Just A $10 Million Dollar Driverless Car City

With the world barely grasping the idea of an autonomous vehicle, the University of Michigan is constructing a $10 million dollar, 32-acre driverless car city where companies can freely utilize and test their products. The city is named “M City”, fittingly, and the idea lends some interesting avenues to explore.

The clip above provides a brief synopsis of the overall goals and perks of M City along with helpful visuals.

The driverless car city would provide the ideal testing field in an urban setting, where things are constantly changing and the volume of vehicles and pedestrians is concentrated. How will autonomous vehicles react together in such a setting? That seems to be exactly what is on the agenda to learn and study prior to them becoming legal in regular cities with…you know, humans gripping the wheels. read more

BMW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The glorious BMW i8 is continuing along its personal road, and that journey is defined by the future and potentially powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. It would not be BMW’s style to simply settle for the current hybrid and electric powertrain trends, now would it? This is, after all, a brand that analyzes what is going to be popular far into the future and focuses on preparing for what is to come just as hard as it does on what it is currently producing. The formidable competitor is rumored to be experimenting farther into the future than most competitors at this juncture. read more

Official: The Bugatti Chiron Shall Pack a Hybrid Powertrain

The rumors regarding the Bugatti Veyron successor have been churning for quite some time, with little revealed but the name. Now it has finally been released by VW Group that the Bugatti Chiron shall indeed be packing a hybrid powertrain. This news comes as little surprise with super hybrids like LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 already out there competing, leaving just one very important question to be answered: Will this be the fastest car on the planet? And because there are no real photos leaked at this point– what will it look like? read more

Land Rover Pothole Alert Feature Reshaping Roads

There are few driving experiences as frustrating as nailing an unseen pothole and ruining a perfectly good rim. Not only are potholes damaging to rims and wheels, they can cause problems with alignment and deeper unseen issues as well. This is why Land Rover pothole alert technology is long overdue and a great preventative measure.
Land Rover seems quite busy in the technology arena these days, focusing on much more than just crafting the world’s most luxurious off-road vehicles. The brand’s pothole alert technology goes further than simply alerting the driver of impending danger—it also alerts the crews tasked with repairing the potholes so that the problem is corrected. The big picture of the alert includes it as but a slice in the road toward autonomous vehicles, a direction that seems unavoidable with brands already testing their wares and making great strides in development. read more

What Happens When Autonomous Cars Crash Into Each Other?

Autonomous cars

There has been some chatter hitting the headlines about a Google autonomous car cutting off an Audi driverless car. While many wild theories circulated, it seems that the scenario was a planned exercise by the companies to see how their wares interacted under real world conditions when cut off, even by another autonomous car. So what would happen if two autonomous vehicles crashed into each other?

While all companies touting their autonomous technology want to highlight the positive points and reiterate that the other points are still being ironed out, it is entirely feasible that these types of vehicles can collide, though it is not quite likely. There are precious few driverless cars on the roads today, because not many have the legal permits required to do so. Google and Delphi Automotive have the jump on competitors, as they are not only already out on the roads testing, but they are interacting with each other for testing strategies to simulate real driving exposures. read more

Automotive Technology: Ford Galaxy and S-Max Can See Around Corners

Ford is getting rather cutting edge these days, recently revealing that the new Galaxy and S-Max models will be able to see around corners. A special camera system located in the grille provides a 180-degree view, showing drivers important details such as what is coming up around the corner. This will factor out the stress of wondering what is around blind corners, and also help avoid unexpected objects, people, animals and more.

Are all new vehicle safety features and technologies being embraced? Perhaps not the legal speed limit limiters…but seeing around the corner should be a no-brainer.  read more

You Can Add Your Name to the Bloodhound SSC Fin

The Bloodhound SSC Project is all about blood curdling speed. The Bloodhound SSC is a land speed vehicle designed by scientists and engineers and funded by donations and fans. She is geared up to set a new World Land Speed Record of 1000+ miles per hour…take that, Fastest Production Car!

The Bloodhound SSC is offering fans a chance to place their name on the fin of the vehicle. It is a social media sensation with many taking advantage of the unique opportunity to make their mark on it while helping the cause.  read more

Koenigsegg Regera: The Next Big Thing

Koenigsegg Regera

The Koenigsegg Regera is but another example of those crazy Swedes and their ability to craft some of the worlds most blisteringly fast and breathtaking machines. Koenigsegg has been building speed demons for just 20 years, yet is always among the first brands uttered when the top fastest cars come up in conversation.

The Koenigsegg Regera is a potent little number pushing forth 1,500 horsepower from her shapely frame. That is roughly 300 more than the Bugatti Veyron, which held the title of ‘Fastest Production Car’ for a few years. The Regera was officially introduced at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show as a means for the young-ish company to continue pushing the envelope and to perhaps flex a bit of muscle at the Hennessey Venom GT, which now holds the fastest production car record. read more

Top 5 Reasons to Love the Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The latest from the rugged Land Rover badge has emerged and is being described as an industry leader in its class. The Land Rover Discovery Sport is equipped with a 2.2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel and appears to have bid adieu to the standard boxiness.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport

5 fantastic things about the new Land Rover Discovery Sport:

  1. This version has been completely revised with the future in mind. It manages to maintain the expected luxury sports SUV, but with improved technology and a sleeker countenance. That means it is no longer a large and imposing box on wheels, but rather, a more well-rounded creature in tune with her times.
  2. It is a bit like the sexier and wildly popular Range Rover Evoque sibling in larger format—which is an incredible treat.
  3. Like all larger Land Rovers, the new Discovery Sport offers ample space. That means 7 seats and plenty of wiggle room, with the 2nd row seating capable of reclining. The 3rd row seating is somewhat smaller and more ideal for storage and childrens, but could work for shorter trips with a group of friends. Just ask the couple you are not crazy about to park it in the back—problem solved.
  4. It is basically an amphibian. The Discovery Sport can take on up to two feet of water. So long as the driver is knowledgeable on how to properly operate the vehicle, most terrains are not an issue for the monster.
  5. Safety. This model earned 5 stars in EuroNCAP crash tests and offers not only driver and passenger airbags, but also a special pedestrian airbag that deploys within 60 milliseconds. It is brimming with safety features and current technology creature comforts.

Overall, it is a challenge to discover something to dislike about the Land Rover Discovery Sport–Well-done once again, chaps!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals read more

Self-Driving Vehicles Are Sparking Emotion At Each Turn

self-driving vehicles

Now that there are a handful of various autonomous vehicles out on the roads in full test mode, other aspects of the concept are emerging curbside to curiosity and excitement. The very idea of self-driving vehicles becoming a reality and perhaps even the new normal seems to be driving much emotion.

Is the world ready to embrace such futuristic technology? Because the autonomous vehicle is now a very stark reality, it would seem that it is inevitable for it to become permanently incorporated into society. It will certainly be a long way down the road before they become commonplace, which will give more time for people to adapt to the idea. In the beginnings, it was rather science fiction to imagine a vehicle capable of fully functioning without, you know, a human being behind the wheel. It generated anticipation and awe to think of such a thing, now feelings are a bit mixed as people struggle to come to terms with the fact that there are driverless cars on the roads now with legal permits. While many feel ok with the autonomous among us, many feel natural fear and concern. read more