Chevrolet Corvette is Luxury Item of the Week

Luxury Item of the Week:  Chevrolet Corvette

Only a few warm weeks remain in the Chicago area and there is no better time than fall to put the top down and go for a nice drive.  Whether you are rolling down Lincoln Avenue in the heart of Lincoln Park or heading west on I-290, Imagine Lifestyles Chicago 2009 Chevrolet Corvette is the way to travel in style.  The unique color scheme will ensure that you are maneuvering city streets in a very unique and high-end automobile.

With the removable hard top, the Corvette is perfect for any occasion and offers quick and easy access to switch from a coupe to having the top off.  Heading to dinner with the wife will probably require the top to remain on since we all know a women’s hair is of utmost importance.  After dinner, loosen up and take the top off and enjoy the cooler fall nights of Chicago.   The corvette hides a V8 under its’ hood that cranks out up to 436 HP which means it will not be hard to create a nice breeze as you accelerate and leave the other cars behind.  The fully functional navigational screen will ensure no one gets lost if you want to veer off from your normal route home and go sightseeing.

At just $300 a day, the Chicago Corvette luxury car rental is one of the most affordable cars in Imagine Lifestyles Chicago fleet.  With nearly the same amount of HP as the much more expensive Porsche 911 turbo, the Corvette will enable anyone to get behind the wheel of a true American sports car for a very reasonable price.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles Chicago today to arrange for a luxury car rental of your own.  This week only we will be offering a special price on the Corvette.  Contact the Chicago office for more details.