To Rolls Or To Lambo? That Is The Question

Imagine Lifestyles has a very difficult question to answer this week.  Will our next exotic rental car be a Rolls Royce Phantom rental car or a Lamborghini Gallardo rental car?  I guess it’s a good predicament to be in, because both outcomes are quite desirable.  However, for this week, we can only pick one.  Our decision will be determined by several different factors.  Which vehicle do we get more requests for?  Which one makes more sense for the Chicago market at this time?  Etc.At this point, we are receiving an insane amount of requests for both vehicles, however these requests are very different from one another.  People request the Lamborghini to experience the raw power of a legendary sports car, and people request the Rolls Royce for chauffeured events such as weddings and prom night.   

Lamborghini Gallardo Gray 2007Since we currently have several other vehicles that are ideal for chauffeured events, we realized that shouldn’t be our absolute priority.  What we don’t have at this point, is an exotic sports car rental that screams speed, prestige, and “bat mobile” all at the same time.  As we come into the late spring and summer months here in Chicago, we feel the Lamborghini Gallardo is the best gift we can give to our fair city. So look out for our new addition next week.  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago would love to give you the first opportunity to take hold of this monster of an exotic car rental.  I mean, doesn’t every one want to relive the scene from “The Dark Knight” when Bruce Wayne sped under the “L” tracks on Franklin in his gun metal silver Lambo?  Just please, don’t crash ours… we want it back!

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Sun And Fun In The Very Windy City

All Chicagoans know what it feels like to be a hermit crab or a hibernating bear.  We also know the incredible liberation of warm sunny days in spring.  There is no more uniquely funny sight than about 3,000,000 Chicagoans coming out of their shells and caves when we hit our first day above 70.  We know about 1 week in advance that the following week will be suitable for freedom.  We talk about it incessantly until the “nice” day arrives.  “Hey! Next Tuesday’s gonna be soooo nice out!!  Wanna hit up a patio?”  When the day arrives, all of a sudden, EVERYONE is outside.  People are walking everywhere, and even dusting off their luxury and exotic convertibles. People, who yesterday, were wearing North Face parkas and Ugg boots, are now wearing tank tops, and Havaiana flip-flops. On our way to work we’ll stare at our bare arms in amazement and disbelief, while looking up at the sky trying to tan our pale faces.  imagine lifestyles luxury and exotic car rentals

Top 5 Luxury Rental Cars From Imagine Lifestyles

Here at Imagine Lifestyles, we love to keep our fans and readers current on what is hot in the world Ferrari F430 Spider Rentalof luxury and luxury rentals.  Our hot exotic rental car fleet is constantly being updated, so when the need arises, we like to update you all with a list of the current top 5 luxury rental cars we have to offer. 

Right now, our hottest cars include:

1.      Ferrari F430 Spider
2.      Bentley GTC
3.      Lamborghini LP-640
4.      Aston Martin Vantage
5.      Ferrari California

Just Store Your Lambo in Your Living Room, Like this Guy

There is definitely a sense of pride that accompanies the ownership of an exotic car, like a Ferrari, LaKRE House Lamborghini Garagemborghini, Maserati and the like.  This pride can often evolve into an extremely creative idea by an owner, like a man in Tokyo who hired designer Takyua Tsuchida to transform his home into a display for his exotic cars. 

His main request?  That the Lamborghini be visible from the living room.  And with the push of a button, the Lambo can actually enter the living room.  We like the way this guy thinks, we would rather watch our plasma screen T.V.'s from the comfort of our...Lamborghini. 

Top 5 U.S. Military Vehicles You Would Love to Own

Stealth Bomber In the area of amazing vehicles, the military has access to the best vehicle options.  Some of the military vehicles can actually make a Ferrari pale in comparison…which is relatively challenging, so we are going to tell you why.  Here is our top 5 list of US Military vehicles we wish we could own:

Ask Imagine: Bro-Off

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I live in Miami, and have recently stumbled across your luxury blog.  I was searching online for an exotic rental car, as I have never rented one before.

My brother is coming down to Miami to visit, and I really want to see the look on his face when I pick him up from the airport in a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or other luxury car.   I haven’t seen him since the holidays, and we often do things to surprise each other, and make each other jealous-it’s a bros thing.

From what I have been reading, you guys are the people to see, so what do you recommend for a first time luxury car renter and why?

Thanks for your help,

Aden, South Beach


The UAE Exotic Car Run Appears Promising

Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit In addition to the Gumball and the Arab Run, exotic and luxury car fans can now relish the Royal Drive.  This exotic racing event will feature up to 60 of the best exotic cars, including big boys Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes SLR 722S, Lamborghini LP670-4 SV, Gemballa Porsche Carrera GT Mirage lapping the Yas Marina Circuit. 

$2.1 Million Dollar Lamborghini Reventon Roadster Delivered to Singapore

We are following-up on the highly anticipated Lamborghini Reventon Roadster, which made its debut recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  The first delivery in Singapore has been made, at the bargain price of $2.1 million dollars. 

We know you are thinking, “but it was supposed to cost only one million!”  Well folks, you can thank the strategic marketing geniuses at Lambo for that.