Luxury Events: The World’s Greatest Catwalk Slinks Closer

With fashion season smoldering, the chatter has turned its attention to the rapidly approaching “WWorld's Greatest Catwalk Logoorld’s Greatest Catwalk”, set to strut its sultry stuff on August 14th.  This luxury event will start at 3pm, culminating Copenhagen’s Fashion Week for summer of 2010.  So what makes this fashion show unique?

Luxury Fraud-Can You Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Handbag?

Designer imposters have been around as long as the designers themselves, it seems.  It is one thing to intentionally purchase a designer knock-off because you cannot afford the authentic version, but it is quite another to be duped into spending your hard-earned money on a fake Louis Vuitton handbag that you thought was the real deal (or a real deal).  

Yes, whether the item in question is jewelry, handbags, or how to spot a fake Rolex watch, we have seen it all here in Miami.  Here are some helpful ways to decipher the key differences between an authentic Louis Vuitton and an imposter:

Oh Oscar!

As one of the three major protégés of Baron de Gunzburg, the others being Bill Blass and Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta is a design force to be reckoned with. Launching his own luxury label in the late 1960's, de la Renta has been awarded, honored, acclaimed and even does philanthropy. Oscar de la Renta holds the key to a classic sophistication that has majorly been lost on generation X. Adored by all, de la Renta is ever-expanding his empire. Encompassing accessories and beyond, his pretty designs cost more then a pretty penny. Take for instance, his new Alligator Bow Clutch which retails for $8,690. The Bow Clutch has a leather lining, inside side pockets and an optional chain strap. The classicism we love from de la Renta for day or night, ladies if you can afford this clutch then go for it. This is one bag that will last forever!

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Fendi Flower Power for Summer

For an accessory with some summer pop, look to the Floral Box Clutch by Fendi. The Fendi clutch is flirty fun for summer. The flower detailing is cotton, hand stitched and painted onto a satin bag. The Floral Box Clutch sports a Fendi-double F-clip clasp and the shoulder chain is detachable. Giving the Floral Fendi Clutch the distinct ability to go from day to night flawlessly and empowering you with more fashion freedom!  In short: feminine flirty by day and sophisticated romance by night, all for $1,498 at Fendi. Flowers are a big deal right now and this Fendi clutch is a steal, comparartively speaking. Guys don't buy your girls a bouquet buy them a flower bag!

Louis Vuitton Moves into the 21st Century

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton is stepping it up on cyberspace. Although the company has had internet presence since November 2007, Louis Vuitton has finally realized the massive market potential of the world wide web. While internet promotions may take edge off the exclusivity factor, it is vital for Louis Vuitton to boost stagnate sales and profit. As part of the fresh internet campaign, LV has released its first designer bag that is online before it's even in stores. The 18.5" x 13.4" x 8.3" Monogram Tote retails for $1,100 and will only be available online until June 1. In all honestly the tote is nothing special, very boring actually.  We have seen much better bags come from Louis Vuitton, we don’t understand the blandness but, at least, we can say welcome to the 21st Century. LV has additionally jumped on the Twitter craze. A Louis Vuitton press release promised that the Vuitton Twitter feed would inform followers of new product information and upcoming events. If Louis Vuitton isn’t on facebook yet we are sure they will have a page up there soon enough. Good luck cyber surfing Louis Vuitton!

Fashion Gold on Lincoln Road South Beach Miami

A  luxury clothing retail store worth shopping on Lincoln Road is Alchemist. Alchemist is one of the select few retail store with high-end designer labels worth looking at. The store is chic and, thankfully, in touch with New York fashion. Alchemist features Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Jil Sander, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Dior Homme, Herve Leger, The Row, Luis Morais, Chloe, Libertine and others. The store is a one-stop shop for women and men's gear, footwear and accessories. Currently, Alchemist has the Delfina Delettrez jewelry collection, pretty priceless considering the rest of her collection sits in the Louvre.

The store has a chilled-out, airy feel, complete with couch and flat screen t.v's in the fitting rooms. You will get what you pay for, which in this case is a good thing. From vintage 80s Chanel jewelry to sexy swimwear, Alchemist is on point. Alchemist is a rare find on Lincoln Road, where it's possible to spend a fortune on garbage. A good portion of clothing stores on Lincoln carry knock-offs, Ed Hardy bejeweled crap and dated fashion, it's pretty pathetic. If you don't have an eye for fashion then be very careful on Lincoln or just go to Alchemist. The science of Alchemy is to convert base metals into gold, Alchemist is just fashion gold.

Watch Your Toes Louboutin!

Watch it Christian Louboutin! We are going gaga over British high heel-architect Nicholas Kirkwood. Kirkwood is the man behind the Pollini collection and he is keeping heels in high fashion. With snakeskin heels, structured leather and gloriously high jagged platforms, red soles have some stiff competition ahead. Kirkwood just did the shoes for the Rodarte Spring runway show, we like-y!