WTH: Entire French Village Up For Auction

We see some strange and unusual items hitting luxury auction blocks around the globe, but an entire French village for sale? The abandoned village of Courbefy features rustic structures, inviting fireplaces, exposed beams, tennis courts, horse stables, swimming pools and a price tag of around $400,000. That is right---for the price of a new luxury car, you can own an entire village in France!

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French Village for Sale

Courbefy village aerial shot

Just Pull Your Luxury Car into the Elevator When You Get Home

Forget about a special parking garage or premium private slot and picture this: You survive South Florida rush hour and arrive home to your Sunny Isles condo. You pull into a designated space and turn off the engine. You are then free to take in the Oceanfront view as you are taken directly to your door. This is similar to the house with car storage in the living room, like a centerpiece!

Sunny Isles Luxury Condo

Sunny Isles luxury condo

Beyoncé Unloads Miami Condo for 75 Percent Loss!

Moneybags Beyoncé Knowles recently took a hit in the luxury real estate realm, unloading her beachside pied-à-terre for about 75% less than she paid for it! Yes, even celebrities fall victim to a challenging market, like Chris Tucker’s Florida mansion losses recently! That is right, Tucker lost out on two upscale properties, follow above link for full story.


Chris Tucker Loses Big on 2 Florida Mansion Sales

Maybe I am a bit out of the loop here, but I did not realize Chris Tucker was broke! TMZ reported that the star has shed 2 Florida mansions for far less than the amount he acquired them. And I mean far!

One property is an 8,861 square-foot waterfront Lake County home that Tucker unloaded via short sale for $2 million. Considering he paid $6 million for it and is rumored to owe $11.5 million in back taxes, that is a loss that would be more difficult to swallow than a round of Russo Baltique vodka ($1 million per bottle). 

Chris Tucker mansion

Chris Tucker was here!

Jerry Rice Wants $330,000 For Flubbed Mansion Sale!

Jerry Rice is asking that the people backed out of buying his $11 million dollar mansion pony up the $330,000 owed to him in accordance with contract terms. The contract stated that should the buyers back out, as they did at the last minute, they forfeit the $33,000 USD. Estates and spaces of this caliber come with stipulations to prevent the waste of precious commodities...like Jerry's time! See photos of mansion at bottom of post!

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice has deep pockets

Dude! Big Lebowski Bungalow Hits the Market!

Attention movie buffs, the LA bungalow used in the film ‘The Big Lebowski’ is now available to own! Yes, the Dude’s house has hit the market, I assume sans rug. The Dude must have encountered some financial trouble! That or he has moved on to bigger and better things, and will roll by in his Rolls Royce rental on occaision for old times sake.

Big Lebowski house

The bungalow used in the Big Lebowski

Attention Original 90210 Fans: Aaron Spelling Mansion Sells for $85 Million Big Ones!

For those of you who grew up watching the original “90210” series (you know how cool you are, I needn’t lavish you with praise), the late Aaron Spelling’s Los Angeles mansion has sold for an amazing $85 million dollars! If his home was that mammoth, can you imagine his celebrity luxury car collection?

Aaron Spelling Mansion

The Spelling mansion

Check Out Elin Nordegren’s $12 Million Dollar Tiger Den!

The hottie ex-wife of the formerly-flawless Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, has invested in a substantial $12 million dollar North Palm Beach tiger den.  Just ten miles from Tiger’s new home, the 17,178 square-foot (plus a 4,700 sq-ft basement!) waterfront home is a stunner…sort of like Tiger’s high-profile personal life! 

Elin’s sprawling estate is roughly twice the size of Tiger’s new 9,700 square foot dwelling, located just down the street from in Jupiter Island, though Tiger's pad reportedly set him back a cool $54.5 million.

Elin Nordegren's $12 Million Dollar Miami Beach House

Elin Nordegren's $12 Million dollar Miami beach house