Jay Leno Dishes on Buying His McLaren

Jay Leno is known for his extensive, impressive, and well-maintained celebrity luxury car collection (follow link for more info on Jay's cars along with the top 5 celebrity car collections listed there).  Recently he has spilled about his McLaren purchase:

Anything McLaren builds, I like,” Leno stated.  “I’ve got one of the original McLaren F1s, so I was anxious to place my order for an MP4-12C, the latest supercar out of Woking.”

Jay Leno McLaren

Jay Leno at McLaren

A Luxury Gas Station for Your Luxury Car

Luxury Gas Station Italy

Luxury fueling station Italy

Italy now offers a unique option to fill up on:  a luxury gas station!  Now those who own luxury cars do not have to worry about the gas nozzle penetrating their $100,000 and up exotics right after it filled up a $5,000 clunker.  Located in Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy, this is a gas station looking to lure the luxe types.

Do not own a car worthy?  Pull in behind the wheel of a luxury car rental and scope out the place if you are in Italy!  Do not forget to send the pics and videos to Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals!

Inside the Bentley Wood Shop

*See video above for a 4 minute tour of the Bentley wood shop, including inside details and interesting luxury facts about what goes on behind the scenes, and what goes into each Bentley luxury car!

 Bentley’s wood shop is a seamless blend of human craftsmanship and high technology.  The exotic wood veneers gracing each Bentley are the result of many hours of devoted passion for the end product, and could literally give you wood.  Every Bentley, Bentley rental Miami, and the new Bentley Mulsanne are stunning examples of the brand’s serious dedication to superior interior luxury. 

40-Proof Chocolate Milk-A Childhood Favorite Gets A Grown-Up Twist

40 Proof Chocolate Milk

We at Imagine Lifestyles love to read Urban Daddy, and find their stories fabulous, like the 40-proof chocolate milk now available online.  Essentially adult chocolate milk, this vodka-laced carton can be easily acquired online for just $23.99 whenever you are feeling nostalgic for a childhood treat. 

$20,000 Toys? The Top 5 Custom Golf Carts

Escalade Custom Golf Cart

When you want to play like a high-roller, luxury toys are where it’s at!  A customized luxury golf cart can amplify even the typically classic game of golf.  Imagine sliding from behind the wheel of your Porsche or luxury rental car, and into a fun Porsche golf cart for your next nine holes!  Here are some of the most fun luxury golf carts:

New Apple iPhone 4 Generates Static Around the World

New Apple iPhone 4As every tech geek and gadget stalker is well aware of, the new iPhone 4 came out yesterday, which means there were likely a lot of sick days called in.  Yes, drones of Apple lovers (and I am not referring to Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter) endured the sweltering heat in many parts of the country today, waiting in lines that wrapped neatly around city blocks.

Hundreds waited outside of Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York hoping to wrap their paws around the iPhone 4, in all it’s technological glory.  I feel that some people would stand in line without food, water or encouragement for an iPhone, but wonder if they would do the same for a shiny new Ferrari F430 Spider or other luxury rental car

Luxury Shopping & Spending Making a Comeback

Don’t worry, keep spending.  This certainly seems to be the message communicated recently, based on encouraging jumps in the luxury spending department.Tiffany & Co Luxury Spending

Yes, it seems that luxury shopping and spending are indeed making a comeback, with affluent buyers regaining confidence.  Another issue that has kept the wealthy from spending has been the fear of ‘conspicuous consumption’, with the economy in shambles it has been rather frowned upon to be seen spending ‘obscene’ amounts of money on luxury items.

Luxury Rental Item of the Week: The Cessna Citation Jet CJ1

This week Imagine Lifestyles is highlighting our Cessna Citation CJ1, a private jet charter falling into the lightweight jet category.  This is an ideal private aircraft charter for smaller groups, going shorter distances.
Cessna CJ1 Private Jet Charter
Labeled as the “aircraft of choice” for short-range business and corporate jet charters, the CJ1 Citation charter delivers the ultimate in luxury while simultaneously providing seamless and stress-free trips. 

This private luxury air charter is ideal for short business trips, small family vacations and a variety of other needs.  This luxury jet seats five to seven passengers comfortably, and was designed and engineered with the passenger in mind, to deliver and exceed expectations.