The 5,000 HP Devel Sixteen Supercar Caught in the Wild

The Devel Sixteen supercar appeared at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show. The car held a stage surrounded by banners making claims so bold that even seasoned exotic car spotter Shmee 150 was confused. Finally, the elusive one-off has been captured on video in the wild. Take in the short clip below and decide if you think that sounds like something with four times the power of a Bugatti Veryon Super Sport.

The video above shows the Devel Sixteen supercar hitting the street in Dubai. The sound is not the throat-ripping sound one would expect from a vehicle claiming 5,000 horses and a top speed of 348 miles per hour…it seems rather social and non-threatening cruising around its habitat.  read more

Bumble Bee Bugatti Veyron Creates Buzz in Dubai

It seems like Bugatti brings out a special edition Veyron at any opportunity possible, like this black and yellow model that could be a cousin to Bumble Bee, and created quite the buzz at the Dubai Motor Show recently. I suppose the fastest car on Earth has the right to be a bit of a show-off at times! Follow link to view the Top 4 Rare Bugatti Cars.

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

WTF: Who Abandons a Ferrari Enzo?

Who in the right mental frame would simply park an exotic sports car like a Ferrari Enzo and simply walk away? Could it be someone with something to hide? I mean, if they lacked the commitment it takes to own a supercar, they could have just indulged in an exotic car rental like a Ferrari rental rather than treating a rare Ferrari in such a disgraceful manner!

Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

The Multi-Billion Dollar Sinking City?

Designed to dazzle as the ultimate luxury property possession, Dubai Islands ‘The World’ are gradually sinking back into the sea, according to some.  This is not stellar news to the many who have sunk considerable collateral into the fantasy world.   Yes, shockingly, evidence has been presented to a property tribunal that the man-made islands fashioned like the countries of the world are surrendering the sea, due to deterioration and erosion.

Dubai World Islands

Ferrari World Set to Be Sold 3 Months After Opening

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

In a shocking move, Abu Dhabi’s biggest commercial and real estate developer, Aldar Properties, is set to sell Ferrari World, the luxurious car-themed amusement park, less than three months after its grand opening.  Rumors are circulating that Ferrari World will be sold to the government in efforts to pay down debts.

Can You Just Break These Million Dollar Bills, Por Favor?

While most of us are aware that a million dollar bill fails to exist in U.S. currency, a woman in the United Arab Emirates is now painfully aware of the fact.  Sure, there are novelty million dollar bills.   Sadly, I am not joking.

A man from the Ivory Coast is now in police custody after attempting a completely ridiculous monetary scam at UAE’s central bank.  According to reports, the man successfully persuaded a woman to exchange two phony $1 million dollar bills, a task he offered her a 30% cut to complete. 

Light bulb lady, when someone offers you money to do things they could logically do themselves, it is a fat scam.  Perhaps the lady was momentarily seduced by visions of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and that overdue pedicure to realize that she would never see a penny of that imaginary money.  Well, she can still indulge in a Ferrari rental, for far less. 

Not sure what is more ridiculous, that he attempted it, or that someone fell victim to it!  It is unclear whether the bills were to be traded for U.S. bills or UAE dirham.  Both phony million-dollar bills boast the portrait of George Washington from the $1 dollar bill (at least they got the 1 part correct) and are predominantly black and white on the front.  Can you imagine the audacity of the creator of these bills, not only are they unrealistic, but crudely manufactured!  Inevitably, the teller tipped off the proper authorities and the situation was dissolved, along with the perp’s dreams of wealth.

The National newspaper quotes Col. Rashid Mohammed Bursheed, head of organized crime, as stating that the suspect claimed he thought the bills were authentic.   Right.  And that was certainly not Paris Hilton’s purse. 

Well, that draws a close to that fiscal fiasco, but check out our fleet of luxury rental cars and other cool stuff on your way out!


Fake Million Dollar Bills in UAE

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Most Expensive: New Mega Yacht ‘Eclipse’ Lives Up to Her Name

It is said to be the current largest private yacht in existence, and she is near completion.  Her name is ‘Eclipse’, and she certainly seems to eclipse all other mega yacht favorites.  But does size really matter?  For a rumored $1.2 billion, it may!  You be the judge, she emerges from Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany any moment.

It seems that the world’s mega yacht owners are in a never-ending battle to outdo one another, perpetually ordering larger and more lavish yachts.  I will say one thing, it does make for a wonderful form of entertainment for the rest of the world, and I love seeing what mega yacht is coming out next and what its outstanding features are!

Meet The World’s Second Largest Yacht

The second largest yacht in the world goes by the name “Dubai”, which is fitting, as it is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who happens to be the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.  This luxury mega yacht stretches to an incredible 557 feet, and took an outlandish 10 years to build!

Mega yacht Dubai was built by German construction company Blohm & Voss and finished by Lurssen Company.  I wonder if Blohm & Voss dropped the ball, or if after 10 years they forgot what they were doing.

A Ferrari Roller Coaster? The Prancing Horses Leave the Ground

Ferrari has been busy raising pulses, releasing its 599XX racecar last month (derived from the 599) while simultaneously debuting the 599 GTO as the brand’s fastest production car.  This is a luxury car company that is difficult to keep up with this year!  But wait, last week they also unleashed the Formula Rossa roller coaster.  Yes, a Ferrari roller coaster!  My adrenaline is already pumping.