The UAE Exotic Car Run Appears Promising

Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit In addition to the Gumball and the Arab Run, exotic and luxury car fans can now relish the Royal Drive.  This exotic racing event will feature up to 60 of the best exotic cars, including big boys Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes SLR 722S, Lamborghini LP670-4 SV, Gemballa Porsche Carrera GT Mirage lapping the Yas Marina Circuit. 

Exotic Cuisine: Beijing’s Phenomenal Phallus Feast

Guo-Li-Zhuang Beijing ChinaIn the area of exotic cuisine, it takes a lot to surprise us at Imagine Lifestyles.  We love watching the Travel Channel, including Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and Andrew Zimmern’s “Bizarre Foods”.  Meet Guo-Li-Zhuang, Beijing’s luxury restaurant that caters to the elite-by serving several types of pricey penises and testicles.

Aimed at the curious, the connoisseur and the health conscious, this luxury Chinese restaurant specializes in serving up the penises of horses, yaks, dogs, bulls, ducks and rare specimens to those who can afford it.  Note that a meal at Guo-Li-Zhuang is well into the hundreds, with delicacies such as Canadian seal penis costing upwards of $400 (this order must be placed in advance).

Ask Imagine: Culinary Curiosity

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I read your luxury blog daily and love the variety of information you provide, especially the luxury restaurant tips for our area. 

That is actually how I discovered your blog, I had been searching for restaurants in Miami that I may not be aware exist, and found your blog about Nobu Sushi.  The added bonus is that you also cover exotic cars, which I love nearly as much as exotic food.  The content variety is awesome and a nice lunchtime read for me at the office.

Anyways, I am writing to get your take on the South Beach Food and Wine Festival this weekend, is it something to just stop by, or to plan on devoting the entire weekend to? 

Thanks guys you are awesome,
Tomas, South Beach

Star-Studded South Beach Wine & Food Festival Approaches

If you live or are planning to be in the Miami area this weekend, the 2010 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Food & Wine is on.  The Wine & Food festival will take place Thursday, February 25 through Sunday, February 28th.  Read on to find out why it is a “can’t miss”.

Some of the most well-respected and recognized industry principals will again congregate in Miami Beach to educate and entertain the thousands of fans of this annual event. 

Why Renting Can Trump Owning Exotic Cars, Boats, Planes and Properties-From the Experts in Luxury Rentals

There are many upsides to renting exotic toys such as luxury cars, boats, planes and even vacation homes as opposed to owning them.  Let us fill you in on the perks.

Renting luxury items is ideal for many people; even people who can afford to own the items.  It is a common misconception that renting an exotic car, or a luxury condo rental signifies that person cannot afford to own one-that is simply not the case.  Many who travel often, or who are savvy, opt to rent luxury items for many reasons.

Preview for the 2010 Ferrari Challenge

For our fellow Ferrari fans, the details for the anticipated 2010 Ferrari challenge are out via the calendar with communications to all Ferrari Challenge drivers, dealers and teams.  Here is what to expect this year.

There will be 6 events in North America plus International finals.  In total, there will be 12 North American races, contested over 6 event weekends, followed by the International finals in November.  The International finals will count towards the Championship, as usual. 2010 Ferrari Challenge Approaches

Coconut Grove Arts Festival This Weekend

Coconut Grove Arts Festival This Saturday, February 13th, will mark the 47th annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival.  The event will take place in beautiful Coconut Grove, Florida, from February 13th-15th.   Hours for the festival are 10am-6pm all three days.

The Lingerie Bowl-The Super Bowl’s Favored Halftime Show

What is hotter than a girl who loves football?  How about a model that plays football, during Super BMiami Lingerie Bowl Teams owl halLingerie Bowl Teams Competeftime, in front of millions of viewers-in her lingerie.  Yes, the Lingerie Bowl began in 2004 at Super Bowl XXXVIII, and its popularity is literally on the rise. 

This tradition is as hot as the Victoria Secret Super Bowl commercials.  The girls are scorching on the field, sporting sexy little nothings and looking absolutely adorable with the football face paint.  We are curious how many viewers are actually keeping score, or if anyone bets on their favorite team.  Is it possible to have a favorite team?  We like them all. 

Imagine Lifestyles Announces Chicago Luxury Rentals Grand Opening

Imagine Lifestyles luxury rentals is thrilled to announce our recent expansion into the Chicago area.  Imagine Lifestyles is the premier source for luxury car rentals, yacht charter, aircraft charter and luxury property rentals in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and now Chicago.  Chicago is a premier world city, and we are pleased to become a part of it.