Top 5 Luxury Gifts for Men-More Than Happy Holidays!

The holidays have arrived again, and with them come the annual racking of the brain to conceive of the perfect gifts for everyone-especially for your man.  Now, you are free to pull the same tired number as last year, oSexy Santa r as some of the more uncreative lovers may, or you could truly out-do yourself and really give it to him…with a luxury gift he will never forget!  Our top 5 luxury gifts for men this year are:

Carbon Edition of the Mirage GT Tweaked by Gemballa

Gemballa is a company based in Leonberg, Germany, which is near Stuttgart.  Founded by Uwe Gemballa in 1981, it is most notable for providing aftermarket parts for Porsche.  Gemballa Carbon Editon of Mirage GT

Custom interpretations of the Porsche Carrera GT by Gemballa received much attention and praise.  Now Gemballa is playing with the carbon edition of the Mirage GT, first seen in February.  Gemballa is known for creating amazing variations, and will likely take the Mirage to an entirely new level of awesomeness, though it will be an exclusive awesomeness, as it will produce only five samples.

Samsung Luxury Televisions Feature 5-Star Service Standards, Here is My Samsung Satisfaction Story

Recently I purchased a top of the line Samsung LED LCD Luxury Television, and was not only imSamsung Service Team is Dedicated and Promptpressed with the product, but with the service I received.  You see, upon taking my new UN55B8000 LED LCD home, I discovered some minor damage to the bezel.  Not knowing what to expect, I contacted Samsung.  What happened next exceeded my expectations.

When I called Samsung, I explained what my situation was and they immediately offered to come to my house the very same day!  I did have prior engagements, so I opted to make an appointment for later in the week.  When the Samsung representative arrived at my home, he was personable and gracious-even electing to remove his shoes out of respect for my home.Samsung Luxury Television Repair Service

The Samsung technician explained to my family and I that it would be best to replace the bezel, and proceeded to carefully do so, cleaning the entire unit as well.  The prompt and quality customer service I received from Samsung proved to me that not only is it a reputable luxury company, but that it stands dedicatedly behind every product it sells.  I know in the future I will always feel comfortable and confident when I invest in any Samsung luxury product, what an outstanding experience completely free of frustration. 

-Ryan Safady, Imagine Lifestyles
 Samsung Luxury Televisions Spice Up Any Room

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Louis Vuitton Does Office Equipment

Louis Vuitton has taken to the business of technology and office equipment, for the luxury minded and rich. Not only does the luxury goods company upped its image with a fully functional website and cyber shopping, but now Vuitton is working to make your technology and work space fashionably acceptable. Going beyond LV designed messenger bags and calendar covers, now you can get your own Louis Vuitton USB key in LV accessories department or online.  The USB come with a key ring so you can attach the storage device to your bag like a Louis Vuitton bag charm. The USB is Louis Vuitton engraved and is designed after Vuitton’s iconic Damier Graphite line. The LV USB costs $450 and can only hold 4GB of storage, but therein lies the fault of fashion.

If you're all good with USBs then look to another latest offering, the Louis Vuitton Computer Sleeve. The signature monogram canvas computer cover has a protective foam layer and microfiber lining. Plus, each has a “Louis Vuitton Inventeur” logo inside. The sleeves feature classic LV brass hardware and double zip enclosures for your laptop. Made to be carried under your arm, the glorified computer cases come in both 13 and 15-inch sizes. The cost, probably more then your actual laptop but we wouldn't expect anything less from Louis Vuitton. What's next LV?

Twitter Tells Us Blackberry or iPhone

Imagine Lifestyles has an ongoing debate about which is better the Blackberry or iPhone.  In the office we go back and forth and each side holds firm ground.  It's not like converting religions or is it?  Imagine Lifestyles took it to a public vote, and what better way then Twitter. Imagineluxury, which is the Imagine Lifestyles Twitter account, asked Twitter-ers the age old question Blackberry? or iPhone? For the record, I am all about the iPhone but didn't vote out of fairness to ya'll. My editor sticks strongly by the BlackBerry but I didn't let her vote either.

RT @imagineluxury If you had a choice between Blackberry or new iPhone which one would you choose?6:11 PM Jun 8th from web

We were shocked by the number of votes and comments, seems people resort to Twitter to quench boredom.  Some Twitter voters tried to convince Blackberry users to unite the vote; others got down right dirty to stir the crowd; and then, a few suggested other phones.  Here are some of the more amusing comments:

Arab305Icon_lock@ImagineLuxury Blackberry all day 4sho iphone is a kids fone u should fire all employees dat like iphone lol7:48 AM Jun 9th from SocialScope in reply to ImagineLuxury

AlaiaL@ImagineLuxury Iphone Tipee!! is does EVERYthing and it is SOOO easy!! i don't have to figure it out!12:27 PM Jun 10th from TweetDeck in reply to ImagineLuxury

cigaradventures@ImagineLuxury Actually, you've completely left out the best of the new phones... The new Palm is out soon. Love my iPhone though...11:15 PM Jun 8th from TwitterFon in reply to ImagineLuxury

AlaiaL@ImagineLuxury Iphone Tipee!! is does EVERYthing and it is SOOO easy!! i don't have to figure it out!
12:27 PM Jun 10th from TweetDeck in reply to ImagineLuxury

The debate got so heated that Blackberry versus iPhone may just be one of those topics to avoid, like religion, politics or abortion. Big news is the new Apple 3GS iPhone which is being released today, with a copy/paste feature, thank god! Apple stores around the country will be hotter than Miami in August, with stupid-long lines. We have to give it to the iPhone for fantastic internet and apps. Plus, a touch screen that Blackberry can’t touch (the Storm). Still, the iPhone lacks the email exactness of Blackberry and, obviously, Blackberry Messenger. Crackberry users can't get enough BBM. We can't help but notice that as Apple pushes ahead, fixing mistakes, upgrading and re-releasing the iPhone; RIM seems to be moving backwards with current Blackberry models, Bold and Storm. From a user-standpoint, the Bold and Storm lack the battery stamina to get through a full day.  Then again, the iPhone usually needs a mid-afternoon battery recharge too. Perhaps that’s just the trade-off of a multi-featured, multi-faceted handheld.  RIM needs to step it up and iPhone has hopefully figured out a way to get the iPhones out faster today. The question of best is hard to answer, the debate becomes about needs and lifestyle. What is clear, is that anything other then a Blackberry or iPhone is so last century! Get with this century and get a Blackberry, iPhone or, even better, both!

Now which phone got the vote?  Drum Roll please,  the iphone took it with only ONE more vote.  As it stands according to Twitter the iPhone is on top but by such a small margin it's actually nutty.  RIM and Apple will have to keep upgrading and revamping models to keep the masses happy and therein lies the American spirit.  Competition will drive the companies to push harder, produce better and bring consumer costs down. In the end, whether it is Blackberry or iPhone we are all winners, and as winners we will continue to get kick ass technology.  Keep the comments coming and public opinion will continue to shape better, badder phones!

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BMW Busting out the Big Guns. Bulletproof X5 Special Edition

Have no fear BMW is here. With the looming threat of terrorist attacks growing, BMW found a new niche market. The car manufacturer which has built a reputation on safety features, has taken safety to the next level with the new ‘X5 Security Plus’ SUV. Complying with the requirements of bullet resistance Class 6, the new X5 is a self contained fortress. The BMW X5 SP will be able to resist fire from a 44 magnum handgun and an AK-47 machine gun, so sturdy to even resist a small explosive! BMW made the SUV out of heavy-duty material and ballistics-resistant steel, featuring 22mm-thick bullet-proof glass.

Additional safety features include intercom system and camera monitoring. The SUV will also protect passengers from robberies, kidnappings and car-jackings, as one can never be too safe in this day in age. The X5 will be powered by a 4.8-liter V8, built completely in-house and mass produced. Rather than turn to an army vehicle, you now have a much more luxurious option in BMW. Safety shouldn’t be an either or, retain BMW luxury and absolute safety!


Twitter is the Rage. Luxury Phones Make Twitter More Fun.

First there was MySpace, then Facebook and now there's Twitter. is the fastest growing website among the social networking segment in the cyber world, according to In 2009, ranked Twitter as the third most used social network behind Facebook and MySpace. That means Twitter is receiving upwards of 6 million unique visitors each month and about 55 million visits monthly.

What exactly is Twitter? According to Wikipedia, "Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them, known as followers." Twitter was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

For the technologically-challenged, Twitter is the new "Short Message Service of the Internet." Like SMS texting except on the Internet and not to just one person but to all of your followers at once. The Twitter platform allows senders to restrict delivery to just their friends or allow anybody to access them. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website or on applications like Twitterrific, Twitterfon, TweetDeck, Tweetie and feedalizr. Facebook just recently updated their homepage format to look a lot like Twitter. As if Facebook-stalking wasn't enough, Twitter has taken it a step farther. Now you can really, really follow a person's every move. Reminds us of that creepy song, "every move you make, I'll be watching you." In all seriousness, the website is a great marketing tool especially for small businesses. Creating your profile is dummy-proof and free, so go get your Twitter on. Then go download the Twitter applications for Blackberry or iPhone and you'll be caught up with social cyberspace networking for the moment.

Hit the Lab Ya’ll

For the SaMAN Ronsons and DJ AMs of the world is the new Montegiro Legno turntable. From the folks that brought you the Lusso turntable, comes the next luxurious generation in DJ equipment. Koetsu USA has just turned out the Montegiro Legno Turntable, an ultra modern combo of wood and high-grade steel. Not for the just any Barmitzvah unless it's blacktie and class. The body of the Montegiro is bamboo and has four rounded steel feet with rubber O-rings. The tonearm is a 10.5-inch model customized for the Montegiro table.  DJ-ing is complicated and, of course, not for everybody. If you are a DJ, or think you are a DJ, you need the Montegiro Legno turntable. One table is $13,240 but if you're talented the table will pay itself off fast. The Montegiro comes in white or bamboo. Hit the lab ya'll.