Can the LM2 Streamliner Concept Top the Fastest Cars?

There is a new speed demon in town: The 1,700-HP LM2 Streamliner supercar has arrived on the scene with bold claims that perhaps have the leaders of speed experiencing a touch of trepidation! Just a small percentage of startup supercar brands ever survive from concepting to production before being shutdown–but the LM2 Streamliner appears to be on a rather streamlined path to just that.

But will the LM2 Streamliner, a product of Lyons Motor Car of New York City, be a capable rival to the likes of Hennessey, Bugatti, Pagani or Koenigsegg? Let us take a look at what she offers in the power arena: read more

After Nixing Hybrid Rumors Lamborghini Urus SUV Could be Charged with Battery

Lamborghini Urus SUV

Lamborghini has rocked an SUV in the past–think way back to the LM001 and LM002. For the past two years teasers of the potential Lamborghini Urus SUV have been out, leaving all to grapple at a comeback and also to wonder what powertrain it would pack upon release. Those questions remain unanswered, but with increasing speculation of a hybrid Lamborghini SUV on the horizon.

The theory of the Lamborghini Urus SUV hitting production as a hybrid certainly makes sense with the plethora of battery and electric powered supercars already on the scene. Taking in the big picture, luxury SUVs have made a healthy comeback and hybrids are now increasing in popularity. It then makes perfect sense that a hybrid SUV would not be a terribly risky move on the part of the Raging Bull, so what exactly is the holdup? Tentative 2017 production for the Urus has been released, but things like that often change. read more

McLaren 675LT Track-Focused Teasers Emerge

McLaren has been busy taunting the next beast prior to the Geneva Motor Show reveal. The McLaren 675LT is poised to challenge the next-generation of Ferrari supercars and other leading competitors with the devilish rumble of a 666-note exhaust (the number of horses the nice lady packs in her stables). Check out the sound clip below:

The short video clip above gives a teaser on the sound of the upcoming McLaren 675LT track-focused monster is not a bad way to spend 10 seconds. Fun fact: The ‘LT’ on the name stands for longtail read more

What Future May Come: The Nissan R36 GT-R Gears Up for 2018

Nissan R36 GT-R

While it is still quite early in the concept phase, the Nissan R36 GT-R is gearing up for a possible 2018 reveal and possible 2019 model year. The minds behind the project are so elated by her that they cannot seem to keep secrets, revealing that she will boast a hybrid powertrain and other tidbits.

The next generation of the Nissan GT-R shall be badass in both the looks and power departments. It will likely look much like the Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo. 

Head of design for Nissan, Shiro Nakamura, gushed to the lads of Top Gear about the Nissan R36 GT-R recently. The current Nissan R35 GT-R has enjoyed success for around ten years now, indicating a healthy market for her successor. The R35 is not rolling into history just yet, however, as updated versions are still slated for market for the next few years until a replacement is complete and prepared to compete. read more

Is the W70 Concept Just a LaFerrari Copy?

W70 concept

The burning question regarding the recently revealed W70 concept is this: Is it ok to pretty much copy the design cues of a big brand, switch up the engine and attempt to sell it? Recently we covered the LandWind X7 from China that may as well be a carbon copy of the Range Rover Evoque. The other little number making headlines is the W70 concept, which closely mimics the LaFerrari. Has integrity been replaced by the unimaginative, and is there an emerging market for high-end forgeries?

This is the accused: A LaFerrari forgery that has the automotive circuits chirping online. Some love it and others hate it–either way, the brave company has certainly attracted attention. read more

Get Sweet on the Alfa Romeo SUV

Alfa Romeo SUV

The Alfa Romeo SUV is slated to appear in showrooms as early as 2016—yet few teasers and details have emerged on the strange specimen. At this point in the game, we can merely see some Maserati-based mules out testing and make our best guesses at potential powertrain options. There are also some sexy renderings, but they may not convey the actual end result when it comes to outward appearances.

The Alfa Romeo SUV may be worth getting sweet on. It looks like a crossover body with distinctive sports car curb appeal. read more

The Painfully Gorgeous 2025 Bugatti Aerolithe Concept

Bugatti Aerolithe concept

The one-off 1935 Bugatti Aerolithe concept was one of the single most beautiful dream machines in automobile history. Auto designer Douglas Hogg is focused on bringing sexy back with a possible 2025 Bugatti Aerolithe concept. The renderings reveal the same tantalizing minty hues but a dramatic and futuristic appearance that still offers plenty of nods to its predecessor.

The 2025 Bugatti Aerolithe concept

The 1935 Bugatti Aerolithe concept

This is one of those exotic car concepts that would be a dream come true if it ever hit production. To better grasp the level of awe this concept inspires–let’s travel back in time to appreciate the inspiration: read more

More Details Emerge for the BMW i8S Centenary Supercar


The BMW centenary supercar will celebrate 100 years of future-focused German engineering. To ring in the enormous milestone, BMW is touting a special-edition centenary supercar. Rather than label it an i9 model, word is that it will be dubbed the BMW i8S and share that platform with added perks.

The BMW i8S is coming to celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday. While the festivities likely will not be quite as lavish as those of Maserati or Aston Martin, a new supercar offering is always a plus. read more

The Electric Supercar Concept You May Not Know About: Meet Lavinia

Lavinia electric supercar

Hailing from Sicily, the Lavinia electric supercar concept boasts a sultry shape and ample power. The newcomer coupe is said to be capable of churning out 800 horsepower, though exact engine specifications are not available this early in her concepting phase. Thus far, there are impressive claims and a very attractive fiberglass body to praise. The rear view is a bit awkward–though it is still early and that could be altered for the better.

The Lavinia electric supercar concept could reach production because it has the right specs and appearances to compete in the market.  read more

Citroen Divine DS: Small SUV or Chubby Sedan?

Citroen Divine DS

Check out the new Citroen Divine DS concept. It is quite an eclectic ride, with everything from reptile inspired scales to a complete lack of a rear window. But to begin, what the hell is it? Is it a chubby sedan, a smallish SUV or something entirely divine?

The Citroen Divine DS concept took the stage at the 2014 Paris Auto Show. It is not yet known if this little number will ever reach production, but it has reached the masses at the show.

The Citroen Divine DS does not look terrible. And as far as power, it is packing a diminutive 1.6-liter turbocharged engine kicking forth 270 bhp and 244 pound-feet of torque. Oddly, the Divine DS lacks any trace of Citroen badging. It is not clear why they opted to forgo the brand fuss. read more