Martini Porsche 918

The latest round of Porsche 918 spy shots show the iconic car wrapped in Martini racing livery. The black and white version of the racing livery left some to mentally picture the look in full color, as you can see from the black and white video lower in the post. The colors are very vibrant and capture the historical hues intended.

 Martini Porsche Livery

Porsche released this round of photos recently, featuring the same Martini theme in traditional red, navy and cerulean colors.

Custom Veyron Challenges 1,000 Horsepower McLaren

Bugatti of Beverly Hills has seen the rival 1,000 horsepower McLaren, and raised it a custom Veyron. Determined not to be outdone, it appears Bugatti is taking no chances, and no prisoners in this power war! Meet the Grand Sport Vitesse Veyron. It is now closer to production ready, and set to make an official debut!

Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

The powerful McLaren F1 successor may show off at Pebble Beach. The 1,200 hp Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse will be there!

Porsche 918 Spyder Crashes Private Party

It is quite common to bring a bottle of wine or perhaps some quality cheese to a shindig, so imagine the delight of partygoers when Porsche rolled out their party favor: a 918 Spyder concept! During a very private soiree at Canoe Studios in New York, the company unveiled the 918 RSR Spyder concept to an elite list of guests! Perhaps this little pretty will be joining our fleet of Porsche convertible rentals?

Porsche 918 concept

Porsche crashes party

Video Gold: 2013 Audi R8 on the Track

Photos of exotic sports cars like the Audi R8 are amazing, but sometimes we just have a primal need to see them in action and hear those glorious engine roars. Enjoy the clip below of the 2013 R8 ripping it up at the track! The 8 and 10 cylinder soundtracks are acoustic gold. Video at bottom of post.

2013 Audi R8

The 2013 Audi R8 update has met with approval! With just a few tweaks under the hood, Audi has left the gorgeous body pretty much untouched.

BMW Takes Direct Approach Online

In an unusual move, BMW is offering online discounts for those wishing to purchase the new ‘i’ sub-brand vehicles. This is a unique and bold move in the luxury auto industry, which typically leaves these endeavors to the dealerships.


A direct online sales platform for BMW’s new I sub-brand

Video: Bugatti Veyrons Get the Bronze in Monaco and Geneva

When you mix masses of money with a love of exotic cars, the result is often intriguing: like this bronze Bugatti Veyron spied in Monaco! This car reminded me of the bronze and polished aluminum beauty from the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, see video below. While most Bugatti cars are unique to some degree and all manage to stand out like a sore thumb, these bronze examples leaves an audible impact in their wake!

Bugatti Veyron Grandsport Vitesse in bronze

Supercar owners go to extremes to make their exclusive machines even more unique. Hey, no one likes a copycat. Above is the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse in bronze and aluminum.

Aston Martin V12 Zagato: There Can Be Just 101

Aston Martin has been diligently marketing the hot new V12 Zagato, and recently revealed that they will make just 101 examples of the sports car. Initially, there were to be 150 units made by the UK carmaker, but it seems that sales failed to skyrocket as hoped.

Aston Martin V12 Zagato

Which will fare better, the V12 Vantage or the V12 Zagato (Pictured above).

The Lamborghini Prototype Center is Cool

Leave it to Lamborghini to create an awesome center designed specifically for churning out exotic prototypes! Located in Emiliana, Lamborghini’s center for prototyping and assembly is environmentally friendly and takes technology to the next level.

Lamborghini Prototype Development Center

Pictured above are some important and instrumental people involved in the opening new Prototype Development Center: The Minister of the Environment, Land and Sea, President and CEO Paola Gazzolo, and the Mayor of Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Mercedes Joins the Bandwagon: Look Out Ferrari FF Hatchback!

Mercedes is literally joining the bandwagon with the new AMG E63 AMG! The Ferrari FF wagon might have nabbed the shock appeal, but this Mercedes concept is still garnering its fair share of attention! Are exotic hatches the family car of the future?

Mercedes E63 AMG

A wagon style car with paddle shifters? Squint and you will see the AMG cues

Audi Electrifies Nurburgring—Captures Fastest Lap

Audi has achieved accolade nirvana with the fastest electric lap around the famed Nurburgring with its R8 e-tron! The brand certainly has much to celebrate in terms of recent success, with both a win at Le Mans via a diesel-electric hybrid racecar and the all-out speed of the e-tron.

 Audi e-Tron

The R8 e-tron hits the market at the end of the year