Lamborghini Aventador Goes Country—Crashes Into Farm!

The Lamborghini Aventador packs a serious power punch, nailing speeds of up to 217 miles per hour. So it comes as no surprise that some of these supercars have already been crashed, like the latest in New Zealand! It seems that the Aventador was too much power for the driver to handle, as he ended up tearing through a farm, taking out a fence via a cow pasture…brutal!

This appears to be the 3rd Aventador crash so far--follow links for the 1st Aventador crash and the 2nd Aventador crash!

3rd Lamborghini Aventador Crash
The all-wheel drive Aventador was no match for the rugged landscape of the farm

Snookie Crashes Custom Escalade…Makes World Prettier

Jersey Shore’s favorite little Guido, Snookie, began showing off a very horrific custom Cadillac Escalade in February…topped off with fluorescent pink accents...absolutely everywhere. It was not a tragedy when the reality star crashed the Escalade during the very same month--only that it was not a total loss. It seems she hit another vehicle in it while filming Jersey Shore, so I smell another publicity stunt.

Snookie Escalade
Snooks crashed a car while filming Jersey Shore in Italy, follow link for full story

A Tale of Two Cities – And Two Crashed Lamborghini Murcielagos!

Last year, Lamborghini announced the end of the Murcielago model and the beginning of the award-winning Aventador LP700 (The Aventador is coming soon from Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals). Now that Lamborghini has murdered the Murcielago, it is especially tragic to hear of not one, but two being totaled recently!

Mucielago crash

When it comes to a car crash, it is always harder to look at when it happens to be a supercar like a discontinued Lamborghini!

Groom Crashes Lamborghini Gallardo Rental En Route to Wedding!

An unidentified groom in Sydney, Australia, had much more to worry about on his wedding day than the traditional jitters when he crashed the Lamborghini Gallardo rental en route to the ceremony! While there is certainly never a convenient time for an exotic car crash, this one literally takes the cake, so to speak!

Lamborghini crash

The aftermath

Trashy: Rolls Royce Phantom Crashes into Garbage Truck

Within 8 days, two Rolls Royce Phantoms have crashed in China! This is not entirely shocking, considering that China is currently the world’s largest exotic car market. The literal explosion of exotic cars onto China’s roadways is a recipe for increasing exotic car crashes. But 2 Phantoms within 8 days? Insanity!

Phantom Crash in China

The wreckage of the Rolls Royce Phantom

Lindsay Lohan Hit With Another Lawsuit in a Maserati Rental

It seems that Lindsay Lohan spends more time and energy in legal battles than she does memorizing lines for roles! The actress has recently been slapped with yet another lawsuit, accused of striking a nanny while driving a Maserati rental on September 1st, 2010. Stories vary, some claim it was Lohan’s Maserati, others say it was a rental, the actress has owned a couple.

Lohan Maserati

Lohan with her GranTurismo...

WTH: Lamborghini Full of Flames on Roadside!

What a tragic sight to see—a Lamborghini aflame alongside the roadway! A biker happened upon this exotic car crash and began filming, capturing the burning supercar and the arrival of the fire trucks, who could have moved a bit faster, if you ask me! The bicyclist felt the same, and actually says, “No rush, boys, take your time, ...huh.” during the clip (scroll down for video).

The fire truck pulls up behind the Lamborghini slowly, and when you expect men to burst forth wielding hoses, nothing happens.

Lamborghini on fire

This picture is burned into my retinas

WTH: 10-Year-Old Crashes Dad’s Maserati!

When you have a 10-year-old son and a tempting exotic car like a Maserati, it may be wise to lock the car and the keys! A 10-year-old American boy accessed the keys to his father’s $200,000 Maserati in Hong Kong and took off on an ill-fated joyride that ended with an exotic car crash and his arrest!



Video: Lamborghini Spins Out, Crashes

When an exotic sports car like a Lamborghini goes up against a highway retaining wall, the winner is always going to be the wall. It hardly matters how many horses lurk under the hood of the Lamborghini when it slams into solid concrete! Watch the video of this exotic car crash at bottom of post and witness the car slamming into the wall, turning 180 degrees into oncoming traffic!

Lamborghini Crashes on Highway