Chicago as a Seafood Town?

New Chicago Seafood Hot Spot       

For those of you familiar with Imagine Lifestyles, you might think our Miami branch, which provides exotic luxury rental cars around all of South Florida, would be the group to blog about seafood restaurants.  Thanks to Michael Kornick and David Morton, Chicago is now lucky enough to enjoy what some might say is Chicago’s new “spot to be seen” at Fish Bar located in Lakeview.  The names Kornick and Morton should ring out to Chicago foodies, as they are the same men behind the extremely popular MK and DMK Burger Bar restaurants already operating in Chicago.

Chicago FIsh Bar

Similar to DMK, the Fish Bar space will offer very limited seating options and the majority of seats will be wrapped around a giant bar that is the centerpiece of the restaurant.  Menu items that Imagine Lifestyles Chicago are excited to try include the octopus a la plancha and the much-hyped lobster rolls.  DMK Burger Bar and MK are two of the most popular restaurants in Chicago and we can only hope Fish Bar lives up to the hype.

Lamborghini Gallardo Chicago

While our colleagues down in South Beach, or even in our Los Angeles branch, which also offers many incredible luxury and exotic rental cars, might claim their seafood reigns supreme, us Chicagoans are very lucky to have Chef Kornick behind the wheel of this new venture.  Expect long lines and a very crowded atmosphere the first few weeks at Fish Bar as there are no reservations accepted.  We would suggest renting our Chicago Lamborghini rental car before heading to the restaurant and at least you could cruise Lakeview while waiting for a table to open.  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago is the ultimate provider of exotic and luxury rental cars in Chicago and we are here at your service to accommodate all of your needs. 


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