Drive a Supercar at Miami’s Homestead Speedway!

If you have not attended an Imagine Lifestyles ultimate driving experience yet, you are truly missing out! We are gearing up for our next event at Homestead Speedway in Miami, and hope to see you there! This is how you and your friends can grip the wheel of a Ferrari or Lamborghini and get a feel for gravity at its finest during 2 full laps around the road course--all for a price that will make you think we have lost our marbles.

Luxury Driving Experience Homestead
2 laps in Ferrari or Lamborghini for under $200? No longer a pipe dream!

Lap the Autocross in a Ferrari or Lamborghini this August! Baltimore/DC Area Driving Experience

If you are going to be in the Baltimore/DC area (or need an excuse to be) next month, join your friends at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals for 3 mean laps in a Ferrari or Lamborghini supercar!

Supercar Driving Experience

Forget a day at the spa—an exotic supercar is far more energizing!

Customer Confession Emails: Another Satisfied Speed Demon

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals gets revved up when we hear from our friends and clients! Below is an email received recently from Marty, who tore up the track in a Lamborghini at one of our awesome driving experiences. Check out what he had to say to help you decide if this would be something you would be interested in experiencing!

Lamborghini rental

One of our gorgeous Lamborghini rental cars at Imagine Lifestyles headquarters

Give Ferrari This Fathers Day! Discount Rental Opportunity!

Every dad is an exotic sports car lover at heart, so why not give the perfect gift this Father’s Day with a hyperfast Ferrari rental from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals? Mention this blog and receive $200 USD off of your Ferrari rental (any model) before June 18th, 2012!

Ferrari FF
If your pockets are a bit deeper, you can always just purchase the Ferrari FF hatchback for pops! The FF is a true family-style Ferrari! Watch the
FF stomp the 458 in a short clip, follow link!

Imagine Lifestyles Track Event: Drive a Supercar at Texas Motor Speedway!

Imagine Lifestyles is at it again--this time gearing up to take on Texas, where everything, including the horsepower, is bigger! We are teaming up with Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth to offer another fast and furious, cheek-flapping round of supercar track experiences for pennies on the dollar!
Texas Supercar Driving Experience
Are you up for 3 laps around a unique 1.1 mile course?

How to Drive Like a Millionaire for a Day

If you can’t exactly afford to live like a millionaire, at least you can drive like one for a day! That is exactly how it feels when you rent a Ferrari or other exotic sports car, available hourly, daily or weekly from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals!

Ferrari California rental

Ferrari California rental

Discover the Changes: Rent the Porsche 2012 991 S Cabriolet!

Be warned: this is not your father’s Porsche! The all-new 2012 Porsche 991 S Cabriolet has been described as the “future of Porsche” for a reason—it effortlessly merges the traditional power of a sports car with a full 15% reduction in fuel reliance! And it accomplishes all of this while looking hotter and more aggressive than ever before!

Porsche 991 Cabriolet
Sportscar, meet smartcar!

Why Women & Exotic Sports Cars Mix

A fact: Women look even better behind the wheel of an exotic sports car, adding an unexpected and rare element to driving events. Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals has noticed a jump in women interested in not only purchasing spots in our track day events for their significant others, but for themselves as well--and we think it is simply awesome! (Hey, the proof is in the pictures).

Woman with Maserati
An Imagine Lifestyles driving event photo. Women love Maserati.

Imagine Lifestyles Track Event: Drive a Supercar in Boston!

Imagine Lifestyles is gearing up with Gillette Stadium in Boston to offer our fans and friends the opportunity to take 3 mind-bending laps around the Gillette track. The Gillette Stadium track is an autocross-style take on the traditional racetrack, equipped with a ferocious straightaway that allows drivers to accelerate to incredible speeds!

NJMP Track Event: We Roll Rain or Shine!

While the weather may not be perfect, the New Jersey Motorsports Park track day events will go on rain or shine! No need to call us, just come to the track to begin your day as a racecar driver! We look forward to seeing everyone there.
NJMP Track event
Warming up for today's track day!