Caught Red Handed: Ferrari FXX and Maserati MC12 on the Streets!

London attracted far more than the Olympic festivities and robust crowds recently! The video clip below captured a rare treat, indeed, in the form of two racing style supercars that simply are not seen on the street: the Ferrari FXX andMaserati MC12.

How did these racecars obtain number plates and legal registration for street driving? Oh you sneaky, awesome Brits!

These are exclusive beasts that are generally confined to the track, so there must be a loophole in the UK car registration system to allow for them to be unleashed among typical traffic. The masterminds have fitted them with proper head and tail lamps, tires and other criteria…but that many horses will eventually beg to be released properly!

These cars both have a Ferrari V12 engine and well north of 750 horses

Listen for the distinctive racing style sounds as both rare machines roar past! Such an unexpected surprise to see the two of them so close, even on the luxe streets of London!
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