Most Expensive: iPad Comes in Gold & Diamonds

Unless you are completely out of the loop, you are already aware of the fuss Apple’s latest inventionGold & Diamond iPad Case by Goldstiker, the iPad, has been generating.  Well, if you are bored with it, or feel that you need to drop more money on your iPad, know that Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International has solved that problem for you by creating a diamond-encrusted 22k gold shell for Apple iPads.

The Betsy Hotel South Beach-Simply Elegant

When it comes to South Beach hotels, the Betsy Hotel certainly portrays poise and elegance, located in the famed Art Deco district on Ocean Drive.  This is a luxury hotel, upscale restaurant, lavish poolside bar and exotic garden spa all in one location.
The Betsy Hotel South Beach
There are 63 elegantly appointed rooms at the Betsy, all of which are private, beachside jewels with elaborate and creative design, and of course, every modern amenity.   The décor is decidedly tropical, yet not tacky.  A main attraction is the courtyard pool, where you can indulge in delectable specialty cocktails that will melt away your every worry.  Light fare is offered poolside.

Chicago, Top 3 Shopping Districts where Luxury Shopping is at its best.

Oak Street- Oak Street is known as the most prestigious and high end shopping street and district in the entire Midwest.  What makes it so great for Chicagoans is that you have the variety of Michigan Avenue, which is literally only 5 steps away, yet without all of the tourist crowds and commotion.  Oak Street has some of the most affluent big names such as Prada and Pratesi as well as popular clothing stores such as BCBG and Juicy Couture.  Barney’s New York has their new and improved location at the western end of the strip and other luxurious notables are David Yurman, Hermes, and Vera Wang.  It is definitely the best shopping location to see and be seen, and to enjoy the beauty of Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Sunseeker Manhattan Charter, 75-Feet of Fun!

For those who know, a luxury yacht is quite possibly the most divine and complete escape from reality available.  For those who do not, allow us to introduce the 75-foot Sunseeker Manhattan, one of the best luxury sports yacht charters available.
75-Foot Sunseeker Manhattan Luxury Sport Yacht Charter
Sunseeker is one of the most trusted brands in the luxury yacht industry, and has been around for decades “wowing” the world with their engineering and design.  Sunseeker is such a popular brand that you can see Sunseeker yachts peppered throughout the intracoastal waterways of South Florida, and in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  We are certain the brand is every bit as popular overseas, too!

Just Store Your Lambo in Your Living Room, Like this Guy

There is definitely a sense of pride that accompanies the ownership of an exotic car, like a Ferrari, LaKRE House Lamborghini Garagemborghini, Maserati and the like.  This pride can often evolve into an extremely creative idea by an owner, like a man in Tokyo who hired designer Takyua Tsuchida to transform his home into a display for his exotic cars. 

His main request?  That the Lamborghini be visible from the living room.  And with the push of a button, the Lambo can actually enter the living room.  We like the way this guy thinks, we would rather watch our plasma screen T.V.'s from the comfort of our...Lamborghini. 

Imagine Lifestyles Announces Chicago Luxury Rentals Grand Opening

Imagine Lifestyles luxury rentals is thrilled to announce our recent expansion into the Chicago area.  Imagine Lifestyles is the premier source for luxury car rentals, yacht charter, aircraft charter and luxury property rentals in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and now Chicago.  Chicago is a premier world city, and we are pleased to become a part of it.

Top 10 Most Expensive Entrees, Drinks and Desserts in the World

Expensive Restaurant ItemsThe culinary world of the rich and famous is fascinating, in regards to the entrees, drinks, desserts, and of course, the outrageous prices.  As culinary explorers, join us on an epic journey through some of the world’s most expensive entrée, beverage and dessert items.  It is nothing but the best for our fans.

Imagine Lifestyles Attends North American Introduction For the 2011 Lexus LFA Supercar

Legendary classic “supercars” such as Lamborghini and Ferrari now have another competitor to fear, and from an unlikely source-Lexus.

On October 20th, Lexus introduced its first attempt at a supercar ever, the Lexus LFA-at the Tokyo Motor Show.  The same evening, Imagine Lifestyles was invited to the exclusive North American introduction for the LFA, held in South Beach. There were fewer than 15 press members invited to the North American introduction for the 2011 Lexus LFA, and Imagine Lifestyles is honored to have been among them.

2011 Lexus LFA Homestead

The Lexus LFA supercar at Homestead track

Still Hard To Swallow-$1.3 Million Dollar Bottle of Russo-Baltique Vodka

1 Million Dollar VodkaThis is definitely not a round you want to pick up the tab for-because a single solitary bottle of Russo-Baltique Vodka, yes vodka, has a staggering price tag of approximately $1.3 million smackaroos.  I know we covered this last year, but we are still astounded and felt a compulsion (and possibly revulsion) to revisit the subject. What can we say, money fascinates us.

Top 5 Luxury Car Options-What Tickles Your Fancy?

While we all wish our vehicle was secretly a transformer, there are certain luxury amenities that are not so far out of reach.  Our current top 5 picks for add-on options include:

Ejection Seats•    Ejection seats
•    Limo window front and back
•    Separate LCD flat screens For each passenger area
•    Backseat refrigerator
•    A button to instantly tint the windows to invisible while parked