The Holiday Gift for the Man Who Already Has Everything: Vicuna Wool Robe

Here we go, don't know what to get your billionaire boyfriend this holiday season? We do, it's the Derek Rose dressing gown known to the joe-shmoes of the world as a robe. Now this is no ordinary robe, it is a luxurious splurge for those of you that can still afford to splurge. Selfridges department store is unapologetically catering to the ultra-affluent people of the world with items like the Derek Rose dressing gown. For a cool $22,290, the robe is the priciest bed gear known to man. Why you ask, does a robe cost $22k? It's called Vicuna wool, one of the most exquisite and rarest types of wool in the world. A Vicuna is cousin to the Llama but produces much less but extremely fine wool. A Vicuna is an endangered species that now lives only in captivity in the Peruvian highlands and the animal can only be shorn every two years. Just think your man could wear it all Christmas day, heck he might wear it everyday to get his money's worth. Then again, if you're buying the Derek Rose dressing gown in the first place, money is obviously no object. He will probably wear it once or twice and then lose it in the closet but it's still a good idea for the man who already has everything!

How To Grow Up and Do a Tuxedo Justice

Yes, we said buy because unless you’re 17 years old and rolling to prom, renting is no longer an option. This is a quicky guide for fashionably challenged men that don't speak Calvin Klein, Prada or Tom Ford. Also for the ladies who don't know jack about dressing their men. People a tuxedo is not a bad thing, do not be afraid of the tuxedo. The tuxedo has been fashionable since 1886, you can't say that about your Nike dunks no matter how cool you think they are. Thus, it should never be a chore to wear one, they are gentlemanly and classic and every woman is attracted to a good tux. With the right tuxedo you can take on the world or at least a room, but you need to understand a few things about yourself first. Are you a bow tie or regular tie guy? Do you even know what a peak-lapel versus a shawl-collar means? We say the tux must always be tailored to fit like a glove. The shirt must be white, the shoulders sharp and the black tie, very black but lets start at the beginning.

Bow ties are back in. If don't feel daring or just don't dare to be an attention grabber then opt for the basic black tux and white shirt. Keep the shirt fitted slim because when you chuck the jacket you do not want to look like a pirate. Dior Homme makes a good slim-fitted shirt for $495. If you don't know your lapels then go with a notch lapel, it makes less of a statement than a shawl or peak lapel. Notch lapels resemble a more classical suit jacket and tend to flatter more men than not.




If you are going for something a little different, we said a little different, than convention. A midnight blue tux hits an alternative, but still classic, note without getting all tacky. Generally, wear the midnight blue suit, not light blue monstrosity, with a white shirt and black tie. Unless you still want to be different, which in that case, you can do a black formalwear shirt, open at the collar. There are good versions of this tux by Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Neil Barrett, and D&G. If midnight blue just isn't your color then go for a black velvet jacket, not the full suit guys but just the jacket and keep the rest of the suit simple. Velvet doesn't work in summer, it looks silly.  Equally not to be done in summer is the white dinner jacket. If you are going for Old Hollywood, think Clark Gables or Cary Grant, then master the white dinner jacket. Best to be worn from March through October, always with black pants and especially around mint juleps. If you want a more modern look then opt for an understated take on a two-button tuxedo.  The two-button tuxedo will be good for almost any formal occasion. Calvin Klein makes a great looking moder tuxedo for $1,195, Tom Ford makes a swankier version for $6,840.

Your tuxedo should be the focal point, not you cuff links so keep them understated. If you need a little more color in your life then go for a pale pink or dusty blue shirt. We are not talking brights or pastels here, but a few shades off white. The colored shirt is a good wardrobe for avid tuxedo wearers, it will help mixup the black and white monotony.

As for footwear, the shoes should always be black, period. We say keep the shoes simple too, no wingtips or monkstraps. Just basic good old-fashioned black leather lace-ups or slip-ons. If your black tie affair is ultra fancy then go for black patent leather kicks. Top it all off with a simple watch that has a black band. We like Chopard's for $10,690 but as long as the watch isn't flashing the time, you should be alright.

Take our tuxedo advice and you will be debonair and put together at your next black tie affair. Don't scoff at the tuxedo, embrace it because it's not going out of style in the near future. Good luck guys and may a Barney's sales associate always be with you.

Functional Art for Your Home: Design Radius Wine Racks

If don't have a cavernous wine cellar in the basement, try a more modernistic and elegant approach. We found these minimalist Wine Racks by Michael Rösing of Design Radius.  The wine rack holds 12 wine bottles and or champagne bottles. We know 12 bottles doesn't really cut a collection, so buy several and hang them next to each other.  Fill your racks with a beautiful collection of bottles, show off a little and voile functional wall art.

The rack comes in brushed stainless steel or in powder coated steel in white or black finishes. The racks will make perfect housewarming or holiday gifts. The Wine Rack is $74 a piece which ensures it to be the cheapest art you ever buy.

How To Swallow A Million Dollars: Russo-Baltique Vodka

Russo Baltiq Vodka

Would you drink a million dollars? If you're a Prince, oil heiress or just uber-rich now you can drink a million in just one bottle. Yes a million for a bottle of Russo-Baltique Vodka, actually $1.3 million a bottle to be exact. Oh and this one's not for charity or anything, just some serious vodka for the seriously wealthy. The bottle comes from Russian car maker Russo-Baltique, or Russo-Balt, hence the car-headlight-esque shaped bottle. Plus, Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan who is also an oil heiress gave some pointers in creation. Prince Albert gets the first bottle of Russo-Baltique Vodka, for no particular reason except that he is Prince Albert.  Oh the privileged life is a good one. Here's to hoping it tastes a little better then rubbing alcohol at that price tag.

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Alexander McQueen likes his Scotch: Holiday Gift Ideas

British multi-faceted and famed designer Alexander McQueen has focused on premium scotch and whisky for this holiday season. McQueen has designed a limited edition "couture" bottle of Chivas Regal 18-Year-Old Gold Signature Scotch.

McQueen's scotch bottle has royal blue leather detailing and is crowned with a hand-enameled blue, red and gold cap. "You can see my signature 'stamp' with the blue leather 'dress' and the Union Jack colors. I have created a rare collector's item that those with an eye for design will want to keep, said McQueen to Vogue UK.

There will only be 2,000 McQueen Chivas Regal Gold Signature Scotch bottles, each individually numbered.  The bottles will be exclusively sold at Selfridges lavish UK department store for $500 a pop. Think ahead for the holidays and grab a bottle or two for your fashionista friends.  "This is a piece of art which reflects the luxury and craftsmanship values of what haute couture is all about," said McQueen and we couldn't have said it better ourselves.