Famous Celebrities and The Luxury & Exotic Cars They Drive

Paris Hilton Pink Bentley GT Coupe

Paris Hilton Pink Bentley GT Coupe

Looking at this eyesore-extravaganza makes me wish Bentley, or whoever is responsible for this monstrosity of a custom paint job, had the heart to tell Paris Hilton NO.  Has anyone ever done that, by the way?  I can only assume that she did not get to color enough Easter eggs as a child.  This would never survive as a luxury rental car, so I shudder to think of what will happen to this Bentley once Paris tires of it.  Speaking of tires, scope the rims she has on it, ouch. 

Pam Anderson Jag

Pam Anderson Jag

Up next we have the luscious Pamela Anderson!  Oh and the Jaguar is not too shabby, either.  Anderson is always on top of her game, and I like the classic white Jag, it will go with anything, unlike Hilton’s pitiful pink Bentley. 

Nicole Scherzinger Bentely GTC

Why Rent a Car? Top 5 Hidden Costs of Owning a Luxury Car

Many people are satisfied with driving or renting a standard car from a top-rated automaker, but others crave the experience and image only an exotic car or luxury car rental can provide.  Before making the big decision, it is important to consider the hidden costs of owning a luxury car, as you may prefer to rent one!

Among the top 5 hidden costs of owning a luxury car are:

1.    Higher taxes
2.    Increased insurance needs and rates
3.    Maintenance costs, cost of ownership
4.    Fuel expenses
5.    Proper storage costs

Higher taxes.  When you own a luxury car, you will incur not only the steep initial cost of purchase, but get slapped with a large sales tax.  This is because the sales tax is the same for any vehicle purchase, and measured by a percentage of the vehicle’s price tag, which will be astronomically higher for a luxury car.  Before investing, you may want to consider how much cheaper it will be to simply indulge in a luxury rental car on special occasions.

Insurance costs and risks.  While sales tax is the same percentage for standard and luxury cars, insurance rates differ.  Exotic and luxury cars come with a higher insurable risk, and insurance companies bill accordingly.  Before you buy that Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin, check with your insurance agent to find out hFerrari F430 Wreckow much your monthly insurance bill will jump, you may be astounded.  A properly insured Ferrari F430 rental is less of a headache should you have a fender-bender...or end up in a situation like the photo to the right!  One accident to your luxury car decreases the resale value grately.  

The Masteretta MXT-A Supercar for $40,000?

The Masteretta MXT is a making headlines as the first high performance sports car to be entirely produced by Mexican carmaker Masteretta.  The MXT has been completely designed and produced in Mexico and is touted as the very first Mexican made supercar. It is so close to 'Maserati' but they are two different luxury carmakers.  Oh, and a Maserati is about 3 times more expensive!

Production will begin in 2011 for the MXT Masteretta.  Pricing is on the lower end at around $38,000 USD, so put your order in now!  I find the MXT to be physically attractive, but what is inside counts, too, so leMasteretta MXT Supercar Mexicot’s get down to specs.

The Masteretta MXT is a mid-size sports car bursting with design flair and packing a 2.0-liter turbocharged Duratec engine with 240 bhp.  This supercar hits the 0-60 mark in under 5 seconds with a top speed of 150 miles per hour.   I suppose it helps being a lightweight two-seater weighing just 900 kg!

The MXT supercar is constructed from bonded aluminum with a semi-monocoque chassis and features aircraft style technology.  Customers who place orders now will be able to register their cars in May of next year, and production is limited to 80 cars the first year. Not sure if this car will qualify as a Miami luxury rental car but I would still agree that this a great sports car for any car enthusiast.

Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon to Women and Luxury Cars?

It seems that Mel Gibson has certainly had his fair share of bad luck lately, and the streak continues, as he has reportedly crashed his 2008 Maserati Quattroporte into a rocky hillside on a difficult section of Malibu Canyon Road.  Mel’s Maserati was towed from the scene, and the actor was uninjured in the collision.  I can’t say the same for his already tattered reputation.
Mel Gibson's 2008 Maserati Quattroporte Crash
California Highway Patrol asked Gibson if he had been using a cell phone at the time, and he denied it (I am sure records will be pulled from his provider, as is becoming common).  The police do not suspect the star of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident.  It certainly appears that Gibson is hard on things, reportedly his ex, and now luxury cars.  Do not sell this man a Ferrari 458 Italia, my heart couldn’t take it.  TMZ photo taken shown at right.

Top 20 Funniest Pictures of Luxury & Exotic Cars

 Who doesn’t turn their head when a nice car goes by?  If you live in Miami or LA than it might be more typical to see a luxury car rolling down the street.   I guarantee no matter where you live or how many exotic and luxury cars you see, you will appreciate the pictures below.  Imagine Lifestyles has complied 20 interesting pictures of luxury cars, some in very odd places. Enjoy the pictures below.

Top 5 Cars We’re Holding For Carlos Justo

Carlos Justo was once a big time real estate mogul, who once squired his clients on real estate tours via a private helicopter charter and owns a multi-million dollar condo overlooking Biscayne Bay.  2009 White Lamborghini LP-560 4 Luxury Rental CarA victim of aggressive investing and the real estate meltdown, Justo is now just uh…broke.  Well, when he gets back on his feet, here are the top 5 cars we are holding for Carlos Justo:

Scott Rothstein’s Luxury Cars and Yachts Fetch $5.8 Million at Florida Auction

The headline stealing ponzi scheme of disbarred Florida attorney Scott Rothstein has climaxed today, with his coveted luxury cars, yachts and toys auctioned off in efforts to pay back those he ripped off.  The auction held today fetched a lofty $5.8 million dollars, to be funneled back to the investors he wronged.  Imagine Lifestyles was Scott Rothstein Auction Fort Lauderdalethere to witness history.

In just over one hour, the luxury auction unloaded 11 exotic cars, 4 yachts and 2 wave runners scored $5.8 million.  This is not much compared to his estimated $1.4 billion dollar investment fraud, but hey, every little million helps.

Luxury Shopping & Spending Making a Comeback

Don’t worry, keep spending.  This certainly seems to be the message communicated recently, based on encouraging jumps in the luxury spending department.Tiffany & Co Luxury Spending

Yes, it seems that luxury shopping and spending are indeed making a comeback, with affluent buyers regaining confidence.  Another issue that has kept the wealthy from spending has been the fear of ‘conspicuous consumption’, with the economy in shambles it has been rather frowned upon to be seen spending ‘obscene’ amounts of money on luxury items.

What a Concept, The Maserati Birdcage 75th

Maserati Birdcage 75th Concept CarDo any of you gearheads remember the Maserati Birdcage 75th concept car?  I must say that I love this exotic concept car!  I love it enough to bring it back via blog.

The Maserati Birdcage (it even has a cool name) concept was created by Maserati, and designed by Pininfarina.  I think the appeal comes first from the brand, as I am a big fan of Maserati as a force in the world of exotic cars and luxury rental cars, and from its appearance.