Toyota Test Driver Hiromu Naruse to be Honored with Hot Hatch

Hiromu Naruse was an esteemed test driver for the Toyota team for 47 years, from 1963-2010. For the past several years, he was the chief test driver of the amazing Lexus LFA supercar, and tragically, it was in an LFA that Naruse sadly lost is life on June 23rd, 2010. 
Hiromu Naruse in Lexus LFA at Homestead Track
The fatal crash occurred on a test track near Germany’s famous racing venue known as the Nurburgring, where Naruse is reported to have left his lane and hit a BMW production car frontally. Naruse was 66 years old, and a valued and integral part of team Toyota.  Naruse died doing what he loved, in the company’s first-ever attempt at a supercar, and not many can make that claim.

Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon to Women and Luxury Cars?

It seems that Mel Gibson has certainly had his fair share of bad luck lately, and the streak continues, as he has reportedly crashed his 2008 Maserati Quattroporte into a rocky hillside on a difficult section of Malibu Canyon Road.  Mel’s Maserati was towed from the scene, and the actor was uninjured in the collision.  I can’t say the same for his already tattered reputation.
Mel Gibson's 2008 Maserati Quattroporte Crash
California Highway Patrol asked Gibson if he had been using a cell phone at the time, and he denied it (I am sure records will be pulled from his provider, as is becoming common).  The police do not suspect the star of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident.  It certainly appears that Gibson is hard on things, reportedly his ex, and now luxury cars.  Do not sell this man a Ferrari 458 Italia, my heart couldn’t take it.  TMZ photo taken shown at right.

To Rolls Or To Lambo? That Is The Question

Imagine Lifestyles has a very difficult question to answer this week.  Will our next exotic rental car be a Rolls Royce Phantom rental car or a Lamborghini Gallardo rental car?  I guess it’s a good predicament to be in, because both outcomes are quite desirable.  However, for this week, we can only pick one.  Our decision will be determined by several different factors.  Which vehicle do we get more requests for?  Which one makes more sense for the Chicago market at this time?  Etc.At this point, we are receiving an insane amount of requests for both vehicles, however these requests are very different from one another.  People request the Lamborghini to experience the raw power of a legendary sports car, and people request the Rolls Royce for chauffeured events such as weddings and prom night.   

Lamborghini Gallardo Gray 2007Since we currently have several other vehicles that are ideal for chauffeured events, we realized that shouldn’t be our absolute priority.  What we don’t have at this point, is an exotic sports car rental that screams speed, prestige, and “bat mobile” all at the same time.  As we come into the late spring and summer months here in Chicago, we feel the Lamborghini Gallardo is the best gift we can give to our fair city. So look out for our new addition next week.  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago would love to give you the first opportunity to take hold of this monster of an exotic car rental.  I mean, doesn’t every one want to relive the scene from “The Dark Knight” when Bruce Wayne sped under the “L” tracks on Franklin in his gun metal silver Lambo?  Just please, don’t crash ours… we want it back!

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How to Spot a Previous Accident or Paint Job on Your Luxury Car

Investing in a car, especially an exotic car, requires due diligence.  If you are purchasing a brand new exotic car, there are fewer things to worry about.  But if you are purchasing a previously owned luxury car, it is imperative to ensure that it passes a full inspection.  It can sometimes be tricky to tell if the car has been in an accident.  Here are some tips to help out.

There are many signs to look for when visually inspecting a potential auto purchase.

What Not to do with a Porsche Boxster

We winced when we discovered this exotic car crash catastrophe.  In two shocking moves, a 2008 Porsche Boxster was totaled. 

The first shocking move, a Florida woman decided that rather than service her Porsche Boxster at an appropriate facility, why not just drop it off at a local garage?  Its only routine maintenance, right? Great plan.  That is like stopping by your local marina to service your super yacht.