A Terrible Lamborghini Reventon Replica Making Headlines

Lamborghini Reventon replica

This is a tragedy everyone must see to believe! It is quite possibly the worst Lamborghini Reventon replica in the world…and perhaps the only.  It is entirely possible that the buyer of this horrible Lamborghini replica did not see it prior to purchase, or quite understand what they were purchasing. Either way, it is rumored that someone shelled forth $28k for this Lamborghini kit.   This Lamborghini Reventon kit hails from Australia, where it should have stayed…safely isolated.  read more

1964 Aston Martin DB5 Shell Nabs $435k at Auction

1964 Aston Martin DB5

What was basically an Aston Martin skeleton sold for a jaw-dropping $435,000 at auction recently. While there was an engine included, that was roughly the extent of the package, which is a project car in its most raw form! This particular car must have been the dream project car for the buyer in order for them to shell out so much…or it was a sheik or Bill Gates.

The 1964 Aston Martin DB5 body with numbers DB5/1497/R was unloaded for $435k at Bonhams auction house recently. Photos courtesy of Bonhams.  read more

Most Expensive Repair Estimate? Porsche Diesel Filled with Standard

When Liz Moulton loaned her Porsche Cayenne to friend Alan Thompson for the weekend, neither expected to make the news. In efforts to show his appreciation for the vehicle, 64-year-old Thompson returned the Porsche with a full tank of gas. The problem was that it was a diesel Porsche Cayenne and Thompson filled the tank with standard fuel.

The clip above describes one account of the story.

Moulton quickly realized something was wrong with her Porsche and drove it over to the dealership, where she learned of the mistake. The Porsche dealership quoted her $25k to repair the problem–a figure that Thompson did not find to be a gas. If you think that price is shocking, know that unlike most people, Liz Moulton did not become angry with friend Alan Thompson for his blunder! read more

Watch Bugatti Crash into Toyota During Test Drive!

There are few perks in life that can match the joy of test driving a hypercar like a Bugatti. Well…maybe a Bugatti crash in public. Take a moment to imagine the excitement, nerves and even fear that would accompany such an endeavor for the average Joe. Operating a Bugatti Veyron is not like driving a normal vehicle, after all, and seeing anything behind the car is simply impossible without the aid of a backup camera…which clearly should have been used in this ill-fated test drive! Watch the video below to see this poor soul crash the Veyron into a Toyota while attempting to back it out for a test drive. read more

Seriously: Kid Suing Ferrari for Facebook Copyright Infringement

Ferrari Facebook Page

There is an interesting social media legal case going on involving Ferrari. It seems that before Facebook became an empire, a 15-year-old Sammy Wasem created a Ferrari Facebook Page. Now Wasem is 21-years-old and because both the fan page and Facebook itself have exploded during those years, Ferrari has taken control of the Facebook page he created. Now Wasem is suing Ferrari for copyright infringement. Yes, I am serious.

Is it fair for just anyone to have the freedom to step in and reap the benefits of a brand online? Sammy Wasem is learning the hard way that acting like a company on Facebook is not actually legal–child or adult.  read more

Unhappy BMW Customer Smashes M6…Again!

Who could forget the jaw-dropping display at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show when a disgruntled BMW customer used the publicity of the show to smash up his E63 BMW M6? The extreme display was to draw attention to an incident regarding BMW customer service. The clincher: The man made the promise that he would do it again if the issue remained unresolved…and he has! This is one passionate BMW protest.

Crazy or crafty? Man takes another go at protesting BMW by destroying the same car…twice. Watch the short clip above of the men smashing up the BMW. They should have went with Rammstein for the music, but aside from that the point is made clear.  read more

Just a Homemade Miniature Lamborghini in China

Homemade Miniature Lamborghini

It never gets old checking out what people can create with a little imagination and a matching wallet. Case in point: Get an eyeful of this homemade miniature Lamborghini a Chinese man crafted for just $815 dollars! The best part of this itty-bitty project would have to be the scissor doors, fully functional.

Chinese man builds a running mini Lamborghini complete with scissor doors for just $815. Yes. 

All awesomeness aside, the owner has some bragging rights in the case of this bizarre counterfeit Lamborghini. For one thing, it can be assumed that his insurance is more than affordable and it appears it is actually street legal somehow. The inspiration for the build reportedly stemmed from the man driving his grandson to school each day via a moped. Rather than tricking out the two-wheeler, grandpa welded a stainless steel body and powered it with five batteries. To finish off the new ride, he added design cues to resemble a baby Lamborghini, thus making his grandson proud rather than ashamed during daily drop-offs. read more

Hennessey Venom GT Proves It Is Faster Than Bugatti But Record Denied

Hennessey Venom GT

The favorite supercar underdog, the Hennessey Venom GT, has finally proven that it is the fastest production car–a bittersweet victory that will not go down in the records just yet. That is right folks, the Hennessey Venom GT has beaten the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, but the Veyron holds the title.

The Hennessey Venom GT supercar has beaten the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport at long last. Alas, the Venom GT will not be given the title of ‘Fastest Production Car’. 

The reason that the Hennessey Venom GT’s victory over the Bugatti Veyron SS will not become official is sparking much speculation and conspiracy theories about who is in bed with whom. The reason is because in order to snag the title of ‘Fastest Production Car’, the Venom needed to make two runs and they were only permitted one. Seem sketchy? Why would Nasa simply deny the opportunity to make two runs, and did Hennessey know about the one run limit prior and go for it to make a point? There are so many questions at this juncture. read more

Behold the $15,000 Lamborghini Volvo Experiment

Lamborghini Volvo

Every red-blooded man has the dream of  owning an exotic sports car. Sadly, not all have the bankroll to buy the brands they really want, though some can be quite creative rather than defeated! Case in point: This Lamborghini Volvo was created for roughly $15,000. Does it look like a real Sesto Elemento? Hell no. Does it please its master? Probably.

They say that where there is a will, there is a way. Still, there is no way this Volvo could be mistaken for a true Lamborghini. Kudos for the attempt and entertainment, however!  read more

Man’s Best Friend Loses Title After Chewing on Aston Martin

dog chews Aston Martin

A testy dog in England found itself re-homed after it made the poor decision to spend the day gnawing on its owners $130,000 Aston Martin. Close your eyes for a moment and picture what it must have felt like to return home from a long day’s work to discover the photo below!

 Just look at the aftermath of an encounter between an Aston Martin parked innocently in its garage and the home’s 4-year-old dog! While the outcome could have been worse for both dog and car, both are in a better place now.  read more