New Year’s 2010 Miami-Kid Cudi & John Legend to Perform at W Hotel South Beach

Looking for a luxurious and celeb-laced party to bring in 2010?  The W Hotel South Beach will be host to a performance by Kid Cudi with a musical interlude by John Legend.  This is where some of South BeacKid Cudi New Years Miami at W Hotel South Beachh’s savviest partygoers will be spending the New Year.

Where the Nightclubs meet the Luxury Cars-Can You Take the Wheel?

South Beach nightlife is searing, in this see and be seen city, there are many luxuries on your priority list, and just near the top is an exotic rental car Miami style-to compliment your fast-paced South Beach vacation-we assume you are living large in this luxury city during your stay!

If yMynt Lounge in South Beach offers luxuryou can handle it, you can get down until the Florida sun comes up in the spacious and pulsating posh night clubs that line the manicured streets of South Beach.  Remember, first impressions are everything, and you can make yours in a luxury rental car South Beach style, turning heads and making an initial impact that will make you hotter than the sultry weather! 

There is nothing that quite compares to the scene outside of a swanky nightclub-the velvet ropes and well-dressed people waiting to get inside, and the valet lineup of exotic cars such as Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Maserattis, Cadillac Escalade rentals, Ferraris and more heat up the scene before you step onto it.

Once inside, the lounges are glamorous and appealing, with socialites, international hipsters and celebs milling about.  South Beach nightclub hotspots not to miss are Louis, Set, Rok Bar, Mynt, and the WExotic rental car miami styleall at The W Hotel-which is South Beach’s latest high-end entertainment lounge. 

These are some of the finest nightclubs, and best options for average Joe’s to potentially brush elbows with the rich and famous, drinking in the South Beach vibes.  With all the abandon available in Florida’s sin city, start booking your stay by arranging for a luxury rental car Miami style-and start planning your impression-can you take the wheel?


Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

The Real Jet Set Do What Marc Jacobs Says

For the real and really luxurious jetsetters of the world, take Marc Jacobs advice. The American fashion designer and icon knows what luxury travel actually means. Mr. Marc Jacobs says, “I don't think there's anything practical about traveling with a trunk. Luxury travel is traveling with a toothbrush. That's it, end of story. The people who really live luxurious lives don't need to pack. They've got stuff wherever they go."

Imagine Lifestyles is a luxury rental company and we do concur! Our company keeps luxurious jetsetters status quo and on the go. Meaning, our clients don’t even need a toothbrush because that is the least of it. We provide our clients with the jets to jet set; five-star properties with five-star amenities to live; and, exotic rental cars to race or just drive. We have exquisite yachts to rent and knowledgeable employees to get you into the best restaurants and nightclubs. You Imagine and we make the luxurious lifestyle reality.

Luxury lifestyle imposters are the ones travelling with the bulky Louis Vuitton trunks on commercial flights. When a real jetsetter reaches their destination they buy a seasonal wardrobe or we can even have someone do that for you. Marc Jacobs has it all right and the real jet set are on his brain wavelength.


Drop Pounds Not Partying

 Alcohol has been known to pack on pounds but there's a way around alcohol-induced weight gain. Rather than give up happy hour, change your drink order to a cocktail with less calories. Here are some low calorie cocktails that will keep you looking sexy in your swimsuit all summer. Salut to guilt free partying this summer! 

Bellini: 123 calories
3/4 small flute champagne, 1/4 flute peach puree

Mojito: 132 calories
1.5 oz. rum (try Ten Cane rum), .5 oz. lime juice, 2 tsp. sugar, and crushed mint with ice

Sour-apple Martini: 160 calories
2.5 oz. sour mix and .75 oz. each vodka and sour apple liqueur

Tequila Sunrise: 209 calories
6.5 oz. orange juice, 1 oz. tequila (try Patron Platinum tequila) and a splash of grenadine with ice

Top Five Luxe Vodkas

If you don't know jack about luxury vodka then fake it until you make it.  Below is a list of the top five most ultra luxe vodka bottles in the world, in no particular order. School yourself and learn how to drink with the big boys.

DIVA Premium Vodka
Diva Premium Vodka is triple-distilled and made with the finest spring water by Blackwood Distillers in Scotland. First filtered through the finiest Nordic birch charcoal, then through fine sand crushed diamonds and gemstones. By the end DIVA is filtered down to 0.5 microns, which is a standard of purity that few luxury vodkas rival. Judges at the World Spirits Festival in Australia explained the taste as  “extraordinarily smooth with a long, luscious finish” and at the San Francisco Spirits Competition judges deemed DIVA, "vodka with attitude."

In addition to its clean, fresh taste, DIVA bottles come with, well, a shiny marketing hook.  Inside each bottle is a tube that contains a selection of fine jewels. A standard off-the-shelf bottle has cubic zarconia, topaz and amethyst Swarovski crystals, nothing to write home about. However, more premium bottles can be customized to include precious jewels. DIVA invites affluent clients to create their own unique jeweled bottle of vodka. No two bottles are ever alike and a 750 ml bottle of DIVA vodka ranges from $100 upwards to, oh, $1,000,000. Make a bracelet, its gimmick-y but they all are.

Snow Queen Vodka
You've probably never heard of Snow Queen Vodka but that's the point. Snow Queen isn't the best-known vodka but Imbibe Magazine called it the Best Overall Vodka in 2007. Made from organic wheat grown in the Russian Steppes, along the heart of the Silk Route in Eastern Europe, with artesian spring water from the foothills of the Himalayas. The Kazakhstan distillers use only Kazakh birch charcoal in the distillation process which produces one of the smoothest vodkas in the world. The premium bottle has been adorned with 10 gold, seven silver and eight bronze medals for excellence. Snow Queen is ultra rare and marketed only by word of mouth, a 750 ml bottle is $70.

Kauffman Vodka
In the world of vodka it is rare to speak of vintages, a term conventionally reserved for wine. Nonetheless, Russian businessman Mark Kauffman wanted to produce a vodka that would rank among the best in the world. Kauffman produced Kauffman Vodka which is said to be on par with some of the world's finest wines. Kauffman Vodka is the first vodka to be produced only in vintage years when the wheat crop is at its best. Even at best, Kauffman bottles are only produced in small batches to ensure high quality.

Made in one of Russia's top distilleries, the process is strictly controlled to the highest standards. Kauffman Vodka is filtered through birch charcoal and quartz sand, as many as 14 times. Keep in mind that most high-end commercial vodkas only go through three to five distillation processes. Having only been produced since 2000, Kauffman Vodka is already known as one of the best vodkas on the spirit market. By 2004 Kauffman luxury vodka had won two gold medals of three in the International Wine & Spirit Challenge. A bottle of Kauffman Vodka is $150.

Ultimat Vodka
Not to be outdone by the Russians, the Poles have been working majorly hard to produce the world's best luxury vodka. The Polish Ultimat Vodka experience begins with a hand-blown cobalt blue and crystal bottle, that comes with a crystal and cork stopper. It takes 24 protracted hours to produce a single bottle of Ultimat Vodka and you only pay $140, that's a bargain. Ultimat Vodka is made from a blend of potato, wheat and rye which makes it the only vodka in the world to combine all three ingredients. Like the ingredients, the distillation process is also one-of-a kind. Ultimat Vodka uses a ceramic and candle filtration processes that allegedly take out all of the impurities. The Ultimat master distiller oversees every production process and personally guarantees all elements of the vodka. What's left is a luxury vodka with a smooth, rich taste and a clean aftertaste.

Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka
Gold is a standard and the marketing hook behind Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka. The name may not sound luxe but this French vodka is high-end enough to stand up to the best luxury brands in the world. Gold Flakes Supreme is quadruple-distilled with the best all-natural ingredients, like clear underground spring water. After distillation 24-karat edible gold flakes are mixed into the bottle. The result seems to awe people at cocktail parties, like fish to shiny hooks. While the point is taken, the French Vodka comes across as nouveau riche compared to the rest. A bottle of Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka is just $60, dazzle away!

These are five of the best bottles of luxury vodka on the market right now. The vodka brands come from all over the world and exemplify the highest standards of quality and class. Culture yourself, figure out which suits you best and order it from now on. Any one of the five will reaffirm high luxe statur.

I’m in Miami B****

Miami Beach is blowing up, to the tourists and New Yorkers welcome to a new kind of Miami Beach. By appearance standards, Miami Beach seems to be doing just fine in the midst of financial crisis. Throughout the last year "the beach" has has been expanding and it's exploded. Luxe hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, stores and galleries have debuted. There is always a party, event or photo shoot to be at, to be seen at. 

The Gansevoort South on Collins Avenue has been up and running since late Fall. In all honesty, no one is that impressed. Phillipe Chow is housed in the Gans and not very good. The Gansevoort South did get one thing right, they picked Roman Jones of the Opium group to run their in-house club. Side note gossip girls, Roman Jones is half brother to DJ Mark Ronson and Samantha Ronson who dates Lindsay Lohan. Jone's club, Louis, is impressive and reminiscent of New York's Tenjune.  The club is ultra exclusive and thank god for that. No sausage-fests but rather beautiful girls and bottles. The nightly minimum for a table in Louis is $1,500 easy. The space is elegant and the bottle girls are actually good-looking and semi-intelligent. Best of all is the open format music, Louis is a dance party until 5 a.m. even on Tuesdays.

As for other major hotels worth mentioning on Miami Beach, there is the Fountainebleau Hotel. The Fountainebleau, which got a $1 billion renovation, hosted the sexy Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on debut night. The Hotel looks straight out of Las Vegas. Fountainebleau's club LIV is enormous, it holds about LIV holds about 900 people nightly. Liv is always a zoo so good advice is to get there early to avoid the masses outside. The Fountainebleau's sushi restaurant slash lounge, Blade, is nice as a lounge only. The restaurant service is horrendous; the food, nothing to talk about; and the entire space wreaks of scummy fish. Do not waste a dinner in Blade. On a brighter note, the pool bar just outside of the restaurant is lovely on warm nights. 

The Mondrian South Beach Hotel makes three. The Mondrian, built on the bay side of Miami Beach not the beach, beach is a Morgans Hotel Group project. MHG owns and operates both the Delano and Shoreclub on "the beach," plus, other luxury hotels worldwide. The next big hotel to look out for is the W hotel set to open up in late spring. The W Hotel has been built from the ground up rather than renovated like neighbor hotel the gansevoort. The W project has been bought into by big names, A-list celebrities, and sports stars. The W Hotel is set to be the next big thing on Miami Beach, a hotspot that should be booked, like now, for your next trip!

As far as new restaurants go, the Mondrian has Asia De Cuba. Famed Miami Beach steak spot Prime 112, just opened Prime Italian. Located just across street, expect to spend wads of money on dinner. Shisho is a new, very tiny, very intimate sushi restaurant on the opposite end of Miami Beach. While the restaurant is something to see and a great place to go saki bomb, the menu is limited. Touch restaurant on Lincoln Road closed but some of the same investors put their money behind a new restaurant named Meat Market. The name sounds ape-ish but the place has cultivated a buzz. Segefrado, the well known coffee bar slash lounge on Miami Beach has expanded once more to South of Fifth or SoFi. Segafredo out-does Starbucks on Miami Beach because the atmosphere is just better. The sangria is to die for and on weekends there is always a DJ on call. 

As for clothing stores on Miami Beach, there are still few and far between. Out with the trashy and in with the more fashionable, higher-end labels. Alchemist on Lincoln Road is probably the only clothing store worth shopping at on Lincoln. A few fresh stores have opened downtown in the design district with a very lower East side, Los Angeles street-vibe.

Hopefully you catch the gist, we are not going to write a book here. The point is to get you to come to Miami Beach to explore the new scene. There are still plenty of soft openings, hard openings and events in between. Feel it out, hit new places up and find your scene. Miami Beach is still developing, growing upand doing good things all the while. 

The Feigned Grand Opening at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach Next Weekend

Last weekend we partied with A-list celebrities and sexy Victoria's Secret models at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. We think last weekend was the Grand Opening but apparently not. We don't believe last weekend will ever be outdone but the hotel is going ahead with a Grand Opening event this coming weekend. The event seems like it is for the not so important people of Miami Beach because everyone worthwhile was already there.

This is the deal, Blade Sushi Bar will kick off again this Friday, November 21st. Just as the name suggests it is a sushi bar. Partiers can go into Blade for a late sushi dinner or to get the party started really early. Blade is an indoor-outdoor space, that will feature a chill DJ to get you into the party mindset. Blade is on the ground floor of the Chateau tower.

Next there is LIV nightclub, which will get its spotlight this coming Saturday night, November 22nd. LIV at the Fontainebleau is a 30,000 square foot space with three bars. Plus, for the uber-VIP there are six private skyboxes that sit above the crowds. Each VIP box will feature a European bottle service, mini-bar and banquettes with secured purse drawers. Thus, as you sit in your box you can look down through the glass at the regular people, as happened last weekend. We are told that every Saturday night will feature house music, the aggressive beats will be loved by some but not all. If you like Myntlounge on Collins Avenur or you're from Europe, then LIV will probably be your new home club. David Guetta is set to spin the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Tiesto on December 27th and we are sure the Fontainebleau has an extensive list of other famous house DJ's. If you aren't one for fist pumping and dropping ecstasy then you may want to try LIV not on Saturdays, apparently they will also have hip-hop and rock music. We hear rumors that tour buses will be packing in the Miami Beach partiers and transporting them to LIV this Saturday, we foresee LIV turning into a zoo rather then a club but, hey, why not? They are settled on packing the place out, adhering to the theory of quantity over quality which never turns out well for a Miami Beach hotspot. The point is to keep a club exclusive, leave people outside and they will keep coming back, it becomes a twisted mission to get in. If you let the whole world in on the first night then there's no mystery, there's nothing left but we will still wish LIV well. We hope that LIV has a fantastic opening and an even better year because we adore the Miami Marketing Group and believe in them. We also don't want to knock a hotel of the Fontainebleau's magnitute just yet, we will see what happens. 

LIV is also in the Chateau Tower, we really doubt this Grand Opening will top last weekend but we will give it another go around. Stat posted for more stories and pictures after we do some more homework, codeword for rough weekend of partying.

What Happened When Victoria’s Secret Came to Miami Beach: Part 1

If you couldn't make it to Miami for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this past weekend then that's just sort of sad for you. Or if you were there but were too drunk to remember the night, don't worry, you can re-live it right here, right now. We saw everything go down and this is what you missed, Part 1...

On Friday night there was a Gala for the official opening of the Fontainebleau Hotel on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. The Gala which kicked off the re-opening of the 1 billion dollar renovation project was like a Barmitzvah, minus the food and the cheesy dancers. There was a DJ, Robin Thicke, and Mariah Carey belting out a few numbers in diva-ish style. The most prominent families of Miami were in attendance and some seriously famous celebrities. A-Rod, Gwenyth Paltrow P. Diddy, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian plus step brother Brody Jenner, his ex-girlfriend and reality sweetheart Kristen Cavallari. Plus, Paris Hilton and her ex Stavros Niarchos, who didn't so much as look at each other the whole weekend. Oh and Terrence Howard, Chloë Sevigny, Kate Hudson and Martha Stewart all mingled together upstairs in the ballroom's VIP lounge away from the crowd.

As the Gala came died down around midnight, everyone stampeded toward the new underground Blade nightclub, off the Fontainebleau Hotel lobby. The lobby, the ballroom, and the club, were all grandiose and over the top. The face-lifted Fontainebleau Hotel looked more like it belonged in Las Vegas then in Miami Beach.The crowd practically ran down the stairs into Blade for it's soft opening, celebrities included. A wall of sushi awaited and got sucked up faster then the drinks, at first. Just as it should have been and the classy way to do it, food and drinks were on the house all night.

All the supermodels stayed in Friday Night to get some beauty rest and probably vomit a few more times. Tomorrow we will share all the juicy gossip that happened Staurday night and more photos. From the hyped up Victoria's Secret Runway Show to the after party and then the after, after party. The night was filled with debauchery, gift bags and a little drama, of course.

Better Champagne for a Better New Year: Dom Perignon Jerobam

Dom Perignon Vintage 1995 White Gold Jeroboam was introduced last May 2008. The Vintage White Gold is now the priciest champagne jeroboam in the world at $17,000 a pop. For those non-drinkers, a jeroboam is a 3 liter bottle and bottles are categorized by size first and then price.  

The Dom Perignon Jerobam bubbly is encased in white gold, limited and numbered. Champagne afionados in Singapore had to register just for the chance to score the vintage jeroboam, as only one was made available by Attica at Clarke Quay. The Dom Perignon Vintage 1995 White Gold Jerobam popped off in conjunction with Formula One season in Singapore last month.  We couldn't think of a better way to bring in 2009. A lucky few are going to have a pretty awesome New Years thanks to Dom Perignon, that is, if they can remember it afterwards.

Upcoming Events: Luxury Travel Expo in Vegas Baby!

Luxury Travel Expo is the most prominent and authoritative luxury event in North America. This year it will be the Expo's tenth anniversary. Luxury Travel Expo remains to be the only travel event soley loyal to luxury. The Expo provides suppliers and agents with a vast luxury forum with meaningful knowledge and networking opportunities.

The Expo will be in Las Vegas from December 2nd through the 5th. The whole thing is put tgether by Luxury Travel Advisor, Travel Agent magazine and Premier Hotels & Resorts. The Luxury Travel Expo has been so successful because of careful attention to an education program, knowledgeable speakers and ample exhibitors. Below is what the first days schedule looks like and we will keep you posted as more updates surface.

Schedule for Decemeber 2, 2008

8:00AM -  6:00PM     
Registration Open
8:30AM -  12:00PM     
Test for your CTA, CTC and CTIE designations
12:00PM -  3:00PM     
CLIA’s Customer Relations Management
Speaker:     Bernie Blomquist, MCC, CTC, Manager of Training Development, CLIA
Want to create the ultimate, top-notch customer service model for your agency?
12:15PM -  1:30PM     
Creating Buzz for Your Business: Hot Viral Marketing
Speaker:     Bruce Tepper, CITE, CTC, Vice President, Joselyn, Tepper & Associates, Inc.
Buzz Marketing, a.k.a. Viral Marketing, is today's hottest marketing technique. Have a creative flair but a limited budget?
12:30PM -  7:00PM     
The Travel Institute Conference: Additional Conference Registration required
1:45PM -  3:15PM     
Aloha! Discover the Islands of Pampering Luxury, by Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau
Speaker:     Stacey Alford, CTC, Director of Travel Industry Sales, Oahu Visitors Bureau
Robyn Basso, Regional Director of Travel Trade Marketing, Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau
Maile Horner, Director of Marketing, Kauai Visitors Bureau
Deanna Isbister, Director of Sales, Big Island Visitors Bureau
Chris Kai'aokamalie, Director of Sales, Maui Visitors Bureau
Julie Zadeh, CTC, Managing Director of Travel Trade Marketing, Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau
We invite you to explore the islands’ hidden gems, cultural experiences, luxurious hotels, and unique activities and attractions, along with the welcoming Aloha spirit.
2:00PM -  3:00PM     
25 Top Strategies for Selling Niche Cruises
Speaker:     Larry Dessler, CTC, Executive Director, Niche Marketing Cruise Alliance
Charles Robertson, President and CEO, American Cruise Lines
Jamie Sales, Managing Director and Co-owner, Uncommon Cruises
Karen Wiseman, Vice President of Marketing, Orion Expedition Line
How can you pamper your clients with intimate niche cruise products?
3:30PM -  4:30PM     
ID Card - Going, Going, Gone? By IATA
Speaker:     Humberto E. Rivero, Regional Director of the Americas, IATA
3:30PM -  4:30PM     
Yokoso! Japan Welcomes You to the Land of Hospitality by the Visit Japan Campaign
3:30PM -  6:30PM     
CLIA’s Self Assessment: Explore Your Abilities, Skills and Strengths
Speaker:     Dr. Marc Mancini, President, Marc Mancini Seminars and Consulting
"Know Thyself." Knowing your strengths, overcoming your weaknesses and applying the lessons you’ve learned from self-discovery.