Land Rover Pothole Alert Feature Reshaping Roads

There are few driving experiences as frustrating as nailing an unseen pothole and ruining a perfectly good rim. Not only are potholes damaging to rims and wheels, they can cause problems with alignment and deeper unseen issues as well. This is why Land Rover pothole alert technology is long overdue and a great preventative measure.
Land Rover seems quite busy in the technology arena these days, focusing on much more than just crafting the world’s most luxurious off-road vehicles. The brand’s pothole alert technology goes further than simply alerting the driver of impending danger—it also alerts the crews tasked with repairing the potholes so that the problem is corrected. The big picture of the alert includes it as but a slice in the road toward autonomous vehicles, a direction that seems unavoidable with brands already testing their wares and making great strides in development. read more

Top 5 Reasons to Love the Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The latest from the rugged Land Rover badge has emerged and is being described as an industry leader in its class. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is equipped with a 2.2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel and appears to have bid adieu to the standard boxiness.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport

5 fantastic things about the new Land Rover Discovery Sport:

  1. This version has been completely revised with the future in mind. It manages to maintain the expected luxury sports SUV, but with improved technology and a sleeker countenance. That means it is no longer a large and imposing box on wheels, but rather, a more well-rounded creature in tune with her times.
  2. It is a bit like the sexier and wildly popular Range Rover Evoque sibling in larger format—which is an incredible treat.
  3. Like all larger Land Rovers, the new Discovery Sport offers ample space. That means 7 seats and plenty of wiggle room, with the 2nd row seating capable of reclining. The 3rd row seating is somewhat smaller and more ideal for storage and childrens, but could work for shorter trips with a group of friends. Just ask the couple you are not crazy about to park it in the back—problem solved.
  4. It is basically an amphibian. The Discovery Sport can take on up to two feet of water. So long as the driver is knowledgeable on how to properly operate the vehicle, most terrains are not an issue for the monster.
  5. Safety. This model earned 5 stars in EuroNCAP crash tests and offers not only driver and passenger airbags, but also a special pedestrian airbag that deploys within 60 milliseconds. It is brimming with safety features and current technology creature comforts.

Overall, it is a challenge to discover something to dislike about the Land Rover Discovery Sport–Well-done once again, chaps!

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Should They Make A Range Rover Evoque SVR?

Range Rover Evoque SVR

Almost since the inception of the svelte little number that is the Range Rover Evoque there have been conversations sparking about a more potent version. Now that it is past the mid-cycle update, will there be a Range Rover Evoque SVR?

The only thing better than a Range Rover Evoque SVR would be a convertible SVR..

The Range Rover Evoque practically sells itself, which is an overused statement yet is quite true in her case. That said, the main claim to fame for the Evoque is her appearance, leaving ample room for performance upgrades. While the Evoque is every inch the impressive luxury SUV one would expect from the Land Rover brand, would a more aggressive SVR version be welcomed to the competitive market? Most would not hesitate to nod yes to that question. So will there be a flashy and faster new Evoque SVR wearing sexy SVR performance badges in the near future? According to some sources, the new offering could already be in the works. read more

Jaguar Land Rover Eye-Tracking Wipers Will Brighten Rainy Days

Jaguar Land Rover has been busy developing smart tracking technology, but it was not exactly exciting until actual daily use benefits emerged, like eye-tracking wipers. Soon the stress of wind shield wipers that never seem to sync up properly to the momentum of the elements and the driver’s eye will be a thing of the past.

The idea for eye-tracking wipers came out while the company was busy developing safety measures such as visual sensing for drowsy driving alerts. Jaguar Land Rover has been working with Intel to stay on top of the latest technology breakthroughs and implement them into their luxury vehicles. read more

Land Rover Says Nothing Shall Top Range Rover

Range Rover

Following rumors of a not-so modestly priced Land Rover, the company has dismissed rumors of a range topper above the Range Rover line. While it may seem surprising to some, it could just be the ticket to maintaining the luxury SUV traditional standards all have come to expect from the brand.

In the past, the first image that came to the mind when visualizing a top-of-the-line exotic SUV was just the Range Rover. Along with success, however, comes competition, and many automakers have moved onto that territory to tout their own luxury SUV offerings. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, yet it is a good guess that Land Rover would prefer to be ogled and purchased rather than facing down endless rivals in their market. Even so, Land Rover is standing firm for the time being, refusing to create anything more extravagant than the already amazing Range Rover fleet. read more

Action Clip: The Range Rover Evoque Convertible Out to Prove It Has Power

The Range Rover Evoque convertible is out to prove something: that it is much more than just a stylish open SUV–it is power. Check out the footage below of the Evoque convertible performing some testing feats in Europe’s largest and most strenuous crossrail tunnel!

The Range Rover Evoque hit the scene with special design input from Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice). Her stylish vibe definitely translated into the vehicle, which is a more diminutive and upscale version of its siblings. The vehicle was met with open arms on the market, appealing to many different types of buyers. Now, the brand will offer the flashy and perky Evoque in convertible form, which is certain to attract the ladies like crazy! read more

Range Rover’s Most Stylish Sibling to Remove Top?

Range Rover Evoque convertible

The next generation of the stylish Range Rover Evoque shall be upgraded on several levels. While the standard version seems to be receiving a facelift for 2017, there is also a Range Rover Evoque convertible out testing in her best camouflage! This ride is so adorable and whimsical that every 16 year-old girl in California is going to throw a tantrum for one.

A Range Rover Evoque convertible? While it seems a bit confusing, the photos are actually not off-putting.

Will Range Rover succeed with a convertible SUV where the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet failed? The Evoque convertible concept rolled out back in 2012, and seeing it three years later in testing form is certainly an indicator that it has the green light for production. The average cycle for an automobile to go from concept to production is about three years, longer for the slow pokes. read more

Land Rover JustDrive App Shares Voice and Vision

Land Rover JustDrive

Jaguar Land Rover selected the Connected Car Expo to introduce their new app. The Land Rover JustDrive App aims to alleviate technical frustration encounters while driving by giving voice command control over certain apps.

Drivers should be, you know, focused on driving when behind the wheel, but Land Rover knows that is likely never going to be the case for everyone. For that reason, the JustDrive App allows people to do just that: Just drive. The app uses voice recognition software to enable drivers to control things like Spotify and the addictive Twitter without picking up a device. Overall, the JustDrive app has the potential to lower driving distractions, provided it functions smoothly. If it does not work exactly as promised, there could be irritated drivers reaching for their smartphones and taking their eyes off the roads. There are certainly ample voice recognition fail stories out there, making it important for Land Rover to get it right. read more

Hundreds of Range Rover Thefts In Short Period Riddles London

Range Rover thefts

Something is just so alluring about the Range Rover luxury SUV. It is so captivating, in fact, that hundreds have been stolen from the streets of London lately. With such a vast amount of Range Rover thefts occurring in a small window of time, insurance companies have been forced to impose a few policy guidelines just for their owners.

How bad could it be to lead to such a dramatic policy alteration? A total of 294 Range Rovers were stolen between January and July! The preferred models were the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, of course.  read more

Secret Range Rover Velar Has Been Hidden Since the 1970s

Range Rover Velar

There is a secret Range Rover out there that has been closely guarded since the 1970s. The Range Rover Velar has been found out, however, and is actually for sale!  What exactly is this model and why has it been kept a secret for decades?

The Range Rover Velar at a glance:

  • The Velar is a prototype of the first Range Rover. It is a pre-production development model of the first ever one, which launched in 1970.
  • Only about 30 of these units exist, and this is one of them. It will hit the auction block in February. It will likely become part of a collection that preserves the brand’s rich history.
  • It’s name, Velar, actually means “covered”. The brand worked in secret to develop a luxury vehicle with off-roading capabilities, thus revealing what became the gold standard of just that.
  • The first fleet was tested in extreme conditions in efforts to ensure they could handle the demands of countryside and ragged roads. The extreme was taken a step further when they were given the muscle to drive off-road.
  • The only off-roading vehicles at that time were considered agricultural. Range Rover changed the game with the first luxury vehicles that did not flinch at a few hills or valleys.
  • These units were powered by 3.5-liter V8 engines and capable of nailing the 0-60 mile per hour marker in about 15 seconds with a top speed approaching 100.
  • The gearbox is a four-speed manual with a low and high ratio.

The Range Rover Velar is an impressive slice of the brand’s rich history. Who would not want a pre-production Range Rover that has been kept tucked away since the birth of the brand?

Range Rover Velar

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