Chicago’s Most Expensive House For Sale

Chicago’s Most Expensive Home For Sale

Seeking some motivation to get out of bed every morning when the alarm goes off?  I think we have found a piece of property located in Winnetka, IL that might help you get to the office early tomorrow.  Anyone motivated by money and status will surely be impressed with “Le Grand Reve”, Chicago’s most expensive piece of property currently on the market.  So anyone willing to take any guesses?  I’m sure you have all seen some nice pieces of property scattered around the city over the years.  A nice gold-coast condo is probably between $5-7 million.  That is kind of pricey right?  Well just head north next time you are looking for something to do and check out this French chateau transplanted onto the shores of Lake Michigan.  

Chicago's Most Expensive Luxury Home For Sale

Oh yeah, back to the guessing game.  All right, give up?  $28 Million.  Yep, $28 Million.  Ok fine, one last time, $28 Million.  So what could possibly justify this price tag you might ask?  26 total rooms, 27,000 square foot, 2-acre lot, and its even two stories tall.  Designed by world-renowned architect Richard Landry, the property really does implement perfection in every way.  The house has a European touch in every detail, and to me personally looks much more like a castle or a French Winery than a house.  The house is named “The Big Dream” for a reason.  

 Want to know your monthly payments just for fun?  Let’s say you put 20% down, which is almost required now with the state of America’s banking system.  $5,600,000 down on a 20 year fixed would come out to roughly $146,970 a month.  Done laughing yet?  Just think, the median household income for 2009 was $52,029.  Like I said before, better set that alarm a little earlier tomorrow and be the first one into the office.  Before you go set up an appointment to view the house, call Imagine Lifestyles Chicago and rent an exotic car so the realtor will at least give you the time of day.   Now go get some rest, you are going to need it.  

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