and readers with the annual event of deciding on the perfect Father’s Day gift.  So without further ado, here are this year’s top 5 luxury gifts for Father’s Day:

iPad for Father's Day

1.    3-D, LCD, LED, HD TV by Samsung
2.    Gift certificate to an exotic restaurant
3.    Luxury rental car
4.    ipad
5.    Helicopter charter

Technology: Shocks that Save Gas?

GenShock Shock Absorber Recycles EnergyTechnology is a constantly advancing field; we have the ability to utilize the power of the sun and even wind.  Now, thanks to a very creative engineer, we can harvest the power of even potholes!

Sound weird?  Certainly.  Levant Power Corporation is developing a new type of shock absorber that converts the jolts caused by driving down rough roads and potholes into usable electricity.  This could actually cause drivers to swerve towards potholes, if it didn’t damage the tires and rims.

Scott Rothstein’s Luxury Cars and Yachts Fetch $5.8 Million at Florida Auction

The headline stealing ponzi scheme of disbarred Florida attorney Scott Rothstein has climaxed today, with his coveted luxury cars, yachts and toys auctioned off in efforts to pay back those he ripped off.  The auction held today fetched a lofty $5.8 million dollars, to be funneled back to the investors he wronged.  Imagine Lifestyles was Scott Rothstein Auction Fort Lauderdalethere to witness history.

In just over one hour, the luxury auction unloaded 11 exotic cars, 4 yachts and 2 wave runners scored $5.8 million.  This is not much compared to his estimated $1.4 billion dollar investment fraud, but hey, every little million helps.