Check out the First Pininfarina Designed U.S. Dealership in Miami!

Pininfarina is among the most elite design firms in existence, with a history spanning some 80 years and a high-end clientele list including the likes of Ferrari and more. That said–it is no wonder the first-ever Pininfarina designed showroom in Miami is creating such a sensation—it is stunning! The lucky showroom is Euromotorsport in Miami, where rapper Flo Rida stores his Bugatti!

Euromotorsport Miami

Euromotorsport showroom in Miami

Pininfarina is the definition of Italian beauty, elegance and overall functionality. Ask any auto aficionado and they will tell you that the design house knows its stuff and produces only top-of-the-line results. An exotic sports car strutting Pininfarina’s stuff is one thing, but an entire dealership is outstanding—like a double-dose of decadence!

Euromotorsport Miami

Elegant showroom

Well now this is possible at Euromotorsport in Miami, where you can step out of a Pininfarina designed luxury car into a Pininfarina designed showroom. Sprawling over 9,000 square feet, the showroom is innovative and exclusive, with the privilege of being the only one ever designed by Pininfarina Extra, with a special badge of authentication.

Euromotorsport Miami

The end result is pure Pininperfection, with intricate additions that inspire and invite customers to enjoy the experience of buying a new car in a very savvy environment!

Euromotorsport Miami

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