$1.5 Million Dollar Chicago Parking Ticket

Chicago Police Create One Hell of a Parking Ticket

No one likes tickets, and no one likes cops, so let’s get this story started on that note.  A few years ago in Chicago, a cop and his cop buddies were issued a parking ticket on his mini-van by a Traffic Management Authority employee.  Since cops are awesome and deserve everything in the world, wink wink, they cop asked her to cancel the ticket.  And then it got interesting for the cops involved and the TMA employee.

Chicago Parking Ticket

Instead of accepting the ticket, the 4 cops handcuffed the TMA employee and arrested her for apparently doing her job.  Unfortunately for Officer Meathead and his 3 friends, the victim was injured while they applied the handcuffs and brought a lawsuit against the cops and the City of Chicago. 

Chicago Pakring Tickets

The TMA employee was awarded a $1.5 million settlement by the judicial system.  Although I do not necessarily agree with the settlement, it is obvious the cop should have just paid the $50 ticket instead of arresting the woman for doing her job.  Taxpayers instead got to foot the bill for the idiocy of the 4 cops.  Those taxpayers could have got some amazing luxury rental cars here in Chicago from Imagine Lifestyles for that $1.5 million.  You could rent our entire fleet of Chicago exotic rental cars for a few months with that kind of cash.