Chauffeur Stories: The Date Swap

While we never give names, we can’t resist relaying some of our favorite chauffeur stories for our fans, the stickier and more compromising, the better!  One of my favorites took place a crisp November night in Miami, when we picked up a gentlemen and his lovely date in our Lincoln Towncar Stretch Limousine.

They requested that Imagine Lifestyles drive them to a business event that included a dinner, which was approximately a 40-minute ride in the chauffeured limo Miami.  Soon after departure, the happy couple began to disagree boisterously, covering various issues.  The driver could not wait to drop them off at their function.  Nearly every couple has a spat from time to time, but this was ridiculous.

Chauffeur Stories by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury RentalsFinally, the limo rental Miami pulls up to deliver the happy couple to their event.  The driver pulls away after opening their doors to reveal their smiling faces, eager to relax with some good music in the limo alone until they are ready to depart. 

Roughly two hours later, the back door opening startles the driver, and the dividing partition rolled up.  The man directs the chauffeur driver to park somewhere near the beach at Key Biscayne.  Upon parking, the Towncar limousine began to rock, and within 30 minutes the man asked the driver to take him home.

When they arrived at the gentlemen’s home, the chauffeur driver is astonished to discover that it is not the original lady he had picked up in the limo rental, but an entirely new one!  Never one to pry, the driver turned the other cheek and minded his own business, of course. 

The man, evidently proud of his conquest, leaned in and told the driver that he had left the ex-girlfriend at the restaurant, and found this one at the bar.  The driver congratulated him on his upgrade and bid them goodnight, with a warm smile of amusement and a rather handsome tip!

*Stay tuned for more Chauffeur Stories from Imagine Lifestyles! (Not to worry, we never share your names, only the amusement!)



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