Top 5 Luxury Restaurants in South Beach

Prime 112 South Beach Luxury RestaurantIf you live in fabulous South Beach, close to it, or are visiting us, it is helpful to know where you can get a taste of the city’s local luxury cuisine.  South Beach restaurants not only offer some of the world’s finest in culinary creations, but they are also a superb spot to be and to be seen!  Here are our top five South Beach restaurant picks for a distinguished and delicious night out south of 5th: (we think foodies will agree with us, and are curious to know if you do)

•    Prime Italian
•    Nobu
•    Prime 112
•    Casa Tua
•    Sushi Samba

Prime Italian lays claim to some of the best Italian cuisine available outside of Italy.  Complete with an award-winning Executive Chef, the James Beard Award, the plates at Prime Italian certainly sizzle.  The authentic Italian reaches guests in voluptuous portions, often exiting in to-go containers.  With trendy specials, an upscale atmosphere and authentic Italian, Prime Italian made our list of luxury restaurants in South Beach.

Casa Tua is a refurbished 1925 Mediterranean-style luxury restaurant in South Beach.  This upscale eatery encompasses the stylishly sleek aura that is South Beach, and backs it up with some seriously scrumptious Country-Italian cuisine (we recommend the lamb chops)!  The atmosphere is serene and relaxed, featuring several dining areas including a resplendent outdoor garden, a contemporary living room, and a communal eat-in kitchen.  Casa Tua is a South Beach restaurant that made our list by being upscale yet relaxed, and delivering in the taste department.

Sushi Samba sets the scene for South Beach sushi and ceviche, rolling up a tantalizing array of flavor-international style!  Tastes include Brazilian, Japanese, and Peruvian in this multinational New York City import, it is the spot for a sexy night out for outstanding sushi in South Beach.  The typical lobster, salmon, yellowtail, tuna and fluke are available and top-notch, as are dishes such as the Churrasco a’ Rio Grande, an assortment of meats including rice, beans, collard greens and a tempting chimichurri sauce.  For variety, scene and sushi, Sushi Samba is a sushi restaurant in South Beach not to miss.Sushi in South Beach at Nobu

Nobu is another stellar South Beach sushi destination.  Hailed as one of the best sushi restaurants in South Beach, and the world, Nobu’s locations in London, Los Angeles, New York and South Beach are always packed with patrons seeking a delectable mouthful of the addictive rolls, sashimi, and drinks.  We recommend the Omakase, or Chef’s Choice, a multicourse menu that is comprised of selections that are entirely up to the Chef himself-it is a touch salty at $70 per person and up, but it is a magnificent choice that gets rave reviews from those seeking an upscale sushi experience in South Beach. 

Prime 112 is included in the culinary kingdom of Nemo, which includes Shoji Sushi and Big Pink.  As the media sweetheart of the kingdom, Prime 112 is one South of Fifth Street hot spot not to miss.  A sleek and celebrity-saturated South Beach steakhouse, Prime 112 pairs luxury with some of the best steaks in the city.  Drinks at the bar are a must at Prime 112, where dried strips of bacon are served in lieu of nuts, and you have the chance to see a celeb or perhaps one of the luxury rental cars Miami is known for.  Cuisine includes filet mignon, porterhouse, and even available dipping sauces such as truffle, foie gras, garlic herb and chipotle.  Prime 112 is an absolute must for beef lovers, and those in search of a decadent and delicious night out!

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Ferrari GTB 599 Fiorano Top Five Pictures on Flickr

The 599 GTB Fiorano is Ferrari's two-seater flagship. The Ferrari 599 premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in February 2006 to replace the 575 M Maranello model. The Pininfarina designed, 599 was named after engine displacement (5999 cc) and Ferrari's Fiorano Circuit test track. The 6 liter, V12 engine comes from the Ferrari Enzo supercar status quo; delivering 620 hp at 7,600 rpm and 446 pound-feet of torque at 5,600 rpm. Resulting in the most powerful street legal series production car ever made by Ferrari; top speed in excess of 205 mph and a zero to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds.  In short, the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is fierce and oh so pretty to look at.  That's why we found the five best pictures of the Ferrari 599 GTB on Flickr. The 599 demands respect and attention, and these photographers have accomplished both. The question is, who did it best? Since the Ferrari is a piece of art on its own we have choose candid shots as well as professional pictures found on flickr.  Leave us your comments, thoughts and favorite picture of the Ferrari 599 GTB. Base price right over $300,000.

Uploaded on November 20, 2008 by chuckleet

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Beauty Earns Bucks

The person who said, "don't rely on your looks" was probably ugly. The fact is, if you have the looks you'll make it, even in this economy.  We can all thank Forbes for compiling the list of the highest-paid models, just in case you didn't already feel bad about yourself. The Forbes annual list, not only, includes some of the most beautiful people in the world, it also includes a lot of money. In the number two and three spot were models Heidi Klum and Kate Moss, both making more money than last year. Then there was Gisele Bundchen who had a $10 million income loss as compared to last year; Bundchen only made $25 million. Which happened to be enough money to maintain her number one status as the "highest-paid model", for the second year in a row. The Brazilian model did numerous campaigns including Versace, True Religion jeans, Dior and Ebel watches. To make it to the top models must encompass a very rare range, the ability to go from high fashion to mass market. Meaning that the multi-hyphenate model has replaced the supermodel era, giving top models more earning power than ever before. Despite that, the person who said, "looks fade" was telling the truth. Flaunt it while you've still got it girls, or go into endorsement television. 

Top Five Bugatti Veyron Pictures on Flickr

The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is a mid-engine grand touring supercar made by Bugatti Automobiles SAS, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. The Veyron was introduced in 2005 as the fastest production car in the world. Currently, the Bugatti Veyron is the fastest accelerating street-legal production car available. With a proven zero to 60 in under 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 253.81 mph, the Bugatti Veyron pretty much dominates. The 8-liter 16 cylinder engine puts our 1001 horsepower and features ten radiators.

The man who designed the McLaren F1 was skeptical of the Veyron during its development phase but after driving the finished car, Gordon Murray called it a “huge achievement.” To own such an achievement, would cost you upwards of $1.5 million. Considering that the majority of people don’t see that much money in an entire lifetime, it becomes very unusual to see a Bugatti Veyron in real life. That is why every time someone does see the supercar, they start snapping cameras and cell phones. People then upload their pictures for the rest of the world to see. We have chosen the five best pictures from Flickr. Take a look and tell us which Bugatti Veyron Flickr picture is the best of the best? Click on the picture you like best to see more pictures by that photographer.


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University of Miami Ranked Number 1 Party School, Duhhh!


"Dreaded by universities, praised by students--it's the most notorious ranking in education: Playboy's Top Party Schools."  And the University of Miami was just ranked numero uno, muy caliente! The U had the highest Bikini index score, that is hot. The student body tans around the campus lake in between classes and beautiful girls show up to class bikini clad with books in hand. Frat parties get overshadowed by the South Beach party scene, where some clubs and bars stay open 24 hours a day. Playboy's criteria includes campus life, sports, sex, academics, and “bikini, which combines weather, male-to-female ratio and cheerleaders." On a scale of 100, Miami defeated the University of Texas at Austin by 10 points. Sunshine U is the only private school to make the top 10 and while it's no Ivy League, students can get a top-grade education while maintaining the party. Other colleges come to Miami for spring break, is that clear enough? In celebration of the number one ranking, Playboy hosted a party Thursday April 30th at Mr. Moe's in Coconut Grove. The party which is five minutes from campus featured Miss May 2009, Crystal McCahill, and hip hop artist Kenan Bell. University of Miami president Donna Shalala is probably loving this, psych.

Top Five Luxe Vodkas

If you don't know jack about luxury vodka then fake it until you make it.  Below is a list of the top five most ultra luxe vodka bottles in the world, in no particular order. School yourself and learn how to drink with the big boys.

DIVA Premium Vodka
Diva Premium Vodka is triple-distilled and made with the finest spring water by Blackwood Distillers in Scotland. First filtered through the finiest Nordic birch charcoal, then through fine sand crushed diamonds and gemstones. By the end DIVA is filtered down to 0.5 microns, which is a standard of purity that few luxury vodkas rival. Judges at the World Spirits Festival in Australia explained the taste as  “extraordinarily smooth with a long, luscious finish” and at the San Francisco Spirits Competition judges deemed DIVA, "vodka with attitude."

In addition to its clean, fresh taste, DIVA bottles come with, well, a shiny marketing hook.  Inside each bottle is a tube that contains a selection of fine jewels. A standard off-the-shelf bottle has cubic zarconia, topaz and amethyst Swarovski crystals, nothing to write home about. However, more premium bottles can be customized to include precious jewels. DIVA invites affluent clients to create their own unique jeweled bottle of vodka. No two bottles are ever alike and a 750 ml bottle of DIVA vodka ranges from $100 upwards to, oh, $1,000,000. Make a bracelet, its gimmick-y but they all are.

Snow Queen Vodka
You've probably never heard of Snow Queen Vodka but that's the point. Snow Queen isn't the best-known vodka but Imbibe Magazine called it the Best Overall Vodka in 2007. Made from organic wheat grown in the Russian Steppes, along the heart of the Silk Route in Eastern Europe, with artesian spring water from the foothills of the Himalayas. The Kazakhstan distillers use only Kazakh birch charcoal in the distillation process which produces one of the smoothest vodkas in the world. The premium bottle has been adorned with 10 gold, seven silver and eight bronze medals for excellence. Snow Queen is ultra rare and marketed only by word of mouth, a 750 ml bottle is $70.

Kauffman Vodka
In the world of vodka it is rare to speak of vintages, a term conventionally reserved for wine. Nonetheless, Russian businessman Mark Kauffman wanted to produce a vodka that would rank among the best in the world. Kauffman produced Kauffman Vodka which is said to be on par with some of the world's finest wines. Kauffman Vodka is the first vodka to be produced only in vintage years when the wheat crop is at its best. Even at best, Kauffman bottles are only produced in small batches to ensure high quality.

Made in one of Russia's top distilleries, the process is strictly controlled to the highest standards. Kauffman Vodka is filtered through birch charcoal and quartz sand, as many as 14 times. Keep in mind that most high-end commercial vodkas only go through three to five distillation processes. Having only been produced since 2000, Kauffman Vodka is already known as one of the best vodkas on the spirit market. By 2004 Kauffman luxury vodka had won two gold medals of three in the International Wine & Spirit Challenge. A bottle of Kauffman Vodka is $150.

Ultimat Vodka
Not to be outdone by the Russians, the Poles have been working majorly hard to produce the world's best luxury vodka. The Polish Ultimat Vodka experience begins with a hand-blown cobalt blue and crystal bottle, that comes with a crystal and cork stopper. It takes 24 protracted hours to produce a single bottle of Ultimat Vodka and you only pay $140, that's a bargain. Ultimat Vodka is made from a blend of potato, wheat and rye which makes it the only vodka in the world to combine all three ingredients. Like the ingredients, the distillation process is also one-of-a kind. Ultimat Vodka uses a ceramic and candle filtration processes that allegedly take out all of the impurities. The Ultimat master distiller oversees every production process and personally guarantees all elements of the vodka. What's left is a luxury vodka with a smooth, rich taste and a clean aftertaste.

Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka
Gold is a standard and the marketing hook behind Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka. The name may not sound luxe but this French vodka is high-end enough to stand up to the best luxury brands in the world. Gold Flakes Supreme is quadruple-distilled with the best all-natural ingredients, like clear underground spring water. After distillation 24-karat edible gold flakes are mixed into the bottle. The result seems to awe people at cocktail parties, like fish to shiny hooks. While the point is taken, the French Vodka comes across as nouveau riche compared to the rest. A bottle of Gold Flakes Supreme Vodka is just $60, dazzle away!

These are five of the best bottles of luxury vodka on the market right now. The vodka brands come from all over the world and exemplify the highest standards of quality and class. Culture yourself, figure out which suits you best and order it from now on. Any one of the five will reaffirm high luxe statur.