Chicago Dining Scene Scores With Michelin

Chicago Dining Scene Wins Praise   

Michelin recently released its latest red guide for Chicago and awarded 23 restaurants with at least 1 of its’ famed stars.  Michelin & Cie, the Paris based tire manufacturer, has been putting out this guide since the early 20th century.  Originally designed to encourage people to travel by car to eat at new restaurants, the guide is now recognized globally as one of the premier ways to judge the quality of top-notch dining. 

Chicago, along with New York and San Francisco, were the only U.S. cities to have a restaurant guide from Michelin.  The rankings are fairly basic, but keep in mind that 1 star from Michelin means you are better than over 99.9% of the restaurants that are also in each city.  To be awarded 1 star is no shame, and many highly acclaimed restaurants around the world will never obtain even a single star rank.  Now it is time for them to rank Imagine Lifestyles as the best of the best in Chicago luxury car rentals!!

Two Chicago restaurants were awarded the highly coveted 3 star ranking.  Both Alinea and L2O were awarded the highest available ranking by Michelin.  Charlie Trotter’s, one of Chicago’s most famous chefs, was given 2 stars.  Spiaggia, a Michigan Avenue Italian classic was awarded 1 star. 

Alinea Dessert

A ranking from Michelin is sure to increase any restaurants business so make sure and put in your reservations today.  It probably won’t hurt when you roll up to the valet in one of Imagine Lifestyles’ Lamborghini or Ferrari exotic rental cars either.  Contact us today and get behind the wheel of your dream car en route to one of the world’s best restaurants of 2011. 

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