Those Crazy Italian Supercars: Meet the 2013 Puritalia 427

Italy is known for two things: delectable cuisine and extreme hypercars. But did you know that Lamborghini and Ferrari are not the only superstar supercars to hail from Italy? There are the usual suspects-- Pagani, Maserati and DeTomaso, but there is also an emerging start-up exotic carmaker revving things up---Puritalia!

Puritalia 427

Puritalia 427 teaser

How to Drive Like a Millionaire for a Day

If you can’t exactly afford to live like a millionaire, at least you can drive like one for a day! That is exactly how it feels when you rent a Ferrari or other exotic sports car, available hourly, daily or weekly from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals!

Ferrari California rental

Ferrari California rental

Discover the Changes: Rent the Porsche 2012 991 S Cabriolet!

Be warned: this is not your father’s Porsche! The all-new 2012 Porsche 991 S Cabriolet has been described as the “future of Porsche” for a reason—it effortlessly merges the traditional power of a sports car with a full 15% reduction in fuel reliance! And it accomplishes all of this while looking hotter and more aggressive than ever before!

Porsche 991 Cabriolet
Sportscar, meet smartcar!

Why Women & Exotic Sports Cars Mix

A fact: Women look even better behind the wheel of an exotic sports car, adding an unexpected and rare element to driving events. Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals has noticed a jump in women interested in not only purchasing spots in our track day events for their significant others, but for themselves as well--and we think it is simply awesome! (Hey, the proof is in the pictures).

Woman with Maserati
An Imagine Lifestyles driving event photo. Women love Maserati.

Imagine Lifestyles Track Event: Drive a Supercar in Boston!

Imagine Lifestyles is gearing up with Gillette Stadium in Boston to offer our fans and friends the opportunity to take 3 mind-bending laps around the Gillette track. The Gillette Stadium track is an autocross-style take on the traditional racetrack, equipped with a ferocious straightaway that allows drivers to accelerate to incredible speeds!

New Jersey Motorsports Park Track Event Reminder

The exotic car track events at New Jersey Motorsports Park are accelerating along smoothly--so here are a few fast reminders for drivers attending the track days (March 1-4th and 8th-11th). Not attending the exotic driving events this month? No problem, check out our luxury rental cars in New Jersey (and other major U.S. locations) to get inspired for the next round!

NJMP & Imagine Lifestyles track events for March 2012

Imagine Lifestyles exotic rental cars prepping for another awesome day at New Jersey Motorsports Park!

NJMP Track Event: We Roll Rain or Shine!

While the weather may not be perfect, the New Jersey Motorsports Park track day events will go on rain or shine! No need to call us, just come to the track to begin your day as a racecar driver! We look forward to seeing everyone there.
NJMP Track event
Warming up for today's track day!

Ellen DeGeneres Trades in Porsche for a Ferrari

It appears that Ellen DeGeneres has traded in her traditionally preferred Porsche for a flashy black Ferrari California. The super celeb has a soft spot for Porsche brand, and her wife is even named Portia. No, she did not trade her wife in, she simply suffers from a newfound love of the Ferrari brand--which I certainly understand! Follow link for full details on our Ferrari California rental in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Ellen Degeneres Luxury Cars

Ellen takes the wheel with Porsche in tow. Typically showing up in red, Ellen chose the black Ferrari California

Top 5 Exotic Luxury Car Rentals for New York

New York is about versatility, options and most of all, fun! What better way to indulge in the Big Apple than behind the wheel of an exotic rental car New York style? Exotic cars come in every shape and size, loaded with amenities and ready to rock. Transform your entire experience with one of this year’s hottest cars at the Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals location in NY, and share this tip with friends to receive a $200 discount off of your next rental with us!

The top 5 cars for this season in New York are as follows:

5. Mercedes S550
4. Range Rover HSE
3. Cadillac Escalade
2. Lamborghini Gallardo
1. Audi R8

Mercedes S550

Mercedes S550

Luxurious Valentines Day Getaway Ideas

While candy, roses and wine are all great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, you can really rock his/her world with an exotic sports car rental this year! What better way to show that you are in tune with his interests than to hand him the keys to a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other exotic car rental in NY, Miami, Chicago or LA? Exactly!

Ferrari California rental in New York

Ferrari California rental in New York

Our exotic car rentals are available hourly, daily or weekly and we often have luxury driving experience deals as low as $139 USD! The driving specials are offered through Groupon and allow drivers to experience the rush and power of a sports car on a real racetrack, complete with photo and video opportunities!

Bentley Arnage rental in New York

Bentley Arnage rental in New York

If you really want to take this Valentine’s Day into overdrive, pair the exotic car surprise with a luxury property rental and discover the true meaning of escaping reality! We can streamline the process and avoid all snags, simply call Imagine Lifestyles and let us do all the prep-work for your unforgettable holiday! Follow link to view our entire inventory of luxury rentals, just click on the location where you wish to rent and shop by brand!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

The only thing hotter than this is an exotic car rental special! Make him sizzle this Valentine's Day with a truly unique gift---the gift of pure adrenaline with a supercar rental!

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