WTH: A Superyacht With A Functional Volcano

Someone out there really loves volcanoes…or Hawaii, as they have designed a superyacht complete with its very own functioning volcano onboard! While it is no secret that the superyacht industry is cutthroat in the competition department, a volcano is a bit far-fetched! Would you choose this floating island (appropriately named ‘Tropical Island Paradise’) for a private yacht charter? It is unclear if it will be privately owned or publicly available for chartering, but it looks all-out awesome!

Tropical Island Paradise yacht

This is certainly unlike any other yachts out there!

Size Matters, But its Not Everything—Top 5 Luxury Yacht Cabins for a 2012 Sea Escape

Looking for a perfectly luxurious escape to sea? If you prefer to travel on the social level, the following 5 luxury cruise cabins are well worth the price. If you prefer something a bit more intimate, our Miami private yacht charter options are each personally tailored to your itinerary!

Top 5 luxury yacht cabins, most expensive to least (pricing examples for each located in paragraphs below):
5. Queen Anne Suite on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2
4. Wintergarden Suite on Seabourn’s Odyssey, Sojourn, Quest
3. Owner’s Suites on Oceania Cruises
2. The Haven on Norwegian’s Epic, Gem, Jade, Jewel, Pearl
1. Crystal’s Serenity on Crystal Cruises

Queen Anne Suite
Queen Anne Suite

Billionaire Buys Rights to Dock Yacht in London’s Heart

British billionaire and mogul Joe Lewis is often viewed as unassuming, underplaying his wads of cash and luxury lifestyle. Recently, however, Lewis opted to purchase the right to pierce his 223-foot superyacht, Aviva, directly through the heart of London. Ahoy, Sir Lewis, way to anchor those headlines! This is a man who can easily afford the rare Bugatti L'or Blanc, or any other luxury item on earth...so I am naturally jealous.

Yacht Aviva

Yacht Aviva takes London

Luxury List Item: $8.95 Million Magnum Marine 80 by Pininfarina

The Magnum Marine 80 by Pininfarina can slice through the sea anytime you wish, for the bargain rate of $8.95 million dollars! Powered by twin 2400-horsepower MTU diesels and backed by top luxury designers, your reputation will skyrocket along with the 60 mile per hour luxury speed boat!

This would be an unforgettable speed boat rental in Miami!

Magnum Marine 80 by Pininfarina

Magnum Marine 80 by Pininfarina

Yacht Lamborghini: The Soul of Lamborghini to Hit the High Seas!

Two of luxury living’s finest toys have finally merged together as one: a Lamborghini and a motor yacht! Designer Mauro Lecchi had a dream…a vision of a floating Lamborghini bearing a close resemblance to its pavement-pounding counterpart, the Lamborghini Reventon…and the drawings are incredible! How would this look in our Miami luxury yacht charter fleet?

Lamborghini yacht

Lamborghini yacht renderings

Bikinis & Boats to Make Splash at Annual Chicago Scene Party

Chicago Scene Party 2011

Chicago Scene Party 2011

If you are in the Midwest and think that a day of luxury boats and bikinis means that you must fly to Miami or LA, think again!  Chicago happens to border Lake Michigan, one of the largest lakes in the country, and home to the annual Chicago Scene Party, billed as a ‘Wet and wild day at floating Mardi Gras’!

The Best in Chicago Luxury Charters

Well…summer has officially begun; and there is no better way to enjoy the season than yachting on Lake Michigan.

Most people don’t think that yachting and Chicago go together, but this city is great place to experience it. Not only does the city offer the best and largest freshwater lake in the country, but it also has some of the best yacht charters in the country. Here are the types of yachts you can charter.


1.The Sport Yacht

Sunray Sport Yacht

The sport yacht combines speed, sport and luxury all in one. These type of yachts are perfect for active trips such as fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving or kayaking trips. The yacht comes equipped with any sporting equipment you may need for your particular trip. The 54-foot Sea Ray Sundancer is a beautiful example of a Chicago sport yacht rental.


2. The Mega Yacht

 Mega Yacht

Usually, only the über-wealthy can afford to experience the luxury of a mega yacht. These types of yachts cost upwards of a few hundred million and have very lush and comfortable interiors. If you want to impress your friends and family—chartering a mega yacht, like this 108-foot Sunseeker Predator—is the way to go.


3. The Party Yacht

 Venetian Yacht

Perfect for a very large crowd, party yachts are made for events such as a company event, a wedding reception or a birthday party. If you were to buy one of these yachts, you would have to spend a few million on the yacht and much more for a staff to maintain the yacht. But for a fraction of the cost, you can charter a party yacht, which includes a private chef, cleaning and kitchen crews and a captain. The Venetian is a great party yacht and comes with a dance floor, multiple decks and audio-visual equipment that will ensure a fun party atmosphere.

All these yachts and more are available for rental at Imagine Lifestyles. Don’t deny yourself the ultimate luxury--charter a yacht for the summer. 

The Perfect Miami Father’s Day From Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

Make Dad feel spectacular this Father’s Day with a trip to Miami, Imagine Lifestyles style, of course!  There is no better way to experience Miami than in true luxury, and here are the three top ways to make Dad feel way more than special this year:

1.    Rent an exotic sports car
2.    Stay at the W Hotel
3.    Charter a private yacht for a day

Ferrari rental Miami

Ferrari 458 Italia rental Miami

An exotic sports car is an obvious choice for any man, so why not rent a Ferrari in Miami for pops this year and make him feel young again!  A luxury car is everything in South Beach and Miami, and Dad will feel proud to be seen driving it, trust us!