Self-Propelled BMW 5-Series Sedan Scours Germany!

BMW may soon subtract the driver from the equation entirely, though it is purely a preference thing! Ever the daily-driver luxury car, a BMW or BMW rental was unquestionably intended to drive. So why would the company transform the driver into a co-pilot of sorts?

Self-Driving BMW 5 Series

Self-Driving BMW 5 Series

Top 10 Luxury Concept Car Designs from the Geneva Auto Show

This year’s Geneva Auto Show unleashed the usual rounds of new and improved luxury cars, and a few of the bizarre exotic cars that we love!  From sophisticated classic styles to innovative luxury hybrid cars, the show was a success. 

Without further ado, here are the top 10 most interesting luxury concept cars from the Geneva Auto Show this year:

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

1.  BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

BMW i3 – The MegaCity Luxury Hybrid Evolves

BMW i3 Concept Luxury Hybrid

Previously I shared new information about the all-new BMWi series, and as promised here is further information about the BMW i3 (next will be the BMW i8).  The BMW i3 is a luxury hybrid, previously known as the MegaCity electric BMW (follow link for more info on MegaCity concept).

BMW Efficient Dynamics Vision

*BMW Efficient Dynamics vision

The BMW i3 is a shiny example of what is called ‘purpose design’, meaning it is not an adaption of something already in existence, but an entirely new luxury car concept.  BMW has remained relatively mum on exact engine specs thus far, focusing instead on the collective “i” brand, but a few need-to-know details have been leaked. I am sure this will make an incredible addition to a fleet of BMW rental cars.

BMW i8 Plug-in Luxury Hybrid Electrifies

BMW i8 Plug-in Luxury Hybrid

The new BMW i sub-brand is creating quite the current...of both electricity and attention!  The BMW i brand consists of two models thus far, the BMW i3 covered previously, and the i8.  The BMW i8 is a plug-in luxury hybrid providing the efficiency of an electric vehicle paired with impressive fuel efficiency, both without sacrificing the sports car-esqe performance that BMW fans desire. I am sure Leonardo Dicaprio is ready to trade in his Prius for this hybrid.  This BMW hybrid is sure to be added to a fleet of Los Angeles luxury rental cars

BMW Launches Techy, Green, Sub-Brand & Venture Fund-Meet BMW i

BMW i Brand

BMW, one of our favorite luxury and exotic rental car brands, is introducing a new sub-brand that is geared toward a sustainable and greener future.  This green sub-brand is also driving venture capital funds.

Dubbed ‘BMW i’, the sub-brand has been designed to integrate the concepts of luxury and sustainability, an endeavor many luxury auto brands are working toward currently.  The slogan “Born electric” will be attached to BMW i, and it will feature BMW concepts, alternative drive trains, electric BMWs and BMW hybrids that have been in the works since 2007.