Just the Top 5 Exotic Rental Cars to have Sex In!

While most of our luxury living blogs are PG13, sometimes one slips through the radar…like this one! This is all about the top 5 exotic rental cars to get naughty in, so if this adult material may offend you, you may opt to hit the gas and cruise on over to one of our celebrity blogs or other category. For the rest of you, loosen your tie and dive in!

5. Bentley convertible rental
4. Lamborghini convertible rental
3. Rolls Royce drophead rental
2. Maserati GranTurismo rental
1. Ferrari California rental

Bentley GTC convertible rental in Miami

Bentley GTC rental Miami

Man Uses Bad Check to Buy Maserati

In a case of dumb and dumber, a Pennsylvania man is now on the run after attempting to buy a Maserati with a bad check. Yep, that is correct—not only was Gabriel Mathews of North Wales brave enough to attempt the task, the dealership, Car Connections USA in West Whiteland Township, actually allowed the 22-year-old to take off in the luxury car. Hopefully this saga does not end in an exotic car crash, as many do.

PA man steals Maserati

Gabriel Mathews is pictured above. What will he do with the stolen Maserati?

Luxury Hotel in Waikiki Offers Complimentary Exotic Car with Stay!

Heading to Hawaii for vacation? Take this luxury travel tip from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles! Halekulani luxury hotel is offering an exotic automobile amenity program that puts guests behind the wheel of a luxury car during their stay. What is sweeter? If you stay in one of 3 of the hotel’s premier suites, usage of the car is free! Unbelievable.

Halekulani Hotel Hawaii

I would stay here even without the complimentary luxury rental car perk! Outstanding view!

The Unattainable 2012 Maserati GranTurismo S Limited Edition

Like a dream, the 2012 Maserati GranTurismo S limited edition is a vision in a unique matte blue. True to form, this model is an uber-exclusive luxury car and is only attainable via the Italian market. No word yet on the exact production numbers, so it is safe to assume that your chances of ever obtaining one comparable to scoring some alone time with Angelina Jolie.

Maserati GranTurismo S

Don’t worry, impressing the ladies is simple when you rent a Maserati…and commitment-free.

WTF: Just A Supercar Traffic Jam!

Traffic jams…hated by all…unless, of course, you find yourself confronted head-on by a gathering of supercars jammed together!  This scenario is not so bad. The video below shows around 150 exotic cars caught leaving Gurston House in England following…you guessed it…a supercar convoy! Video at bottom of post

Luxury car traffic jam

There are so many brands represented, that it is similar to browsing through one of our
luxury car rental locations!

Top Gear 4-Door Supercar Challenge: Rapide, Quattroporte & Panamera

Top Gear

Top Gear cast

The fellas at Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have been at it again--this time comparing the current 4-door offerings from Maserati, Porsche and Aston Martin. You can drive 2 of the 3 and do a bit of road testing of your own with the Quattroporte and the Panamera, both are included in our luxury rental car fleet. Top Gear video at bottom of post!

Aston Martin Hits 1 Million Facebook Fans, BMW Leads with 6.7 Million

Luxury carmaker Aston Martin is celebrating a milestone—no, not the creation of an all-new hybrid hoover-craft, just reaching 1 million fans on social-networking site Facebook. This leaves many to wonder…so what?

Facebook has become far more powerful than anyone had previously anticipated, now incorporated into marketing endeavors and more. For example, you can follow us on Imagine Lifestyles Facebook for real-time updates on your favorite models and available exotic car driving experiences. Enough shameless self-promotion…but is that not what Facebook is for? Back to the numbers game.

Aston Martin Facebook

A screenshot of Aston Martin's Facebook page celebrating 1 million fans

Top 5 Exotic Car Rentals for Halloween!

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday (along with millions of others), so I spent some time thinking about the ultimate costume accessory and decided a luxury car rental would trump the ensembles of all of my friends. Why not add some healthy competition to your holiday?

Here are the top 5 quirky celebrity Halloween costume ideas and their complimentary luxury rental car counterparts!

5. Paris Hilton in a Rolls Royce Ghost
4. Kim Kardashian in a Bentley (Which is a more tasteful black rather than a Paris Hilton pink)
3. Lindsay Lohan in a Maserati
2. Ferris Bueller in red Ferrari
1. James Bond with an Aston Martin

*Bonus: 45-Passenger Party Bus

Rolls Royce Ghost rental
Rolls Royce Ghost rental in Chicago

Mel Gibson Proves Again He is a Lethal Weapon Behind the Wheel

 I assume the (likely) turbulent relationship between Mel Gibson and his auto insurance company is experiencing further strain by his second crash behind the wheel of a Maserati of his within two years! Yep, Mad Max has ‘Bumped’ the rear end of another vehicle in Phoenix, Arizona recently, making headlines in the exotic car crash tabloids around the world yet again (Hey, it is better press than domestic violence or anti-Semitism!).

Mel Gibson Crashes 2nd Maserati

Perfect face for the situation! Mel looks a bit more leathery and weathered each year.