Chicago’s Top Five Luxury Sedans

Top Five Luxury Sedans Seen in Chicago:

Automobile companies spend millions of dollars annually in marketing and advertising trying to convince consumers to buy their product instead of the competitions.  Between billboards, commercials, and Internet advertisements consumers are bombarded with information on cars all day long.  Imagine Lifestyles set out to see what the five most popular luxury sedans were in Chicago.  One would also conclude that the five companies listed below are also winning the war in the advertising room as well. 

  1. BMW 535i 
  2. BMW 750
  3. Mercedes S550
  4. Lexus GS 300
  5. Mercedes E350

1) BMW 535i.  The company that claims the ultimate driving machine surely knocked one out of the park with this model.  Loved by young and old, men and women alike the 535i is scattered around Chicago’s city streets from Evanston down to Homewood Flossmoor.  BMW created the perfect car for Chicago with this model with its compact body style but impressive body style and plenty of power under the hood.  Next time you are in Chicago take advantage of a BMW rental car.

2) BMW 750.  Most likely seen up on the north shore, this ultimate driving machine is perfect for getting the kids toBMW 750 soccer practice as well as commuting into the city daily for work.  This BMW luxury car is not as popular downtown due to its longer body style, which does not help parallel parking, a common practice on city streets.

3) Mercedes S550 There are very few cars in production that exude class and prestige more than the Mercedes Benz S550.  This luxury sedan has been the standard for high-end vehicles for decades, and few could argue with quality and beauty this car offers.  This vehicle will also be seen driving to and from O’Hare and Midway airports chauffeuring Chicago’s business elite. The Mercedes is not only popular as a chauffeured car but a perfect Chicago luxury rental car

4) Lexus GS 300.  So you think you have to be a soccer mom to drive a Lexus?  Think again.  The GS 300 erased this myth a long time ago with its sleek body design and comfortable driving around city potholes and bicyclists.  Lexus still might hold claim to the ultimate “Soccer Mom” car with the RX350 but not with the GS 300. 

5) Mercedes E350.  A step below the S550, the E class allows the less fortunate to enjoy the benefits of owning a Mercedes while still maxing out their 401K each year.  This V-6 model allows for exceptional performance while maintaining acceptable fuel efficiency.  

Next time you are driving around the city keep an eye out for these vehicles and it should amaze you how often you will see them out on the city streets.  Not lucky enough to own one of your own?  Take advantage of a luxury sedan rental from Imagine Lifestyles Chicago and see what makes these sedans the most popular in Chicago.



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