The Ultimate Luxury Adventure Vacation-Fireball Run!

Are you a fan of “The Amazing Race”?  Do you like to go fast?  Let me introduce you to the “Fireball Run”, a 9-day invitational interactive game spanning 18 cities and 3,500 miles! 

The Fireball Run is part rally, part game and part race.  This interactive event essentially transforms the United States into a game board, spanning from Nevada to Minnesota, and the teams are the game pawns! 

The rules are fun-in order for the teams to advance, they must accomplish missions, and solve the clues in order to navigate the route earning points (think reality shows and games). 

Upcoming Chicago Events You Won’t Wanna Miss

Spring time in Chicago is usually packed full of stuff to do, stuff that will keep us busy until Summer is finally upon us.  I have compiled a list of some great things to do in the city that will make the most of your spring experience.

Shaw’s Crab House Silver Anniversary Oyster Special- Believe it or not today, April 19 and next Monday the 26th, Shaw’s (21 E. Hubbard St.) will be serving 25 cent oysters between 3-6 pm.  This is an amazing deal since they are normally 10 times that price.  Because they are celebrating their 25th year in operation, you have the pImagine Lifestyles Chicago Shaw's Crab Houserivilege of indulging in succulent oysters for your pocket change.   Imagine Lifestyles will be there tonight without a doubt.  Look for our Bentley Continental GTC parked right in front.

Imagine Lifestyles Does Wrigely Field In Style

A- One, A-Two, A-Three- Take me out to the ball game!  These are the finest words that a Chicagoan (at least the north-siders) can hear on a spring or summer day.  Granted they are no longer spoken by the legendary Harry Carry, but they still sound sweet.  Imagine Lifestyles had the privilege of experiencing the best Wrigley Field has to offer yesterday on a rare 80-degree day in April.

Tiger Woods: Out of the Doghouse and Back on the Golf Course?

After 144 days away from competitive golf, he’s back.  Tiger Woods teed off on Thursday at the world’s most famous golf tournament—The Masters.   He hit his drive straight, landing in the fairway and heard a polite smattering of applause from the fans gathered on the first tee.  But what is ahead for this fallen hero?

In case you’ve been in a cave or off the planet for the last five months, the number one golfer in the game has been embroiled in a sordid sex scandal involving more than dozen women claiming they have had affairs and sex-text relationships with Woods.  The dirty “sexts” (sexual texts) have been spreading rapidly over all media outlets, especially the Internet, for all to read. 

Ask Imagine: Is Miami too Hot to Visit in the Summer?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am a fan of your website and blog.  I have been following your stuff for almost a year, thanks for the information and entertainment.  There is one issue that I have not seen covered in your blog, and that is Miami during the summer. 

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury RentalsI have been told that it is too hot to take a trip to Miami in the summer, and was curious about your take on that advice.  It would seem that the hotter the better with the Ocean and luxury hotel pools to soak in.  I am overdue for a mini-vacation, and was contemplating a quick trip to Miami to rejuvenate.  Let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Peter, New York

Chill Out in Luxury-Stay in an Igloo

We love luxury hotels, exotic rental cars, and all things luxury.  Yet we also have quite a fixation with aAdrian Gunter of Iglu Dorf Ice Hotelll things that are oddly luxury, like Iglu-Dorf.  Iglu-Dorf is exactly what it sounds like-it is an igloo in the Swiss Alps where skiers and visitors can stay in an actual igloo!  The concept is very exotic and well, obviously cool.

This igloo hotel is perched at high altitudes (2,700 meters above sea level) above Zermatt, in the Swiss Alps.  Everyone knows the Swiss Alps are an excellent skiing destination, but now they also offer the exotic experience of sleeping in an actual igloo. 

Exotic Destinations: Meet Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Move over Mickey Mouse, the world’s fastest theme park is set to make history in 2010, in the form of “Ferrari World”.  We even like the way the words feel rolling off of our tongues…Ferrari World. 

The only unfortunate thing about Ferrari World so far is that it is so far…away.   Ferrari World is located in Abu Dhabi, which is no problem save the fact that it is on the opposite side of the planet. 

Ask Imagine: Girl’s Weekend in South Beach

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

Hello!  My boyfriend and I have rented one of your Lamborghinis in the past, and we loved every minute!  In a couple of weeks my girlfriends and I are coming down from New York for an all-girls weekend.  While we will not be renting a car this time, we would like your opinion on where to stay, where to dine and definitely where to party.

We want to stay in a luxury hotel with an ocean view, a spa and a fitness center.  Those are the “must haves” on our list; any other amenities will be considered bonuses.  What hotel do you suggest for a girls weekend?


Alexis, New York

Dubai Announces $18 Billion Dollar “Sunny Mountain Ski Dome”, the First of Its Kind

Dubai Ski Resort There will soon be a fresh new way to cool off in the Middle East-via an $1 billion dollar ski resort.  Yes, the government and private sector partnership in Dubai has announced its plans to bring the winter sport experience to Dubai.  Dubai is famous for its excess-luxury hotels, exotic rental cars, exquisite cuisine, and now it is about to add even more indulgence.

Plans include an oversized ski dome set to rise from Dubai’s mega tourism development project-Dubailand.  The project is called “Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski Dome”, and it is the first of its kind in the Middle East.