Ask Imagine: Quiet Luxury Hotels South Beach?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I will be coming to Miami and South Beach for a business trip soon, and I am interested in locating a luxury hotel in South Beach that is near all of the restaurants, bars and beaches, yet quiet and understated.  It is important that I have a quiet place to unwind and work during the week, without all of the noise and fuss that make South Beach so much fun.  Where do you suggest I stay?


Alan, New York

Ask Imagine: Three Day Miami Trip

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

My wife and I are going to be in the Miami area for about 3 days this month.  It is a short business trip for me, and I am bringing her along to treat her to a nice weekend.  We are both excited, as neither of us have been to Miami. 

What tips can you give us for a couple of great restaurants, and entertainment?  We would really like to “do it up” as the saying goes.  My company is putting us up at the Setai, so we at least have that covered. 
Any help would be appreciated,

Matt, Austin Texas

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Ask Imagine: Family Friendly Miami?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I love to read your luxury blog before I start my day at the office every morning!  I live in New York, and because I work so much, I often take my family on long weekend escapes to squeeze in some quality time with them.  Next month I plan to take them to Miami and South Beach for some fun in the sun.

What hotels do you recommend for a large family to stay in?  I will be bringing my wife, two kids and also my parents.  I would like to position ourselves to where we can walk to the beach and a variety of exotic restaurants. 
Also, since I am traveling with six people, what type of SUV rental do you recommend?  I can’t see myself renting a van in luxurious South Beach. 

Thanks again,
David, New York

Ask Imagine: Is Miami too Hot to Visit in the Summer?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am a fan of your website and blog.  I have been following your stuff for almost a year, thanks for the information and entertainment.  There is one issue that I have not seen covered in your blog, and that is Miami during the summer. 

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury RentalsI have been told that it is too hot to take a trip to Miami in the summer, and was curious about your take on that advice.  It would seem that the hotter the better with the Ocean and luxury hotel pools to soak in.  I am overdue for a mini-vacation, and was contemplating a quick trip to Miami to rejuvenate.  Let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Peter, New York

Green Goes Luxury—Eco-Friendly Hotel Practices

Who says luxury hotels can’t be eco-friendly?  The growing trend of going green has infiltrated even the most luxe of hotels, making strides toward a decidedly green future and preservation of our planet.

Savvy travelers in growing numbers are supporting conservation by selecting which establishments they visit, and that also extends to luxury hotels around the world. 

Yes, sustainable hospitality practices are becoming increasingly prevalent among the luxury hotels of today.  Many luxury hotels are becoming LEED Certified, which stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”.

Coconut Grove Arts Festival This Weekend

Coconut Grove Arts Festival This Saturday, February 13th, will mark the 47th annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival.  The event will take place in beautiful Coconut Grove, Florida, from February 13th-15th.   Hours for the festival are 10am-6pm all three days.

Ask Imagine: Setai South Beach vs W Hotel South Beach

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am a regular reader of your luxury blog, and of course an exotic car buff.  I am writing to you because I am planning to surprise my wife and two young children with a trip to Miami. 
I have to come down on business anyway, so I thought it would be a nice surprise to yank them out of the New York snow for a week.  My question is, which luxury hotel is best for my situation?
I have stayed at the W Hotel South Beach before, but am wondering if you have any other suggestions for those traveling with small children?  Your help will be appreciated!

Thanks guys,
Charles, New York, NY

Top 10 Culinary Styles in South Beach

Exotic Restaurants in South BeachLuxury restaurants are concepts that never go out of style in fashionable South Beach.  The great international flavors of the world meet here, hook-up, and produce infusions so stellar, the area has become famous for it.  Yet inventive and upscale cuisine does not come without a price tag. 

South Beach Luxury Hotels Reaching Capacity for Super Bowl 44

Luxury Hotels South BeachIf you are planning to head south for Super Bowl 44 next month, and intend to stay at one of South Beach’s luxury hotels, the prime picks are reaching capacity.  In fact, the new W Hotel South Beach is officially booked solid for Super Bowl week.  After calling around town this morning, here are some remaining options (subject to change, of course):