Chauffeur Stories: Lady Gaga Worst Celebrity Chauffeur!

Some people are paid to conduct random surveys for entertainment and knowledge, and I like their sense of style in Britain! It seems that Lady Gaga topped the list of celebrities British motorists would least like to be driven around by. Not that Lady Gaga needs to work as a humble chauffeur with her sizable income!

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Lady Gaga Chauffeur

Lady Gaga has a driver, but she would make a smokin’ one!

Do you think Lady Gaga could ever drive a luxury car with some of the strange shoe styles she struts? How would you feel about having raw steak pressed against the pedal of your $600,000 Rolls-Royce?

Lady Gaga Meat Shoes

Lady Gaga has questionable err…taste in shoes

British motorists believe a combination of arrogance and poor concentration makes celebrity drivers more rash and dangerous on the roads, according to the poll.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is fashion forward, and wouldn’t approve of a simple chauffeur’s uniform!

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