LeBron James Invests in the ‘Unknwn’

Lebron James

LeBron James Miami Heat

LeBron James seems to be settling into Miami, with a $9 million dollar mansion overlooking Biscayne Bay and a modest (insert sarcasm) fleet of luxury cars including a Ferrari F430.  Recently, the sports mega star has invested in a Miami clothing store called ‘Unknwn’, yet another sign that he is planting roots in South Florida.  Follow link for more details on LeBron's Miami mansion.

Porsche Sport Driving School Beckons

Porsche Sport Driving School

Love exotic cars and all things fast, but feel you would benefit from a few expert pointers on how to best maneuver all that power?  Porsche Driving School may be an awesome addition to your arsenal, allowing you to learn behind the wheel, with more track time than any other sport driving school!  Next time you go for that exotic rental car Miami, you will drive it better than before!

Luxury Travel Tips: The Clearly Awesome Transparent Canoe Kayak

Transparent Kayak Canoe

This is a type of awesomeness that I have not previously seen before, and as a Miami resident, feel that I must acquire one, stat.  It is a transparent canoe kayak…and it is amazing.  Regular kayaking in the intercoastal and Atlantic is great, but this would allow me to see all of the creatures beneath me with an unobstructed view…it is a luxury canak!  Imagine if our exotic rental cars Miami were transparent through the bottom!

Think You Are Chuck Norris? An 8-Day Bow-Hunting Excursion in the Kalahari Awaits You!

Kalahari Bow Hunting

The tribe has spoken, and they think you are a sissy.  The only way to prove otherwise is to park that exotic rental car Miami and hop a flight or private aircraft charter (hey, may as well suck in that last bit of luxury!) to the Kalahari for an 8-day extreme bow-hunting adventure, the Zu/’hoasi Initiation Hunt.  This is not an event for the timid, this is an extreme sport where you will be armed with just a bow comprised of wood…no rifle scopes, aerial assists or sharp shooters.  Can you hang?

Bear Down in Style: Fastest Way to Get to NFC Divisional Playoff Game

Bear Down in a Lamborghini Gallardo

Unless you have been vacationing on the Moon recently, you are well aware that the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears have a home playoff game coming up next weekend.  As anyone who has lived here can attest to, the Chicago Bears run this city in the sports category and the city will be ready for the big game.  Expect there to be plenty of traffic and commotion outside of the Stadium on game day.  Everyone knows you can’t be late for the big game and Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals Chicago office has your solution to ensure on time arrival to watch the Monsters of the Midway get the “W”.

Lamborghini Gallardo Rental Car Imagine Lifestyles

Book Imagine Lifestyles’ Chicago office Lamborghini Gallardo exotic rental car or any one of our Lamborghini's from our fleet of Chicago Lamborghini car rentals next weekend and arrive to the game in style and on time.  If you miss the opening kickoff in the Lamborghini, you can only blame yourself.  With a top speed of 196 MPH, there is no excuse for arriving anywhere late.  A little snow won’t slow you down either with the Lamborghini Gallardo and its’ AWD feature.  The Chicago Bears will be ready for the big game, will you?  Contact Imagine Lifestyles Chicago office today and book your luxury rental car before its too late.

The Most Expensive Sports Teams: You Gotta Pay to Play

Forbes has been having some fun listing the most valuable teams in sports.  If the following teams were to sell, they would fetch some impressive prices, making them among the most expensive sports teams in the world.

Manchester United F.C. – $1.87 Billion
England’s Manchester United is a Premier League club and the most valuable soccer (football) club in the world. This could be thanks to the team’s 18 league titles, four Football League Cups and 11 Football Association Challenge Cups, but that is just a guess!  I am wondering how many luxury cars, Bugatti’s and exotic rental car indulgences one could buy with that price tag.

Will F1 Racing Eventually Become a Power Wheel Joke?

F1 Racing

Lately there has been much chatter in the exotic auto industry and racing circuits regarding Formula 1 Racing and if it is about to go to the dark...I mean green side.  Ferrari Corporation has mentioned it, as has BBC Sports and many others.  But is it true?  In the words of ‘Allen’ from the hit movie “The Hangover”, “Could it be?”  Is Formula 1 Racing joining up with the green movement, joining their ‘wolf pack’? 

Top Midwest Ski Spots

Midwest’s Best Ski/Snowboarding Spots

Of course we would rather be in Colorado or Utah, or the Swiss Alps for that matter, but the Midwest actually offers some pretty decent places to hit the slopes.  For a fraction of the cost and a effortless drive north, you might be surprised at some of the changes Midwest Ski resorts have made in the last 10 years or so that have made them forget for a minute you might be just a few miles from cornfields and cow pastures.  Below are just a few of the many resorts in the Midwest area and they are also some of our favorites.  Breckenridge beware, the Midwest is slowly becoming a decent place to ski or ride for a cheap weekend getaway.

1. Chestnut
2. Devil’s Head
3. Boyne/ Nub’s Nob
4. Crystal Mountain
5. Granite Peak

Seeking A Thrill in 2011? Hit Up An 8-Story Climbing Wall in the Netherlands!

Excalibur Climbing Wall

This is the time of year for thoughtful, creative holiday gifts and those pesky New Year’s resolutions.  Why not resolve to pepper a little more adventure into your existence?  I have just the thing…go climb an 8-story wall in the Netherlands!  The only thing that could make this vacation package sweeter is if you pulled up to the mammoth wall in an exotic rental car Miami style, perhaps a bit of 007 with an Aston Martin rental would be fitting!