The Bugatti Sang Bleu Yacht Concept that Sank

Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht

For those familiar with the Bugatti Sang Bleu supercar, that deep Oceanic blue is ideal inspiration for a luxury yacht. British designer Ben Walsh saw this potential and ran with it, drafting the Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht concept. While this majestic yacht sank in the concept stages, it is still worth remembering. After all, a seaworthy Bugatti would certainly be a sailor’s dream come true!

While there is a smattering of specialty yacht concepts to drool over annually, one with the Bugatti badge is something special. read more

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Granturismo Yacht

Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz is getting their hands wet with a new project: the Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht. This yacht packs some of the expected perks of a luxury liner, downsized, with the exterior appeal of the powerful Mercedes-Benz GT roadsters. Imagine blasting over pristine waters in this yacht concept!

A seaworthy silhouette: The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Granturismo yacht is more aqua-auto than yacht, as it lacks the main exterior points of larger vessels…like deck space. read more

Current Most Expensive Yacht is $4.8 Billion

Most expensive yacht

The current most expensive yacht in the world is the History Supreme. The History Supreme is valued at $4.8 billion dollars—that is more than double the most expensive home, which is a mere $2 billion. It also eclipses the 2nd most expensive luxury yacht, ‘Eclipse’. Eclipse is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Let’s get to the bottom of what makes this superyacht worth billions. Hint: it has something to do with the ship’s bottom.

The competition for most expensive yacht gets more extravagant every few years. With the current winner worth $4.8 billion dollars, we can’t wait to see future contenders for the title read more

A Private SubmersibleYacht? Meet Migaloo

Submersible yacht

There is a new toy in the works for the extremely wealthy: a submersible yacht. The 007-esque luxury yacht effectively doubles as a submarine! It was dreamt up by Austrian design studio Motion Code: Blue. The project is code named ‘Migaloo’ for an albino whale.

The reason the submersible yacht has been named after a whale lies in the marketing package. One of the main selling points of this creation is its ability to submerge, and they claim it is entirely possible for those on board to enjoy a spot of tea while traveling along with a pack of whales, as it is designed to dive to 240 meters. Sound awesome? read more

Shipping Billionaire Reveals $15 Million Dollar Superyacht With Modern Twists

A new megayacht is slicing waves in China—the $15 million-dollar Adastra has officially made her debut! Her owner, Anto Marden, ironically made his fortune in the shipping industry—so what better method to symbolize success than with an enviable floating palace? 

Marden commissioned the construction of Adastra five years ago (perfection takes time!). He enlisted the expertise of Sussex-based yacht designer John Shuttleworth, who implemented much more than traditional tactics when he added an iPad remote control for the ship!

yacht adastra
Adastra is described as “One of the world’s most amazing superyachts”

Video: Qi Megayacht Concept Boasts Luxury iQ

Toyota has the iQ hybrid car, and Feadship has the Qi superyacht concept…though the names are where the similarities end! A scale model of the megayacht Qi made waves at the 2012 Dubai show, previously unveiled at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show. This yacht concept is sharp and futuristic, and would look outstanding in the water! Video at bottom of post.

Feadship yacht Qi concept
The name Qi is derived from an Asian concept for the life force that surrounds the flow through all creation.

The Search is Over–The Google Yacht!

Google founder and trillionaire Larry Page’s latest superyacht is appropriately named ‘Senses’--and it has something for all of them! Superyacht Senses is a $45 million dollar floating dream equipped with every amenity one needs for a personal paradise. Don’t be jealous—indulge every time you charter a yacht from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles, without sacrificing your net worth!

Larry Page Yacht

Senses yacht

James Bond Superyacht by Rolls Royce to Make Waves

When it comes to who owns the biggest and best superyacht, the competition is constant and fierce! Take, for example, a prototype in the making by Rolls Royce and boat makers Palmer Johnson, complete with “James Bond style” doors! Perhaps we should add those to our private yacht charters?

The PJ World Yacht will be an 82-meter superyacht with a $150 million-dollar price tag and is currently being built in Norway. So what does one get for all that dough?

PJ World Yacht concept

PJ World Yacht concept